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Volcanic Activity Chapter 18.

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1 Volcanic Activity Chapter 18

2 Igneous __________- classified by shape, size, and orientation

3 Major Volcanoes Around the World

4 There are three types of volcanic cones:
______ – explosive eruptions, small but steep slopes, pyroclastics _______ – nonexplosive eruptions, fluid basaltic lava, gentle broad slopes _________ – alternating between lava and pyroclastics, explosive and nonexplosive eruptions, steep and tall Cinder Shield Composite

5 The _________ Islands are a volcanic group of islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador on the equator. Galapagos

6 Lava flowing underground created this _____ _____, large enough to walk through.

7 Kilauea on Hawaii is a good example of a _______ cone, with less explosive eruptions and less viscous lava. shield

8 Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens are good examples of __________ cones, with explosive eruptions and erupted materials such as ash, bombs, and blocks. composite Mt St Helens Mt Rainier

9 Crater Lake in Oregon is a __________formed from the collapse of the gigantic volcano Mount Mazama. ________________in the center of the lake is a small cinder cone. caldera Wizard Island

10 Volcanoes Review: Fast-moving clouds of gas, ash, and other tephra are called ____________ _ Large, rounded tephra are called __________ . Iceland and Hawaii have ______ cones. A mushroom-shaped igneous intrusion is a ______________. pyroclastic flows volcanic bombs shield laccolith

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