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Part 5 Immunity From Kenzen Organic Nutritionals 2/5/11 Recordings at:

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1 Part 5 Immunity From Kenzen Organic Nutritionals 2/5/11 Recordings at:

2 Nikken Kenzen™ Wellness | ORGANIC-BASED NUTRITION

3 ● Part 1 Introduction ● Part 2 CiagaV ● Part 3 Jade Greenzymes ● Part 4 a complete picture ● Part 5 Immunity ● Part 6 Lactoferrin Gold and OsteoDenx ● Part 7 New Liver Support and Joint Compound

4 The issue of cancer is a very serious matter. Although we will be presenting scientific studies and articles, which present the logic behind the use of these products. it must be emphasized that these foods and ingredients are not magic bullets or panaceas for poor health habits. Nutrition is only one aspect of a comprehensive Wellness Home. "This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

5 Part 5 in the Amazing Penny series: Nikken’s Immunity


7 U.S. Patent #6,805,866 Grown to duplicate nature Preheated to increase absorption Proprietary strains Vegan certified and Kosher certified

8 1. Cordyceps Sinensis 2. Agaricus Blazei 3. Maitake 4. Reishi 5. Trametes Versicolor 6. Shitake 7. Hericium Erinaceus 8. Tremella mesenterica 9. Phellinus linteus 10. Pleurotus tuber-region 11. Oyster 12. Chaga 13. Lepiota 14. Enoki


10  Increase of Cortisol from stress will:  Decrease your T-cells  Decrease your Natural Killer cells  Decrease the number of your lymphocytes


12 Within 2 hours of taking Immunity, t-cells increase.

13  When Cordyceps is given to a patient in an immune-deficient state, such as cancer, hepatitis or HIV infection, the number and activity of the white blood cells increase.  If the same Cordyceps is given to someone in a hyper-immune state such as is found in Lupus, Lymphoma or Rheumatoid arthritis, the number and activity of the white blood cells drop, while the red blood cells often increase in number

14  increased oxygen utilization  increased ATP production [cellular energy]  Mice Swim Test In 6 weeks!!


16 Real DNA Fake DNA

17 at gct ag 4 different kinds of bricks make up a complete brick wall.

18 cordyceps t gct ag Cordyceps will not allow any more bricks to stick to it, because it lacks one ) Oxygen molecule.

19 cordyceps t gct agSo now, the DNA of the cancer cell falls apart, because the bricks can not stick together. -this process does not happen with healthy cells.

20  sarcoma 180 cell line, which is a reference solid tumor used for laboratory assays of anti-tumor effectiveness. A single dose of only 0.5 mg/kg- injected i.p into mice inhibited tumor growth by an astounding 98.7% ! (Ohmori et al 1986)

21  normal healthy breast tissue cells have an average life span of about 10 days, after which they reproduce and a new cell is formed.  But breast cancer cells multiply much quicker, they reproduce themselves on average every 20 minutes.  This means that the breast cancer cells are replicating about 750 times faster than the surrounding healthy tissue.

22  It is a little known fact outside the medical profession that many more patients die of opportunistic infections during chemotherapy than ever die of the cancer itself.  Anything that can bolster the patient’s immune response means that the  dosage of the chemotherapy can be increased, or the delay between treatments can be shortened.

23  Cyclosporine: The anti-rejection compound used in organ transplants was developed from Cordyceps mushrooms!  When together: the group receiving Cordyceps sinensis in addition to the Cyclosporin had a much lower incidence of kidney damage then the group receiving only the Cyclosporin, as measure by the levels of urinary NAG, serum creatinine and blood urea nitrate. (Xu et al 1995)

24  In addition to Beta-glucan showing anti-tumor effects in lab mice, aromatase inhibitors have shown to actually slow the growth of tumors. Of the cancers most influenced is breast cancer.

25  Molecular Urology by Kono PhD: Maitake in lab tests, killed 90% of all prostate cancer cells with in 24 hours.

26  Memorial Sloan-Kettering is conducting the first U.S. clinical trial on maitake, a medicinal mushroom extract.  Some oncologists feel so confident about the possible advantages that they’re already recommending mushroom extract supplements to their patients. Researchers say "They don’t appear likely to interfere with chemo and radiation.

27  Cancer Research UK confirm that the active compounds in Reishi cause a marked increase in the action of macrophages, thus there is a heightened response to foreign cells, whether bacteria, viruses or tumor cells.

28  “Calms the mind, eases tension, strengthens the nerves, strengthens memory, sharpens concentration, improves focus, builds will power.”

29  Japanese researchers screened 200 of the best (plant extracts) known for anti-tumor activity. Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor had the greatest amount of anti-tumor activity. s_cancer_medicine.html#ixzz1DsYBHq6S s_cancer_medicine.html#ixzz1DsYBHq6S  In several of these multicentric trials, the 15- year survival rate was increased by 10−15%, and side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and anorexia, were reduced when Trametes was given along with chemotherapy

30  90 percent regression rate in the high risk HPV virus compared to 8.5 percent without. s_cancer_medicine.html#ixzz1DsbpasWx s_cancer_medicine.html#ixzz1DsbpasWx

31 Chemo vs. Chemo + Shitake Median survival was longer in the shitake group than in the chemo alone group (297 days vs. 199 days, p = 0.028). One-year survival rate was greater in the shitake group than in the control group (49.1% vs. 0%)., especially appetite and sleep quality, was significantly improved with the administration of shitake (lentinan).

32  Cordyceps sinensis [Human Trials] improved:  fatigue, cold intolerance, dizziness, frequent nocturia, tinnitus, hypo sexuality, and amnesia,  while no improvement was reported in the placebo group. (Cao and Wen, 1993; Zhang et al., 1995

33  Reishi has extraordinary effects on the maturation, differentiation and proliferation of many kinds of immune cells.  Reishi is a proven potent activator of interferon, interleukins, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), natural killer cells (NK), T lymphocytes, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL's) and lymphokine activated killer cells (LAK).  The spontaneous regression of some tumors

34  Causes up to 4,000% modulation of white blood cells and other T killer cells within about 20 hours after ingestion  In one experiment, mice implanted with melanoma showed a 4-fold increase in survival rate when given an extract of Chaga mushroom. [224] [224]  Chaga is well known for stimulating the immune system and its powerful anti-tumor activity, and was approved in 1955 by The Medical Academy of Science for public use against cancer.

35  Lion's Mane mushroom, strongly stimulate nerve growth factor synthesis.  after six months of taking Lion's Mane mushroom, six out of seven dementia patients demonstrated improvements in their perceptual capacities, and all seven had improvements in their dressing, bathing and eating scores.  this mushroom may be a potent inducer of brain tissue regeneration

36  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center reported that Phellinus linteus is a possible anticancer agent. [233][234] Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center [233][234]

37  Helps regulate the immune system

38  Mushrooms to lower elevated blood sugar levels  Tremella, [20][21][22] reishi, [24][25] Agaricus blazei, [28][29][30][31][32] chaga, [33] Hericium erinaceus, [34] cordyceps. [37][38][39][40][41] [20][21][22] [24][25] [28][29][30][31][32] [33] [34] [37][38][39][40][41]  maitake mushroom; its ability to lower blood sugar levels [42][43][44][45][46][47] has been explained by the fact that the mushroom naturally contains an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor. [48] [42][43][44][45][46][47]alpha-glucosidase inhibitor [48]

39  Some mushrooms like Tremella, [49] Agaricus blazei, [28][29] maitake, [51] and reishi [52][53] have been shown to be able to have an inhibitory effect on cholesterol levels. Shiitake mushrooms contain the anticholesterol compound eritadenine. [54] [49] [28][29] [51] [52][53] [54]

40  Statins [i.e. Lipitor] are a class of drugs used to treat high cholesterol by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. The first statins ever discovered (lovastatin and mevastatin) were found in fungi. StatinsHMG-CoA reductaselovastatinmevastatin  Oyster mushrooms have been found to naturally contain the statin lovastatin. [57] Tests have shown the oyster mushroom contains up to 2.8% lovastatin on a dry weight basis. [58]lovastatin [57] [58]

41  poliovirus [65, western equine encephalitis virus. [66], HIV [68], Candida albicans and HIV. [72], Escherichia coli, [75] influenza virus, [78] hepatitis B virus. [81] Epstein-Barr virus. [82] methicillin- resistant Staphylococcusaureus (MRSA )[84] HIV. [86][87][88][89], Chlamydia trachomatis. [93],poliovirus [65 [66] HIV [68] [72] [75]influenza virus [78]hepatitis B [81]Epstein-Barr virus [82](MRSA )[84] [86][87][88][89] [93]  The following mushrooms in Immunity inhibited the HIV virus in vitro, HIV Hericium erinaceum Hericium erinaceum, [102] ( chaga ), [104], oyster mushroom, [105] Trametes versicolor. [102] [104] [105] Trametes versicolor

42  “ Nikken’s formula is the Rolls Royce of multiple-mushroom formulas.”  From the book [ Medicinal Mushrooms – Ancient Remedies for Modern Ailments]

43  People who never attended church spent an average of 3 times more days hospitalized when sick than people who attended weekly.  Heart patients were 14 times more likely to die following surgery if they did not participate in a religion.  Elderly people who never or rarely attended church had a stroke rate double that of people who attended regularly.  In Israel, religious people had a 40 percent lower death rate from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

44 and The Amazing Penny Contact the person that shared this with you and one becomes 2

45 At the end of the year an amazing 2,048 pennies (or people) are in the pile. 1>2>4>8>16>32>64>128>256>512> 1024>2048 pennies


47 Part 5 Immunity From Kenzen Organic Nutritionals 2/5/11 Recordings at:

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