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GREETINGS FROM PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY (A Central University) COMMUNITY COLLEGE Lawspet, Puducherry (The Constituent College) &

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1 GREETINGS FROM PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY (A Central University) COMMUNITY COLLEGE Lawspet, Puducherry (The Constituent College) &




5 The Constituent College of Pondicherry University Aims at: Generating Skilled Manpower to the tune of Market Demand by imparting:  Need oriented  Value based Education  Skill training &  Life coping Education Socially, Economically and Educationally Backward Groups

6 Academic Activities Life Skill, Communication & Personal grooming Entrepreneurial Skill Development Commitment to culture, Environment & Community TheoryPractical Vocational Skill Development

7 ActivitiesOutcome Group Activities (Exhibition Display Project)Interpersonal relation, cooperation and support Paper presentation, Individual projectReflecting thinking, Self esteem Visits, Field work, Village camp Community concern, orientation to actual life situation Special events Problem solving, risk bearing, crisis Management Science club, Eco club, Green starEnvironment concern, leadership, Innovations Inter action with eminent people Goal setting, positive thinking, desire for achievements Panel Discussion, debate on issues / trends Promote thinking process, differentiate right and wrong, undo the wrong, undo the wrong concept and attitude Conducive College Atmosphere to learn experience and imbibe Positive Value System PARTICIPATORY LEARNING

8 UNIQUE FEATURES: Job oriented Courses / On-Job Training Add on Courses / Remedial / Life Skill programs Opportunities to Weaker Sections - SC/ST, OBC, Minorities, Women Extensive use of Infrastructure - Regular, Distant mode, Evening classes Working hours 7.00 am to 9.00 pm, 7 days a week Exclusive programs for Adolescent girls, young women, office goers & elderly UGC/Government Sponsored Programs Entrepreneurial Skill Development Fulbright study abroad program in US Community Colleges Fulbright study abroad program in US Community Colleges

9 Special training to SC/ST & OBC – sponsored by Government S.No.ProgrammesLearnersNo.Funding Agency 1Spoken English SC/ST Employees of Government Sectors 10 Pondicherry Adi-Dravidar Corporation, Government of Puducherry 2 Type Writing and Computer Applications SC/ST Employees of Government Sectors 15 Pondicherry Adi-Dravidar Corporation, Government of Puducherry 3Spoken English SC/ST Hostel Inmates, Government of Puducherry 36 Directorate of Adi-Dravidar Welfare Department, Government of Puducherry 4 Spoken English (2008-09 to 2012- 13) OBC, SC/ST and Minority Students Pursuing the Degree and Diploma in Community College 1,077UGC Sponsored Programmes 5JET coachingSC/ST & OBC students 90-120 students / year Backward Class and Minority Services Corporation, Government of Puducherry 6Computer LiteracySenior Citizens18-- 7Yoga PracticeSenior Citizens11-- 8IAS/IPS Preliminary Exam – Coaching SC/ST Students BC/OBC Students 30 09 Pondicherry Adi-Dravidar Welfare Services, Government of Puducherry

10 Placement cell activities (2013-14) Sl. NoParticulars Students Attended 1Employment in Business Management 65 2Maya & Java Platform / Animation 125 3Awareness on Stock Markets 90 4Scope in Animation Industry 85 5Life Skill Training 225 6Workshop (one day) Campus Placement [ From TCS & CTS] 117 7Soft Skill training 130 8Industry orientation / Interview skills 110

11 PLACEMENT DETAILS: ON GOING DIPLOMA PROGRAMS DSI 100% employment in the Government / Private sectors – Health & sanitary inspectors – Pondicherry / Tamilnadu 100% self-employment – as licensed document writers – Pondicherry DDW 100% placement in the Government / Private Health sectors. DMPHW (Female) (Nursing Council approved) Placement in Government / Private schools-Physical Education assistant-Graduate attend this for career entry and Advancement D.P.Ed. A certificate mandatory for Fine Arts graduates to get placed in schools TTC Placement in Government / Private preschools also self employment scope for adult women DECCE

12 Entrepreneurship Development - A paradigm shift in the outlook attitude of youth As employment generators than employment seekers

13 Programs 1.Interactions with successful Entrepreneurs 2.Display: Case studies of Leading Entrepreneurs by students 3.Multi Staged Workshop Training:  Identify / Strengthen entrepreneurship skills  Awareness on scope / entrepreneurship opportunities  Industrial Visits  Step by step process in ED  Special training on selected Ventures – Govt./ Non Govt. Agencies  Setting up of model in campus by students with supervision of expert  Follow up guidance to those who intend to start  Interaction with Award winning Entrepreneurs

14 ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT Leading Entrepreneur addressing students

15 ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING Mobile Repairing Paper Products Making

16 ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING – Mushroom production


18 Jewelry Making Aarry works


20 Our Successful Entrepreneurs Water Purification UnitBio-Gas Unit Mushroom Cultivation Unit Spirulina cultivation Unit


22 US Community College Initiative Programme selection procedure:  J1 visa support to a fro travel Health benefit Tuition / University fees, Room & Board setting allowance Financial Aid  Students with work experience  Screening - telephonic & personal interview  Test of English for international communication (TOEIC) exam (at US consulate)  Receive the certificate of completion from IREX (International Research & Exchange Board) Selection  To expand the academic skills (specific field of study)  Cultural exchange Purpose

23 Mr. Bharath Marimuthu (2012-13), UG Student  Have completed CCIP 2012-13 programme in Edmond Community College, Washington state, USA

24 Ms. Suganthi Ramajayam (2013-14), Student, PUCC  Have completed CCIP 2013-14 programme in Scottsdale Community College, Arizona state, USA

25 Community College Initiative programme for this Academic year 2014-15 Mr. Vignesh Devanathan Pursuing his degree in “North West Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, Washington, USA” Mr. Anushanth Sakthivel Pursuing his degree in “North East Wisconsin Technology College, Green Bay, Wisconsin State, USA”

26 SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS Visit of UGC Team (XI Plan) NAAC visit to PUCCVisit of MHRD official

27 Diploma Certificate DistributionAward presentation SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS New courses introduction National Seminar on “Community College – A movement towards National Development”

28 Alumni association - PUCCAA

29 Alumni Support Those who are placed in MNC / Corporates conduct free coaching / interview skills / group discussion on holidays DDW: as apprentice / hands on training Interact with peers in campus to abreast them with latest development / requirement of new skills Alumni entrepreneurs (small business) interact with students, factory visits & follow up help Motivating, Inspiring students to Aspire for a better life

30 “The New Community College Scheme” - In Pondicherry University Community College, Lawspet, Puducherry-605008.  I NTRODUCED DURING 2013-14

31 INTRODUCTION OF NEW COMMUNITY COLLEGE SCHEME (2013-14) S.No.Suggested by MHRDUndertaken by PUCC, Lawspet, Puducherry Preliminary steps: 1Identification of nodal officerIdentified by: Prof.Dr.K.S.Kumari, Principal, Pondicherry University Community College, Lawspet, Puducherry. 2 Identification of Industry / trade activities Conducted a manpower requirement survey. 3 Identification of teachers / trainersWillingness to associate with Community College as SKP – ascertained during the survey 4 Identification of laboratories / workshops Personally visited industry / business sectors in and around Puducherry and ascertained their cooperation / facilities (labs/workshops)

32 Course finalisation:  Immediate manpower requirement  Availability of lab / workshop facilities  Willingness of the industry to cooperate (SKP / Skill training) Meeting of SKP / Industry partners arranged: −To introduce the concept of New Community College Scheme −To explore the scope, relevance of course & extent of support from industry.

33 Curriculum development:  BoS constituted by Pondicherry University with industry partners, academicians, SKP trainers.  The AICTE curriculum on the identified trades formed the basis.  Designed curriculum as per norms of MHRD / UGC.  Specified the role of industry partners as trainers, evaluators, placement promoters.  Academic council approval obtained. Budget proposal:  A detailed budget proposal prepared and submitted to UGC

34 Courses proposed under the New Community College scheme (2013-14) Paramedical courses100 1Cardiac Lab Technology20 2Radiology & Imaging Technology20 3Renal Dialysis Technology20 4Operation Theatre Technology20 5Optometry Technology20 Business Management courses 60 6Tourism & Service Industry30 7Retail Management30

35 COURSE PUBLICITY – VOCATIONAL PROGRAMS  Participated in “Education & Career Guideline Expo” arranged by Govt. of Puducherry.  Camps / Awareness programs in villages / rural areas by NSS volunteers  Posters & hoardings displayed at Prime locations  Notification in local dailies

36 Launching of New Scheme in Pondicherry University Community College, Lawspet (2013-14) ParticularsMonth & Year 1.Starting of Programme:  Admission notificationJuly 2013  Admission to the courses (following due procedures) August / September 2013 2.Class Timings  9.30 AM to 4.30 PM  6 Working days / week (to cover 1000 hrs/year) 3.Scheduling  Bridge courses (orientation to B.Voc. Programme)2 months on campus  General Education & Vocational Education  Theory3 days / week – on campus / industry sites  Practicals & hands on training3 days / week – industry sites

37 Instructional / Learning Hours Requirement1000 hrs. / year Hours / Week36 hrs. Days / Week6 days Learning from Industry partners (Vocational Education) Total: 24-28 hrs./week  18 hrs. / Week – in-plant training  6-12 hrs. / Week – Theory Learning – Internal Faculty (General Education) 8-12 hrs. / Week

38 LIST OF INDUSTRY PARTNERS FOR VOCATIONAL COURSES (2013-14) S.No.PARAMEDICAL COURSESTOURISM & SERVICE INDUSTRY 1 JIPMER, PuducherryThomas Cook India Ltd., Puducherry 2 Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital & Post Graduate Institute, Puducherry Asia Pacific Tours, Puducherry 3 Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Puducherry Cox and Kings Ltd., Puducherry 4 Pondicherry Institute of Medical Science, Puducherry Bonjour Bonheur Forex Spot Pvt. Ltd., Puducherry 5 Aravindar Eye Hospital, PuducherryLa Concorde, Puducherry 6 Vasan Eye Care, Puducherry Department of Tourism, Government of Puducherry 7 East Coast Hospital, PuducherryEver Green Tours & Travels, Puducherry 8 A.G. Padmavathy Hospital, PuducherryAuro Travels Ltd., Puducherry 9 AUM Hospital, PuducherryAtlanta Tours and Travels, Puducherry 10 Mahatma Gandhi Government Medical College, Puducherry Make My Trip India Pvt. Ltd.

39 Industry / Business / Health Sectors Member of SKP’s handling for classes Practical clinical training BOSBOM Paramedical courses  Govt. Hospital, PuducherryYes  Govt. Medical College, PuducherryYes  JIPMER, PuducherryYes IV Sem  PIMS, PuducherryYes  East Coast Hospital, PuducherryYes  AG Padmavathy (Cardiac care), Puducherry Yes  AUM Hospital, PuducherryYes-  Aravind Eye Hospital, PuducherryYes  Vasan Eye care Hospital, Puducherry Yes Great demand for manpower, Hospitals – willing to cooperate & impart theoretical & practical training. Industry / Business / Health Sectors associating with the New Community College Scheme (2013-14) – Paramedical courses

40 Industry / Business / Health Sectors associating with the New Community College Scheme (2013-14) – Tourism & Service Industry Industry / Business / Health Sectors Member of SKP’s handling for classes On-Job Training BOSBOM1 st training 2 nd training Tourism & Service Industry  Thomas cook, PuducherryYes -  Asia Pacific Torus, PuducherryYes --  La Concorde Tours & Travels, Puducherry --Yes -  Department of tourism, Puducherry Yes -  Cox & Kings LtdYes----  Bonjour Bonheur Pvt. Ltd.--Yes -  Forex spot Pvt. Ltd.--Yes -  Evergreen tours & travels--Yes -  Auro travelsYes--yes-

41 Students Score card →Periodic assessment of students

42 Vocational student strength




46 FUTURE PLAN New Courses introduction: 1.Catering & Service Industry 2.Emergency & Trauma care – identified SKP / Industry partners / Training facilities International collaboration: 3.Students training – Community Colleges, USA & Australia 4.Collaboration in curriculum designing 5.Training of trainers 6.Mutual certification 7.Organize an international conference involving delegates from USA & Australian Community Colleges. PUCC – Potential for a National centre for Skill Training & Development

47 Prof. Dr. K. S. KUMARI Principal Pondicherry University Community College Lawspet, Puducherry – 605 008. Office Phone No. : 0413 – 2252300 Mobile No. : (0) 94425 – 80530 E-mail :

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