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1 #NRAShow MENUS 2014 Turning Trends into Money Makers Presented by Nancy Kruse The Kruse Company Atlanta, GA

2 #NRAShow Menus 2014 Objectives Review menu directions Assess changes impacting R&D Address shifting consumer demands

3 #NRAShow Menus 2014 Agenda I.Foods with Benefits II.Veggie Chic III.Reality Bites

4 #NRAShow I. Foods with Benefits: Key Points Overview Protein Skinny Super Power Outlook & Implications

5 #NRAShow Foods with Benefits: Overview Menu Health Equation Evolving Yesterday: Subtraction Model –Take it out: salt, fat, sugar Today: Addition Model –Put it in: fruits, vegetables, grains Tomorrow: Defined Benefits Model –What’s it do for me, functionality Note: not mutually exclusive

6 #NRAShow Foods with Benefits 1. Protein Rich US largest market for high- protein products 20% new product intros at retail grocery in 2012 Technomic menu mentions: +67% past 5 years Chobani Soho’s Smoked Salmon & Dill Greek Yogurt

7 #NRAShow All-Natural Chicken or Tofu Low-Cal Whole Wheat Wrap Protein Bar’s Signature Grilled Protein Bar-rito

8 #NRAShow POD UK’s Portable Protein

9 #NRAShow Foods with Benefits: 2. Super Metz Culinary Management’s Super Natural Salmon Sandwich

10 #NRAShow Panera Bread’s Fat-Free Superfruit Power Smoothie Superfruit Purée Organic Greek Nonfat Yogurt And Ginseng

11 #NRAShow Big Bowl’s Spicy Cashew Chicken

12 #NRAShow Foods with Benefits 3. Skinny PHENOMENON CROSSES CATEGORIES Baja Fresh Skinny Wahoo Bowl Benihana New Year’s Skinny Dining Promotion Kona Grill Skinny Sashimi, Skinny Ceviche Ledo Pizza Skinny Avocado Tuna Salad Melting Pot Skinny Dipping Fondue Menu Pie Five Pizza Skinny Pie Ruby Tuesday Skinny Lavender Lemon Drop Cocktail Taco Bueno Chicken Skinny Bowl Wing Zone Skinny Dippers

13 #NRAShow Sbarro’s Skinny Slice

14 #NRAShow Chili’s Skinny Margarita Sugar-Free Triple Sec Fresh Lime Juice 110 Calories

15 #NRAShow Cheesecake Factory’s SkinnyLicious Soft Chicken Tacos

16 #NRAShow Foods with Benefits: 4. Power Panera Bread Offers Power Menu

17 #NRAShow Uno Pizzeria & Grill’s Chopped Power Salad Almonds Soy Nuts Pepitas Dried Cranberries Carrots Goji Berries Raisins Red Grapes Plum Tomatoes Feta Cheese Spinach Chicken

18 #NRAShow Taco Bell’s Power Protein Menu 20+ Grams of Protein Fewer Than 450 Calories

19 #NRAShow Foods with Benefits: Implications & Outlook Functional foods will increase on menus –Powerful consumer drivers Category broad, ill-defined –Multiple opportunities to address Flashpoint for fads –Evaluate carefully Monitor evolving trends –Impact/appeal to your patrons –Promote smartly

20 #NRAShow Implications & Outlook: Gender-Based Marketing “Brogurt” Appeals to Men

21 #NRAShow

22 II. Veggie Chic Key Points Overview Avocado Everywhere Cruciferous Crossover Root Revival Implications & Outlook

23 #NRAShow Veggie Chic: Overview Why Produce? Why Now? Center-of-Plate Volatility Culinary Sensibility Consumer Health Interests Diet Trends, Fads Range of Options Versatility/Flexibility Availability/Formats 23

24 #NRAShow Veggie Chic 1. Avocadoes Everywhere Source: Technomic, Inc. Menu Monitor AVOCADO MENU MENTIONS GOING UP, UP, UP

25 #NRAShow Avocadoes Ubiquitous On Menus… Whataburger’s Avocado Bacon Burger Burger King’s Avocado Swiss Whopper Steak ‘N Shake’s California Burger

26 #NRAShow …As Condiment Usage Increases Chick-fil-A’s Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap With Avocado-Lime Dressing

27 #NRAShow California Pizza Kitchen Puts Avocado Front and Center… Avocado Club Egg Rolls White Corn Guacamole

28 #NRAShow …Cheesecake Factory Breads and Fries It Portabella Mushroom, Avocado & Zucchini Fries

29 #NRAShow Crop Bistro & Bar’s The Avocado Deviled Egg

30 #NRAShow Pie Five’s Chicken Awesome-Cado Pie

31 #NRAShow Popbar’s Avocado PopSorbetto 31

32 #NRAShow Curra’s Grill’s Avocado Margarita Frozen Margarita Mix Avocado Pulp Cilantro

33 #NRAShow Veggie Chic 2. Cruciferous Craze California Pizza Kitchen’s Brussels + Bacon Pizza Herbed Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion, Romano Cheese 33

34 #NRAShow Barnwood’s White Pizza with Broccoli & Red Pepper 34

35 #NRAShow Stella 34 Trattoria’s Cavolfiore Pizza Meyer Lemon, Breadcrumbs 35

36 #NRAShow No. 7 Subs’ Brussels Sprouts Sandwich Granny Smith Apples, Crushed Peanuts 36

37 #NRAShow No. 7 Subs’ Broccoli Sandwich Fresh Mozzarella Thai Basil Pesto Fried Lemon 37

38 #NRAShow No. 7 Subs’ Roasted Cauliflower Sub Fried Shallots, Romaine, Chutney Mayo 38

39 #NRAShow Sarma’s Brussels Sprouts Brava

40 #NRAShow Mellow Mushroom’s Sriracha Broccoli Slaw With Chicken Curry Pops

41 #NRAShow Brennan’s of Houston’s Chicken-Fried Cauliflower Steak Purple Majesty Potato Salad, Vegan Mushroom Gravy

42 #NRAShow Did Kale Craze Open Door For Cruciferous Crossover? Roger Williams University’s Tuscan-Style Spaghetti With Kale 42

43 #NRAShow Veggie Chic 3. Root Revival Hot Scandinavian Restaurants Take Center Stage; Put Focus on Root Vegetables Noma in Copenhagen 43

44 #NRAShow Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Beet & Potato Gratin

45 #NRAShow Root Revival: Carrots Cropping Up American CutCarrot-Glazed Carrot Au Bon PainCarrot Ginger Soup CrossroadsSpicy Moroccan Carrots DeepWood RestaurantCarrot Risotto DomenicaRoasted Carrot Pizza with Goat Cheese LYFE KitchenKale-Carrot Side Salad Mei Mei KitchenSmoked Carrots with Black Sesame Purée PartakeCaramelized Carrots with Pepita Brittle Peet’s Coffee & TeaHummus & Carrot Chips Sitka & SpruceRoasted Carrot Salad with Chickpea Purée Stone Oven BakeryCurry-Carrot Soup Willi’s Wine BarTunisian Roasted Carrots with Pine Nuts

46 #NRAShow Massachusetts’ Farm-to-School Project

47 #NRAShow Smashburger’s Veggie Frites

48 #NRAShow Narcissa’s Carrots Wellington

49 #NRAShow Carrots Also In Doughnuts, Drinkables Doughnut Plant’s Carrot Cake Doughnut Smoothie King’s Berry Carrot Dream

50 #NRAShow Veggie Chic Implications & Outlook 1. More Produce at Breakfast Au Bon Pain’s Hummus Breakfast Sandwich With Fresh Spinach

51 #NRAShow Corner Bakery’s Morning Offerings Avocado & Spinach Power Panini Thin Anaheim Scrambler Bowl

52 #NRAShow Implications & Outlook 2. Decommoditized Sides Top Round Roast Beef’s Fresh Cuts Fried in Beef Tallow 52

53 #NRAShow Fresh-Cut Fries Shaking Up Sides

54 #NRAShow University of Maryland’s Cuban Potato Salad Black Beans, Green Olives, Lime Juice, Cumin 54

55 #NRAShow Applebee’s Fresh-Cut Garlicky Green Beans Chunky Roma-Pepper Relish

56 #NRAShow III. Reality Bites Key Points “Real” Foods the Next Wave Overview Products Process Presentation Implications & Outlook

57 #NRAShow Reality Bites: Overview Selected Organic Natural Sustainable Artisanal Rustic Authentic Local Regional Heirloom Buzzwords Homemade Handmade Seasonal Farm Grown Farm to Table Craft(ed) Small Batch Unprocessed Fresh!

58 #NRAShow Reality Bites 1. Product BREAD FASHIONS CHANGING Arby’s Whole-Grain Honey Wheat Au Bon PainAncient-Grain Ciabatta Blue Cow Kitchen Grilled Rustic White Bread Crisper’sArtisan Bread Jason’s Deli9-Grain Artisan, Organic Wheat Wrap McAlister’s DeliHarvest Wheat Panera BreadArtisan Rye, All-Natural White Bread PiadaNatural, Organic Flour Mendocino FarmsRustic White Bread Quizno’sArtisan Sandwich Breads

59 #NRAShow Applebee’s Artisan Grilled Chicken Ciabatta

60 #NRAShow Golden-Oldie Grains Reappearing on Menus Amaranth Barley Farro Freekeh Groats Millet Oats Quinoa Wheat Berries Orange County, FL School’s Quinoa Wrap

61 #NRAShow Rattlesnake Club’s Buckwheat Risotto Pear-Cipollini Chutney

62 #NRAShow The Rivers School’s Wheat Berry, Lentil & Kale Salad

63 #NRAShow Comeback Kid: Butter Rides Real Wave Butter consumption +24% past decade 5.6 lbs per capita 2013 vs. 4.1 lbs in 1997 “Wholesome, pure, not a lot of other ingredients”

64 #NRAShow Reality Bites 2. Process TGI Friday’s Sizzling Sirloin & Spinach Skillet

65 #NRAShow Gordon Biersch’s Baby Brats Made with House-Brewed Beer Märzen Lager Märzen Mustard

66 #NRAShow Pizza Hut’s Hand-Tossed Pizza “One of a Kind, Every Time”

67 #NRAShow Campania’s Neapolitan Pizza

68 #NRAShow Clyde Common’s Barrel-Aged Cocktails

69 #NRAShow Hot Lips Pizza’s Housemade Soda

70 #NRAShow Reality Bites 3. Presentation Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries With Sea Salt

71 #NRAShow Domino’s Show Us Your Pizza Promotion Real Photos from Real Customers

72 #NRAShow LYFE Kitchen’s Herbs

73 #NRAShow White Castle’s Full-View Kitchen

74 #NRAShow Reality Bites Implications & Outlook Quality expectations shifting –“Real” foods growing Powerful consumer drivers –Both boomers, millennials Signifies better-for-you –Standards of identity not established –Challenge and opportunity for operators, suppliers

75 #NRAShow Menus 2014 In Conclusion… Common thread = stealth health –Functionals, grains, produce, “real” foods More innovation around neglected categories –Sides, grains, produce Foodservice will take leading role –Watch indies, small chains, on-sites--esp. campus dining –Also watch parallel demand for over-the-top indulgence

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