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crab shrimp mutton roast duck cucumber bean mushroom.

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2 crab shrimp mutton roast duck

3 cucumber bean mushroom

4 smelly tofu tofu (beancurd)

5 pumpkin pea eggplant pepper

6 celery carrot cabbage Chinese cabbage

7 strawberry pineapple

8 cherry peach

9 peanutchestnut walnutsunflower seed

10 fried bread stick steamed bun porridge

11 woton steamed twisted rolls

12 hamburger soybean milk sandwich

13 spaghetti crisp

14 nutrients minerals fat protein vitamin …… carbohydrates some essential nutrients fibre What do the foods have in common ? sugar

15 fruits fibre & vitamin & sugar

16 vegetablesfibre & vitamin

17 protein

18 fat & sugar

19 Which food contains more…? Examples of foodsAnswer sugar chocolate or grapes cakes or bananas fat cream or rice chocolate or chicken fibre peas or nuts pork or cabbage protein potato crisps or ham eggs or cream chocolate cakes cream chocolate nuts cabbage ham eggs

20 rice, ice-cream, eggs, chicken, peaches Which of the following foods contain the most fat? Put them in order. 361 calories 69114723037 ice-cream,rice, chicken, eggs, peaches

21 Classify the foods we usually eat in the following way: foods to give you energy foods to grow bones and muscle foods that give fibre for digestion and health energy-giving foods body-building foods protective foods food

22 energy-giving foods ricesugarnoodles potatoesspaghettibread

23 buttercream oilsnuts energy-giving foods

24 Body-building foods meat eggs cheese milk Tofu; bean curd

25 Protective foods vegetables fruits watermelon bananas grapes oranges lemon cherry

26 Energy-giving foods Body-building foods Protective foods rice noodles nuts butter meat fish tofu fresh fruit vegetables Discuss what kind food they are: rice, fresh fruit, meat, noodles, tofu, vegetables, fish, nuts, butter

27 what are energy-giving, body-building and protective foods. Energy-giving foods ________________________ _________They are rice, noodles, nuts, butter, etc. Body-building foods _________________ ____________and they are meat, fish and tofu. Protective foods____________________________ ____________________. They are fresh fruit and vegetables. help you work and play all day. make strong bones and muscles help a person digest food and keep the body healthy Discuss and fill in the blanks

28 Tips: If we want to be healthy, we should eat a balanced diet which contains three different kinds of foods.They are energy- giving foods, body-building foods and protective foods.

29 What will happen if we don’t eat a balanced diet?

30 Meal Main kind of food noddles jiaozi chicken with mushrooms dry beancurd pork energy-giving body-building and energy giving body-building and protective body-building Menu 1 Not balanced!

31 Meal Main kind of food rice steamed perch( 清蒸鱼) stir-fried beans with bamboo shoots (竹笋扁豆) stir-fried tomato with eggs stir-fried beef with chilli and peanuts (宫保鸡丁) spicy tofu spinach soup (菠菜汤) energy-giving body-building protective protective and body- building energy-giving body-building body-building protective Menu 2 Balanced!

32 An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一天一个苹果,医生远离我 First wealth is health. 健康是人生的第一财富 Eat healthily, and be healthy!

33 Thank you!

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