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SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF MUSHROOMS “Mushrooms are serving people’s spirits! They are an advanced group of souls who bring magic to people’s souls.” Mushroom.

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2 SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF MUSHROOMS “Mushrooms are serving people’s spirits! They are an advanced group of souls who bring magic to people’s souls.” Mushroom Deva Channeled through Eileen Hetherington, Nov. 2009

3 GREETINGS, HUMANS We are Medicine for the Soul. We are trying to get people to hear us. We are tired of just being bought because we taste good. - Mushroom Deva We are blessed to have chance to speak. In other times we did try to offer our wisdom, but we no longer try because human sees us as fuel. Now we see some humans open this eye here (taps center of forehead) to see us. Truly it makes us glad. – King Oyster Mushroom

4 Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)

5  We create strength of character  We provide strength of mind and resiliency under stress  We assist in linkages with inherited strengths  We assist beings in connecting to the root structures of their essential personality characteristics which will carry them through karmic tasks. Turkey Tail Cultured and grows wild on dead wood. Woody texture. Can be taken as capsules, tea, tinctures. Anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-tumor, consumes free radicals, a strong antibiotic.

6 Chanterelle Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) Do you wish to bring forth a brilliant idea? [Yes!] We are your allies.

7 Chanterelle Queen of the Forest  We refine one’s creative senses  Quality, refinement, sensuous enjoyment  Regulate cellular flow in the body  We offer to humans the magical blessing of destiny in your calling

8  We can help with the proper flow of water in the body, and normalize cell respiration. We can lower cholesterol and can detoxify the body.  We can assist a soul in knowing its proper social place; assist with knowing boundaries. We help with balance in the expression and to maintain integrity.  We connect and can act as a bridge of information, for example, from the Natural realm. White Button Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) “We are being cloned. We lose and lose our soul. We wish to grow in places where people care about our happiness.”

9 Maitake (Grifola Frondosa) “We work on the deepest layers of healing and that which accesses the wisdom of the self…We are the wisdom-bearers of our race. And as such, when we are taken in, we give the opportunity for a being to find its particular and unique path to wholeness. “

10 Maitake We can cure anything which is ready to be cured. Understand, some beings choose to exit the body in particular ways because they need to experience a certain type of passage out of the body. These beings have chosen their path in advance and we do not attempt to assist those who are choosing their illness as a way out of the body.

11 We assist in regenerating the liver. When it is properly cared for, it creates a space within the human consciousness to allow for a fuller expression of identity We wish most strongly and most importantly to assist every being which calls upon us to connect directly with its own spiritual lineage. Maitake

12 Portabella (Agaricus bisporus) We fortify in the human the sense of wellbeing and rightness on their path. We activate the root chakra, which gives to the human when in full operational flow the capacity to feel safe and harbor on this planet.

13 Portabella To the human spirit we offer a grounding force, which aligns the human with their sense of wholeness and comfort. For those who are deficient in musculature or are ill with wasting diseases, we offer ourselves as a means to allow the body to increase in solidity. We have the capacity to remove harmful fats from the blood and we increase in the human the qualities of appreciation of life.

14 Amanita muscaria Sacred Mushroom of the Gods To some, we are the sacrament, the body of Christ; to others, we are an elixir, an enticing potion of death.

15 Amanita muscaria We offer a mirroring of the depths of the psyche – what is most feared will be encountered on that threshold. What is most joyous will be intensely experienced in all of its unheard-of coloring and sound.

16 We let it fall as it may for each being, for we are not attached to the cycles of time and experience, as we know that all is as it should be in this universe and we are merely playing. But we offer this, humans: Times are coming when human potential can be exercised and lived in all its glory within a body. We wish to witness this transition, for you amuse us.

17 Psilocybin cubensis Magic Mushroom Doorway to Perception We literally melt the barriers between realities, and we offer to the senses the experience of many realms together at once. We open doorways for those who are ready to sup. We will escort you to realms of being that your soul longs to know and feel.

18 Our special, special gift is bringing the spirit information about its origin, its hierarchy, its potential. As we have moved from galaxy to galaxy, we seed ourselves on planetary spheres where there are beings who are ready to graduate from a more animalistic form to a relation to the source of creativity and intelligence. And when we encounter such a planet on the verge of this transition, we gladly investigate, but we are not to be taken lightly or recreationally. We are a sacrament. Psilocybin cubensis The Magic Mushroom

19 Tree Ear or Wood Ear (Auricularia polytricha) We hold the archives of knowledge on the trees, the animals, flowering plants, the insects. You see, we are the historians. We inhabit history and belonging. We offer belonging and that is our greatest gift.

20 We carry particularly humility. For those who are overly large with their sense of self, we bring to their spirit perspective and proportion, so that they may be centered within the knowledge of their connectivity with their creator. To the human body we act as cleanser and remover of excess fluids, which can accumulate and create swellings and discomfort. So we help the body to remove over- accumulations of the water element. Canadian Tuckahoe (Polyporus tuberaster)

21 We also sit in the proper flowing of the emotional body, so that one feels in harmony between their mind, the thinking, and the feelings. So we are very good for men because we see that in your world they do not very much know what they are feeling. We are very mild and pleasing in our energy and we’ll temper and soothe an inflamed temperament and calm an agitated soul.

22 Morel (Morchella esculenta) [It’s almost time for you to be present where we live.] “We enjoy listening to what the birds say. Every year they have a different comment about the season and they instruct us as to what to expect in terms of the weather and the ability to reproduce in any given area.”

23 Morel (Morchella esculenta) We enhance the senses, so that one may inhabit the body in a way that supports the appreciation of the best that life can offer. We enlarge the ego for those who are too humble and need to grow in their appreciation of their own gifts. We inspire creative ability in those in whom it is latent. We work on the spleen, build the blood and enhance its functioning.

24 Reishi / Ling Zhi (Ganaderma lucidum)  Offer reliance upon the root of self  Strengthen the psychic defenses  Strengthen the cells on every level  We energize within the human spirit the rightness and the trueness of living life to its fullest potential.

25 Of all those with whom you may converse, we offer the finest and the highest vibration for we are a way of dwelling in spiritual joy. Shiitake (Lentinus edodes)

26 Shiitake (Lentinus edodes)  We offer joyful expressions and uniqueness, refinement of the senses.  We particularly relieve the oppression of old griefs upon the heart and spirit.  We who thrive in darkness know and understand how to transfigure all environments into joy. So diseases of the human condition which involve griefs and aches, tumors of the breast, wounds of nurturing, and misunderstanding of the nature of self are alleviated by our presence.

27 Nobody wants to be different in our world and we have a very fine world, you see. It is orderly and proceeds according to certain rules which work very well for us and we have a strong liking for each other. Enoki (Flammulina velutipes) Can improve mental illness, the sense of being outcast, autism, schizo- phrenia, difficulty in absorbing foods

28 Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) We are considered the Oracle of our species. We know what is special in each being And our unique gift is assisting each soul in complete development of every gift and talent that is possessed by that being. We can assist those who feel inhibited in person- al expression. We offer energies which assist in developing courage and bold action.

29 Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) For your little beings who have the affliction you call autism, we are helpful. Many of these beings have karmic shadows upon them. We assist in helping them develop their personalities fully so that they may feel themselves correct in all of their creative activities. Many of them are particularly gifted in music or arts and we can assist them in finding proper expression for this. For adolescents who are surging with hormonal signals and feel confused about themselves and are not allowing their individuality to be accessed for fear of ridicule, we are perfect, because we assist them in feeling the rightness and full joyous expression of their own personality.

30 King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii) We are blessed to have a chance to speak. In other times we did try to offer our wisdom, but we no longer try because humans see us as fuel. Now we see some humans open this eye here (taps center of forehead) to see us. Truly it makes us glad.

31 King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii) To those who wish to use us in our proper way, we offer medicine of knowing the ancestral strengths within your spirit. If we are taken in our natural state we will offer to you abilities to access the strengths in your cell memories, which come from your clan; many who have forgotten that they are part of tribes originally. And each tribe had animal strength and spirit strength. We offer [the] gift [of] remembering and wholeness in your family identity.

32 King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii) When you take us from our place of living, you …you do not grow us the way we like and we become frantic in our need to cooperate and diluted in our essence. We do not wish to be changed! Because you steal a part of our soul when you do such. If you wish to cultivate for fuel, please honor what we desire. The time of year we grow, the places we love. We receive from other growing things. You take [us] away from there and we sadden! Please stop! Thank you. We will help those who see us clearly.

33 Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus) Freedom, synchronicity, curiosity, expansion, and the acquisition of unusual spiritual talents is my medicine.

34 We lighten the aura so that humans may dwell in a state of awe and expectation. SHAGGY MANE We like the young at heart and offer our Medicine to increase the ageless innocence. We happily give our essence but always prefer those who can appreciate our joyful nature. If consumed by those at changes of life you call things like, oh, puberty, young adulthood, [the change] you call menopause, we will brighten the outlook and allow for smoother transition and integration of the life changes. We are favored by those who are enthusiastic about self-expression through artistic endeavors, creativity and the discovery of one’s unique voice.

35 Agaricus subrufescens (formerly called A. blazei) COMMON NAMES: Cogumelo do Sol (Mushroom of the Sun), Cogumelo de Deus (Mushroom of God), Cogumelo de Vida (Mushroom of life), Himematsutake, Royal Sun Agaricus, Mandelpilz, Almond Mushroom Stimulates the immune system and has been found effective in the treatment of various cancers.

36 Agaricus subrufescens My strength is too powerful for most. Use me wisely. Not in the fall and winter. Summer is best. Best to use me in hot water drink. Let me sit in the water for much time and sip slowly. I will cause within the soul connection with the ray of origin that the human may emanate from. Understand humans embody one of 12 rays of life that come from the godhead. I will cause you to lose all within the self which does not vibrate with your particular ray of knowledge. I am to be given to humans only by those who have a spiritual sense of the plant kingdom. I will intensify in the human soul the need for seclusion in order to cultivate and strengthen the spiritual ray of origin.

37 ARTIST’S CONK (Ganoderma applanatum)

38 Good-bye This has been a thrilling chance to talk to the humans. Thank You! - Canadian Tuckahoe

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