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Aa Bb is for ball, boat and bee is for apple.

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4 Aa Bb is for ball, boat and bee is for apple

5 Cc Dd is for cake, cat and candle is for dog

6 EeFf is for eagle and for elephant is for flower and for fish and for fish

7 GgHh is for girl and for goose and for goose is for horse and for hedgehog

8 IiJj is for ice, iceberg and ink is for jar, jam and jag

9 KkLl is for kitten is for lamp, lion and leaves

10 MmNn is for nest and nose is for mouse and mushroom

11 OoPp is for onion and octopus and octopus is for pear and pencil and pencil

12 QqRr is for quill and queen and queen is for rabbit and rose and rose

13 SsTt is for tiger and tree is for snowman is for snowman and squirrel and squirrel

14 UuVv is for umbrella is for violin and vase and vase

15 WwXx is for wolf and watermelon and watermelon is for xylophone

16 YyZz is for yacht is for zebra



19 rabbit

20 Напиши недостающие буквы английского алфавита Aa, ___, Cc, ___, Ee, ___, ___, Hh, Ii, ___, Kk, Ll, Mm, ___, Oo, Pp, ___, ___, ___, ___, Uu, ___, ___, Xx, ___, ___. BbDd Ff GgJj Nn QqRr SsTt VvWw YyZz


22 cockerel

23 Соедините заглавную и строчную буквы. A B D R P G Q J F K 1. g 2. p 3. r 4. j 5. k 6. a 7. d 8. b 9. q 10. f

24 Расположи английские имена в алфавитном порядке 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


26 mouse

27 Дорисуй картинку, соединив точки


29 elephant


31 При создании презентации использовались рисунки учащихся из выполненных ими книжек “Now I Know the ABC” и детских книг-раскрасок.

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