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FOOD FOR THOUGHT HAVE LUNCH! Grammar School, Česká 64, České Budějovice 20 October 2014.

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1 FOOD FOR THOUGHT HAVE LUNCH! Grammar School, Česká 64, České Budějovice 20 October 2014




5 CZECH CUISINE It is not exactly a synonym for healthy cooking, but everybody will probably find some dishes to love,even if those tend to be high in calories, fat and sugar. Typical Czech Dishes SOUPS A Czech lunch often starts with a soup. Some popular Czech soups are: Sauerkraut soupPotato soupGarlic soup

6 MAIN COURSE Even beef goulash is a typical dish which you can order in local pubs. The main course usually consists of meat and a side dish. The most popular kinds of meat are chicken and pork, followed by beef, often served with some kind of sauce. For example beef sirloin with dumplings and vegetable cream sauce. When you like sweet dishes you must taste Fruit-filled dumplings (fruits wrapped in dough, boiled, and served with sugar, ground poppy seeds, cottage cheese and melted butter).

7 Side Dishes The most common Czech side dishes are: Boiled potatoes Mashed potatoes Bread dumplings Potato dumplings Potato salad DESSERT We would recommend you Crepes, called„palacinky“ in Czech,filled with jam or fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and others. Another typical desert is Honey cake or Apple strudel, which our grandmothers used to make a long time ago… Although this cooking isn’t so much healthy, it is devilishly delicious and it is worth sampling. Dumplings Potato Salad Strude l Pancakes Tiramisu

8 Nikola Brůžková 2.A Nikola Kaislerová 2.A

9 DINING (FINE DINING) Dining is summary of formal rules, order tableware and table preparation. It almost contains the rules of correct behaviour. All of dishes have to be systematically put in order for practical cleaning the table according to succession of dish. The basis is a big plate intended for the main course. At this plate lies soup plate. The cutlery is put down in the order externally. The fork lies left, the knife and the soup spoon right. The glass is set just above the blade. The dessert plate is placed on the left. If there is an appetizer, then there is an appetizer plate instead of a soup plate and the cutlery lies above the plate complex. A simply folded napkin is placed on the plate or left next to the plate. The contemporary ethic of dining is not as strict as of fine dining, which used to be a norm. But there are still some of the rules, which do not change and we should keep following them

10 Setting the table The glass is set just above the blade. The folded napkin- placed on the plate or left next to the plate. The flat plate The saucer The soup plate The fork lies left, the knife and the table spoon right

11 Here are some of them: The women seat ahead of men. When you sit down to the table, put a cloth napkin on your lap. Paper left next to the plate. We start to eat the time the most respectable person starts eating. Leaving the table during eating is impolite Lay only your hands on the table, not the elbows. When you eat soup, never blow the soup in the spoon and neither stir the soup, but wait for a while until it cools. When you finish eating, place your knife and fork on the plate parallelly, but if you want to continue, place your cutlery crossed. Before having a drink wipe your mouth with a napkin. If pastry is served, don’t bite neither cut it, but break little pieces off. Never use a toothpick when sitting at the table. If you spill your drink during the meal or a piece of food dropped on the floor, etc.., try to ask the waiter discreetly to fix this unpleasant accident. It is very important to know at least some of this advice because dining should be perceived as a social event and the way how we behave at meals tells a lot about us.

12 Lucie Krejčová 2.A Klára Studená 2.A

13 OUR SCHOOL CANTEEN We usually go to the school canteen for lunch after school. Our school is located in the near distance from our school. Not only students but even the teachers from our school have lunch there.There is a choice of two main courses every day. In advance we can choose the meal on the Internet or right in the canteen we can use chips to choose the dish. There are served soups and soft drinks. Price of the lunch is available, only 30CZK (about 1Euro). Food is always well- prepared and tasty. It’s better than in most other cateens in the Czech Republic.Lunches are prepared in accordance with certain standards and therefore, it should be healthy. They include fish, vegetable, legumes. It ia simply well- balanced. The food is tasty. Meals are issued at two points depending on the choice Some times you must queue. You must take a knife and a fork and just clik your card There is a friendly atmosphere in school canteen. Our cooks are nice and to get the dish. Food from them are not ripped off. We always look forward for lunch time after school or lunch break and we enjoy the time with our classmates.

14 This is our school canteen. It is located not far from our school.It takes us ten minutes to get there. This is the photo of the menu display where we can choose the food which suits us best. Usually there are many people in our canteen but there is no problem to find a free place.There are many tables and chaos there and students can find the place where Theky eat their meals.

15 This is the food which we had that day the photo was taken-on Monday (lentils, smoked meat and saurkraut). Like most students we like pizza. We always look forward to it, because it is very tasty. On the right you can see our canteen card. Kateřina Ševčíková 2.A Týna Kořínková 2.A

16 TRADITIONAL CZECH SWEETS After a good meal everybody wants something like a sweet dot in the end. In the Czech Republic there are many sweet dishes, because Czech people prefer that and love that. Maybe this is the reason that the population of the Czech Republic is obese. But still we can make incredible sweets, no doubt about it. For example Pardubice gingerbread (this is a type of cake, usually very dark brown and soft, which is spiced with ginger ), Chocolate Rolls and Carlsbad wafers. But that isn’t all. Other popular sweets in theCzech Republic are buns, strudels, fruit pies, etc. They are served served with hot tea or coffee. There is a question for some parents whose children indulge sweets if to give them one or not.But finally they always receive some chocolate. It’s incredible how many companies in the world manufacture sweets. Don‘t be surprised that kids want to eat sweets every day when they are surrounded by massive advertising. And whatś more in shops generally there is more place reserved for sweets than for healthy food.

17 Chocolate Rolls Wafers Klára Sekyrová 2.A Veronika Sailerová 2.A

18 MUSHROOM DISHES Czechs are keen mushrooms´ colllectors. They pick up many different varieties of fungi such as seen below. These mushrooms have got particular taste, They spice the dishes. Czechs are very creative and cook plenty of mushroom dishes. And pickled mushrooms are a real delicacy! A favourite one is mushroom„schnitzel“ with potatoes and tatar sauce. You simply slice the mushrooms and bread them. Then you fry them.

19 „Scrambledmushrooms“ are a really fast dinner. You simply scramble pieces of mushrooms seasoned with caraway and you may add eggs. Another mushroom dish is delicious mushroom cream sauce. It is served with dumplings. There are many recipes, how to make it. If you like soups then mushroom soup with potatoes, spice and vegetable is the right dish for you. Barbora Kopecká 2.A Miroslava Šmýkalová 2.A

20 FAST FOOD Fast food is a kind of fast diet, which results in a lot of problems such as obesity. Unfortunately, modern society which suffers with a lack of time use fast foods excessively. This kind of catering doesn't take so much time, yet, it leads to an increasing number of fast food consumers. Fast food is not the invention of 20th century. Institutions like this used to appear in the oldest cultures which lived near the Mediterranean Sea. This junk food revived in California before WorldWar II. Its founders were McDonalds brothers, whose business is currently well-knownall arend the world. Fast food contains a lot of sugar, fat and salt. The preparation of the food is not time-demanding, you mostly fry it (forexamplefrenchfries and chicken). Unhealthy drinks which contain a lot ofsugar also belong to fast foods. For example CocaCola and many other sweet drinks. It is tasty, but tasty doesn’t ever mean healthy. If you have visited fast food once, it will have no consequence. Excessive eating in fast fooods is blamed for many diseases. Diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and at last but not least obesity.

21 In the Czech Republic the interest in fast food has been growing. Last year doubled interest was recorded. And it's not just a weakness of teenagers - fast food is being indulged by more and more adults. This is not good news for children. If their parents eat in fast foods, their descendants will probably adopt the habit very quickly. The Czech Republic, according to the experts, is on the top in terms of overweight. And fast foods which can be blamed. Fast food is a result of peopleś laziness in order to put their lives at ease. However, people don’t care about their health, in general. We only have to believe that this will change. Lucie Hornátová 2.A Eliška Kalinová 2.A

22 MACHINES FOR FOOD AND DRINKS We chose an issue regarding vending machines for food and drinks which are installed in our school. They mostly contain not very healthy food. The subject of our survey is Grammar School Česká which seats three machines for food and drink. Slot for money Buttons for the choice of food Giving the money back Food dispenser This machine is very popular in our school :D Machine for non-alcoholic drinks Machine for choclate bars Machine caffeine drinks

23 Maybe you are asking how the food and drinks get into the machines? In fact it is pretty simple. As you certainly know, the food doesn´t have feet, so the machine must be operated by a human. When the supplies run out, so then a supplier comes to add supplies into the machine and take out the money. But the distributed food and drinks contribute to obesity. Some students call for altering the offered goods but it has not marked any change, yet. In a nutshell, we have to say, unfortunately students don‘t have the power to change it. We only hope that it will improve soon and we will have the chance to pick from healthy items, such as vegetable, fruits and milk products. Petr Paulath 2.A Vojtěch Sládek 2.A

24 VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS If you have recently started fading about vegetarián diets, you probably read about all sorts of vegetarianism and terms as Vegetarian (ovo-lacto- Vegetarian, semi-Vegetarian) and Vegan. Let’s take a look at what the terms mean. A vegetarian is a person who does not consume any meat, poultry, fish, or seafood. Vegetarians get proteins from vegetable (for example: Broccoli and Spinach) and eggs. Most vegetarians do not mind using other animal-derived products (eggs,milk). ( Ovo-lactoVegetarians are Vegetarians who do not consume meat, poultry, fish, and seafood, but do consume eggs and milk. This is the largem group of vegetarians. The term Semi-Vegetarian is usually used to describe someone who is a vegetarián who doesn‘t consume any dairy products, eggs, chicken, and fish, but does not consumeother animal flesh. They consume only soya products, vegetable and fruits. Vegan is the sub-category of vegetarians.Vegansdon’t konsume anymeat, poultry, fish and seafood. But vegansdon’teateggs, milk, honey and anyproductsfromanimals.Vegansdo not wearanyclothing made from animal products. Many celebrities, activists and politicians, artists, and sportsfigures are on vegan or vegetarian diets.For example singer Jared Leto, Chris Martin from Cold play or Natalie Portman. From my point of weiw vegan and vegetarian diet is too hard. Your body miss proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. And all these products you don’t find in only vegetable. Can you be a vegan orvegetarian ? Sára Švehlová 2.A

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