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Bio-Detoxification Are Toxins in Your Body Making You Sick?

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2 Bio-Detoxification Are Toxins in Your Body Making You Sick?

3 It’s no secret…  Pollution and pollutants are a serious problem.  Pollution and its effects can be found in virtually every place on earth.


5 We are drowning in a pool of chemicals.  The chemicals pumped into our environment in the U.S. in one year alone (1989) would fill a line of semi-trucks stretching from Los Angeles, California to Des Moines, Iowa.

6 Exotoxins Industrial Compounds & Chemical Byproducts Volatile Organics – Solvents & Detergents Toxic Metals Plasticizers Insulators & Asbestos Combustion / Incineration Pollutants Pesticides Insecticides Herbicides Food Additives & Preparation Byproducts Cosmetic Additives Synthetic Medications

7 Xenobiotic Exposure Since WWII between 75,000 to 80,000 new synthetic chemicals have been released into the environment: less than half have been tested for potential toxicity to adult humans. Over 4 billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the U.S. This amounts to 8 pounds for every man, woman, and child. (EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances, 1999)

8 Largest Carcinogen Releases Source EPA, 1993 Dichloromethane64,454,387 lbs Styrene32,776,445 lbs Chloroform14,292,980 lbs Formaldehyde12,207,744 lbs Tetrachloroethylene11,570,197 lbs Benzene10,845,433 lbs Acetaldehyde 6,543,215 lbs Lead 4,056,624 lbs 1,3-Butadiene 3,282,261 lbs Nickel Compounds 3,099,677 lbs Subtotal163,128,963 lbs Total for ALL Carcinogens179,858,444 lbs

9 Typical Air Pollutants Carbon Monoxide Ozone Formaldehyde Sulfur Dioxide Acetylene Nitrogen Dioxide Ammonia Methyl Chloride

10 Some of it we can see…  Air pollution is a visible stain covering our major cities.  Water pollution fouls our beaches, rivers and streams.

11 But some of it we can’t see…  Invisible CFC’s from aerosol sprays makes holes in the protective ozone layer.  Invisible fumes from chemicals used in paints, cleaners, solvents and fuels may contribute to health problems in some people.








19 Chemicals Frequently Detected in Water Toluene Trichloroethylene Chloroform Chlorine PCB’s Lead Mercury Pesticides Lindane Cidchlorobenzene Tetrachloroethylene



22 Pesticide Content of Common Foods (from Highest to Lowest)  Strawberries  Bell Peppers / Spinach  Cherries  Peaches  Cantaloupe  Celery  Apples  Apricots  Green Beans  Grapes  Cucumbers Source: Sustainable Cuisine White Papers (Earth Pledge Foundation)

23 Strawberries (Kimbrell, A., Fatal Harvest, 2002) CSoil is covered with plastic sheets and repeatedly saturated with methyl bromide, which kills all weeds, insects, and soil microbes. CIn 1999, over 5 million pounds of methyl bromide were applied to strawberry fields in California. CMethyl bromide is a Category 1 acute toxin. CSide effects include headaches, myalgias, blurred vision, nausea, dysequilibrium, damage to lungs, kidneys, reproductive organs, and CNS; can lead to fatality. CStrawberry pickers with these symptoms are often told they have “the flu” [every June and July]. CA U.N. panel estimated that methyl bromide use has caused a 5-10 percent depletion in the ozone layer.

24 Xenobiotic Exposure Current law allows 350 different pesticides to be used on the food we eat. The average home contains 3-10 gallons of hazardous chemicals. Four hundred synthetic chemicals can be found in the average human body by lab testing.

25 “Of the roughly 900 pesticide active ingredients registered in the U.S., more than 160 have been classified as known or suspected carcinogens by the U.S. EPA.” Cancer and the Environment: What Health Care Providers Should Know Physicians for Social Responsibility -

26 Acrylamides x Industrial agent used to manufacture plastics and adhesives. x Neurotoxic in large doses; causes drowsiness, hallucinations and/or paresthesias. x Potentially carcinogenic x Recently discovered by Swedish researchers to be formed in high-fat foods cooked at high temperature, esp. french fries & potato chips. x A large order of fries was found to contain 39-82 mcg. x EPA limit for 8 oz. water is 0.12 mcg.

27 Antibiotics in our Food Chain: Americans consume about 3 million pounds of antibiotics every year. The animals – chicken and cattle consume more than 24 million pounds. The problem? Dosing livestock with antibiotics can breed bacteria resistant to drugs. The antibiotics in our food supply destroy the good bacteria in our intestines, which weakens our immune system and allows more toxins to enter the body.

28 Some we even choose…  Cigarettes, excessive alcohol, even poor diet add their weight to the toxic burden we already carry.  These are lifestyle choices we make for ourselves, and can thus exercise control over.

29 What is the Impact of the External Environment on our Internal Environment? What is the Impact of the External Environment on our Internal Environment?

30 The good news is…  Our body is designed by nature to cleanse itself of many of these harmful agents and protect against the damage caused by them.  The detoxification system is wonderfully adaptable and capable of handling a great many toxins.

31 But there’s bad news too..  Our system may become overwhelmed by overexposure to the toxins found in air, water supplies as well as the chemicals and hormones added to food.  The symptoms of fatigue, frequent headaches, lack of mental clarity, etc. etc. etc. that many people feel may be the result.

32 Sometimes the Price Can be Too High.  These substances (toxins) may cause changes in the way your body functions.  Pollutants and their effects have been linked to various medical problems, ranging from increased respiratory problems like asthma, and to increased risk to a variety of cancers.

33 PHYSICAL Injury Injury Inflammation Inflammation Eccentric Exercise Eccentric ExerciseNUTRITIONAL Preservatives & Additives Preservatives & Additives Alcohol Alcohol Trans-Fatty Acids Trans-Fatty Acids INFECTION Endotoxins & Exotoxins Bacterial Bacterial Fungal Fungal Parasitic Parasitic CHEMICAL Xenobiotics Xenobiotics Organics Organics Total Toxic Exposure

34 Symptoms of a Toxic Body:  Headaches  Candida  Gas  Acne  Fatigue  Constipation  Infertility  Racing Pulse  Arthritis  Constant Hunger  Dizziness  Hyperactivity  Allergies  Bloating  Body Odor  General Aches & Pains  Cancer  Weakness  Poor Skin  PMS  Sweaty Palms  Difficulty Breathing  Pre-Mature Aging  Obesity  Irritability  Depression  Asthma  Bad Breath  Insomnia  Sinus Congestion  Varicose Veins  Difficulty Concentrating

35 Causes of Impaired Bio-Detoxification Overwhelming toxic load (exogenous + endogenous) Impaired excretion (digestive and renal dysfunction) Inefficient fuels (macronutrient imbalance) Deficiency of detoxifying substances (antioxidants, cofactors, conjugating agents) Dysregulation of detoxifying enzymes



38 Xenobiotic Compounds in the Adipose Tissue of Americans US EPA National Adipose Tissue Survey, 1982 Compound Frequency  Styrene 100%  1,4-Dichlorobenzene100%  Xylene 100%  Ethylphenol100%  TCDD (Dioxin)100%  9 Other Chemicals90-98%  PCB’s (Benzene, Toluene, DDE) 83%

39 What Can I Do? How Can I Protect Myself and My Family? The Big Question!

40 Health Begins in the Digestive Tract.  The food we eat must be digested properly.  Poor digestion may cause greater problems than not getting adequate macro and micronutrients to the cells that need them.

41 The gut breaks food into nutrients the body can use. By the time food reaches the small intestine, the process is occurring on a molecular level. THE DIGESTIVE TRACT




45 Healthy liver function is the key.  The liver is the organ primarily responsible for modifying these toxins so they can be eliminated from the body.  It occurs in a two-step process, called “Phase I” and “Phase II”.


47 Phase I and II Detoxification  These harmful, fat-soluble chemicals are modified in such a way that they can be dissolved in water, which makes it possible for the body to then eliminate them in the urine.


49 How Healthy is Your Colon?  One major line of defense is an effective barrier provided by an intact digestive tract.  If this is compromised, higher amounts of harmful agents may be absorbed.




53 “Most people who think they are tired are actually toxic.” Sherry Rodgers, M.D. Board of Directors American Academy Of Environmental Medicine.


55 How Toxic Are You? 1. Do you feel tired or fatigued? 2. Do you feel dizzy, foggy-headed or have trouble concentrating? 3. Do you use coffee, cigarettes, candy or soda to get “up”? 4. Do you eat fast, fatty, processed or fried foods? 5. Do your bowels move less than twice a day? 6. Do you experience intestinal gas and bloating or constipation? 7. Do you experience headaches or yeast infections? 8. Do you live with or near air and water pollution? 9. Do you experience general headaches and pains or arthritis? 10. Do you have food allergies, or skin problems? 11. Do you experience frequent back pains or sinus problems? 12. Are you often exposed to chemicals, sedatives or stimulants? 13. Do you rarely exercise or feel sluggish or overweight? “Yes” to three or more?

56 How Toxic Are You? 14. Do you eat mostly organic, fresh foods? 15. Are you using mostly water, vinegar, baking soda or borax to clean with? 16. Do you “air out” your office and bedroom for a few minutes everyday? 17. Do you have a shower filter? 18. Have you installed a new filter in you heating/air conditioning unit in the past six months? 19. Is your shampoo made of mostly water, herbs, plants and vitamins? 20. Do you use detergents that don’t add chemical fragrances, stabilizers or color fasteners? 21. Have you done a cleansing program before? “No” to three or more?

57 How Toxic Are You? If you answered “yes” to three (3) or more of the questions (1-13), or “no” to more than three (3) of the questions (14-21), it would be desirable for you to purify your system of toxins.

58 BIO-DETOXIFICATION CLEANSE AND RECHARGE YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL Optimal health and energy requires that each and every cell of our body is vibrantly clean and well nourished. If that is accomplished most of persons host of ailments MIRACULOUSLY disappear.

59 A Program Customized for You Our office can design a personalized program with diet outline, herbal & nutritional supplementation, and protein shakes to most effectively support your body’s detox needs Consider a partner for support and willpower Many lose unwanted pounds as side benefit Increase energy, mental clarity, look better, sleep better, feel better!

60 Reasons For Cleansing  Prevent Disease  Reduce Symptoms  Treat Disease  Cleanse the Body  Repair Organs  Purification  Rejuvenation  Weight Loss  Clear Skin  Slow Aging  Improve Flexibility  Improve Fertility  Enhance the Senses AIDS IN BEING MORE:  Organized  Creative  Motivated  Productive  Relaxed  Energetic  Clear  Conscious  Inwardly Attuned  Spiritual  Environmentally Attuned  Relationship Focused

61 Cleanse Your Body of Toxins Today!

62 Health is a Matter of Choice. Optimal Wellness Repair & Regenerate Normal Healthy Function TOXINS Causing Dysfunction Chronic Symptoms Disease/Degeneration DEATH

63 Which Path Will You Choose?

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