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Wel Come School Agriculture Program Presented by Tshering Tobgye 11 th Feb 2012.

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1 Wel Come School Agriculture Program Presented by Tshering Tobgye 11 th Feb 2012

2  Brief history of SAP  Vision of SAP  Mission  Mandates  Role of SAP

3  Coverage of SAP  Major SAP Activities  Challenges of SAP  Management of SAP fund

4 1980: SAP Started, OXFAM assistance. 1982: Full time SAP Coordinator deputed from MoA to MoE. 1983:Policies and strategies developed. 1984:Started a short course for School Ag Teachers at Agri. center, Khangma.. 2000: 6 schools piloted under SAP/RGoB 2003:Separate section for SAP was created both in the MOA and MOE. 2003:Ag Lecturer instituted in NIE, Paro.

5 ““Educated Youth take up Farming as a viable means of livelihood”

6 “Provide holistic agricultural education to school children to enhance awareness on the role of the RNR sector with regards to food self sufficiency, food nutrition, future employment and economic opportunities in a sustainable manner”

7 TTo Impart basic knowledge and skills on agricultural sciences and associated technologies HHelps to produce fresh vegetables and livestock products to supplement the school children's diet. TTo demonstrate that farming is a viable enterprise and to generate some revenues to support SAP.

8 TTo Create awareness about the self-employment opportunities in the RNR sector TTo help link local communities to their schools by disseminating/demonstrating new agriculture Technologies eexchanging products, seeds ssometimes contributes labour to poor community

9 CROP CULTIVATION VVegetable gardening MMushroom cultivation FFruit/ Agro forestry plantation FFloriculture

10 LIVESTOCK Dairy farming Poultry farming Fisheries Piggery

11 IInitiated in July 2000 with 6 pilot schools. IIn the 9 th FYP – 137 schools supported by SAP TTarget in the 10 th FYP- 200 schools CCurrent coverage of SAP: Approximately 176 schools out of the 541 schools in the country including two Colleges

12 LLimited technical knowledge of Focal Agriculture Teachers. LLimited time for engaging student in SAP (learning) LLimitation of Agriculture Land schools. LLack of facilities for post harvest technologies. TTransfer of Trained Focal Agriculture Teachers.(FAT)

13 a. Natural pesticides preparation Soap spray preparation Garlic/chilli/ginger preparation b. Organic manure Preparation of panchgaviya- it is a term use to describe five major substances obtained from cow. cow dung, cow urine, cow curd, cow milk, cow ghee.


15 550% of net profit should be given to the school for students welfare 550 % should be deposited in SAP account. IInvestment and purchase can be done only after an accumulation of over Nu. 50,000/-. PPurchase and investment to SAP/RNR related activities from SAP fund.

16 VVertical gardening

17 Thank you… Happy weekend

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