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NCTR SCIENCE ADVISORY BOARD MEETING Biochemical Toxicology Program Update.

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1 NCTR SCIENCE ADVISORY BOARD MEETING Biochemical Toxicology Program Update

2 Division Goals Fundamental and applied research designed to define biological mechanisms of toxicity Assessment of carcinogenic risk Introduction of new techniques to assess carcinogenic risk

3 Division Investigators Frederick A. Beland Ming W. Chou Sandra J. Culp K. Barry Delclos Daniel R. Doerge Mary D. BoudreauPeter P. Fu Paul C. Howard S. Jill James Dean W. Roberts William H. Tolleson

4 Division Discretionary Budget Intramural $441,000 Extramural $816,000

5 Division Research Areas NIEHS/FDA IAG (NTP) Neonatal mouse bioassay Dietary folate/methyl deficiency Analytical methods development

6 NIEHS/FDA IAG (NTP) Fumonisin B 1 Chloral hydrate Urethane and ethanol Malachite green Endocrine disruptors Phototoxicity Dietary supplements Anti-retroviral agents

7 Endocrine Disruptors Genistein, methoxychlor, nonyl- phenol, vinclozolin, and ethinyl estradiol Range-finding studies Multigeneration studies Mechanistic studies Collaborative studies

8 Phototoxicity  - and  -hydroxy acids Aloe vera Retinyl palmitate Collaborative studies

9 Dietary Supplements Genistein Riddelliine Aloe vera

10 Antiretroviral Agents Perinatal exposures AZT, 3TC, nevirapine, and nelfinavir Carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, and metabolism

11 Neonatal Mouse Bioassay Benzodiazepines Antihistamines Lipid peroxidation products Estrogens/antiestrogens Proton pump inhibitors Mycotoxins Known human carcinogens Antiretroviral agents

12 Dietary Folate/Methyl Deficiency Nucleotide pool imbalance and methylation dyregulation during hepatocarcinogenesis Folate-dependent homocysteine metabolism Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphisms and Down syndrome

13 Analytical Methods Development Immunochemical methods - fumonisins, various DNA adducts, catechol estrogens Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry methods - genistein/daidzein, various DNA adducts

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