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MARIO Z Part 5. I’m going on a cruise! A cruise you jerk!

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1 MARIO Z Part 5

2 I’m going on a cruise!

3 A cruise you jerk!

4 Much better!


6 aaaaaaaah ROAR!!!!! Give it a break. Ok…


8 GIVE ME 2,000,000!!!!! Ok…

9 Kirby!? Hi! burp …

10 Lets go!

11 I’m coming to!

12 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! ? Who are they?

13 There’s a bug in my hat! They went through treacherous jungles I can float backwards!

14 Scorching deserts …

15 The Battle field

16 Through a LOW GRAFIC WORLD! Ha! I’m the same!

17 Through a dizzy fun house

18 Ok… lets go then! Where are we going again? I dunno hit the block. Go to the sacred forest to the master sword then kill wart.

19 Trough the sea Peanut butter jelly time!

20 Through a labyrinth

21 And through the sacred forest

22 To their ultimate goal Nice!


24 We’ve got him on targetCome on! Lets shoot him!Not yet Falco!O.K.! I upgrades the missiles! Alright!WHAT!?! Hahaha! I have the power of the super ultra poison power mushroom!!!

25 HIIIIIIIII YA!!!!!!!!!!!

26 All right! Good job! Huh? Where did it go?

27 sigh ! $$

28 O well ?

29 A pokemon trainer!


31 Super yoshi Lvl. pikachu Lvl. 5 A trainer wants to battle! Trainer sends out pikachu! 100% Mario sends out super yoshi! 100% Pikachu uses thundershock! 95% Super yoshi uses rainbow beam!!!! 0%


33 To be continued Watch again

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