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MUSHROOM A variety of gilled fungi, with or without stems fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting bodies produced above ground on soil or on its food source. often.

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1 MUSHROOM A variety of gilled fungi, with or without stems fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting bodies produced above ground on soil or on its food source. often have a stem, cap and gills or pores on the underside of the cap.

2 Growth Take several days to form primordial mushroom fruit bodies, expand rapidly by the absorption of fluids. Initially form a small fruiting body, pin stage. Slightly expanded,buttons.

3 Growth Then absorb water rapidly from its mycelium and expand. Quality of mushroom depends on the aroma, taste, texture, and colour

4 Edible Mushroom Fleshy and edible fruit bodies of macro fungi consumed for nutritional and medicinal value. harvested wild or cultivated. cultivated mushroom grown in controlled,sterilized environments.

5 Edible Mushroom Before assuming that any wild mushroom is edible, it should be identified. low calorie, low fat, low carbohydrate food shiitake, maitake, oyster, enoki, Whites mushroom, crimini, and Portobello

6 Cultivation Mushrooms can be grown on logs Sterilization is not performed Production may be unpredictable and seasonal Tree logs are inoculated with spawn, then allowed to grow in wild conditions. Outdoor log

7 Cultivation Fruiting triggered by seasonal changes. Drilling the log, insert the mushroom colony n wax the hole to prevent drying. Shiitake and oyster mushrooms have traditionally been produced using the outdoor log technique, controlled techniques such as indoor tray growing or artificial logs made of compressed substrate have been substituted.

8 Cultivation Able to regulate light, temperature and humidity while excluding contaminants and pests. Consistent production Typically accomplished in purpose- built buildings, for large scale commercial production. Able to control over growing substrate composition and growing conditions. Indoor trays

9 Phase 1 2 3 4 5

10 Sabah mushroom production The Shiitake mushroom project started in Tambunan,1989. The project expanded to Moyog, Penampang, Kundasang, and Ranau on Contract Farming basis in 1990. Sabah - excellent climatic condition, high humidity during monsoon season. Mushroom Seedling Production Centre was set up in Masilau, Ranau in 1991. The centre improved quantity and quality of production, and variety of seedlings produced. The Mushroom Seeding Production Centre which is now known as "Borneo Mushroom“.

11 Products 1. Mushroom seedling 2. Fresh Mushroom (Shiitake, Oyster and Black Jelly) 3. Dried Mushroom (Ling Zhi Slice) 4. Ling Zhi Coffee and tea

12 Shiitake Mushroom Contains Lentina, an anticancer drug. Use as immunotherapy for lung, skin, stomach, breast, colorectal and cervical cancer. Suppress cancer recurrence. Increase immune system

13 Ling Zhi Mushroom /Reishi Prevent cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial contain gandodermic acid which helps reduce cholesterol, lower high blood pressure. Strengthen immune system Healing effect on the lungs due to asthma and other respiratory problems. Liver protection by aiding detoxification process

14 Oyster Mushroom Blood regulation – anti-thrombotic, lower blood pressure, lipid concentrations and glucose level. Enhance immune system Inhibit tumor growth. Antioxidant

15 Black Jelly Mushroom Treatment of cardiovascular disorders: Anticoagulant effect ie. break up blood clots, blood pressure regulation. Antioxidant and protect against DNA damage.

16 Chanterelle High in vitamin C, D and potassium

17 Porcini anti-inflammatory. Contains the compound ergosterol which is capable of cytotoxicity,the process of attacking enemy cells.

18 Shimeji Tiny capped, long stemmed species Contains beta-glucans, remedy for retarding and destroying growing tumors. Enhance immune system and boosting its healing capabilities.

19 White Button Aid Weight Loss and Prostate Cancer Prevention carbohydrates, antioxidant selenium Preparing the compost takes 1-2 weeks. Pasteurized and placed in large trays or beds. growing takes place in growing houses heat and humidity are regulated In 2-3 weeks, the compost filled with mycelium. 17 to 25 days to produce mature mushrooms entire process takes about four months.

20 Enoki Sterilized plastic bottles with substrate usually ground corn cob pellets along with wheat bran and soybean meal, inoculated with mushroom culture and placed in growing houses. When the substrate is fully colonized, bottles are moved to an area where a plastic collar is attached to the mouth of the bottle. Collar guides the forming mushrooms to grow straight up to help control carbon dioxide. require a colder environment Whole process is about 90 days usually packaged in shrink-wrapped bags.

21 Beeches Plastic bottles are sterilized, inoculated with mushroom culture and then placed in growing houses to allow the substrate to colonize with the mycelium. require colder environment about 100 days to produce a mature crop. only produce one set of fruiting bodies per crop, the remaining substrate is recycled

22 Maitake good source of antioxidant selenium; B vitamins riboflavin, niacin,pantothenic acid and copper. Maitake mushrooms is said to be able to sweep the breast cancer system, find abnormal cells and cause them to self-destruct Production logs,made out of sawdust supplemented with grain. mushroom spawn then colonizes the logs. logs are incubated in mushroom houses with temperature, humidity and air flow controlled, to provide the best environment for mushroom formation. whole process takes from 10 to 14 weeks.

23 Crimini Contain antioxidant selenium, the B vitamin riboflavin and copper Contain potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins niacin and pantothenic acid. grown in the same manner as the white mushroom. have a darker color and slightly denser texture

24 Portabella Contain antioxidant selenium, potassium, phosphorus, the B vitamins niacin, B vitamin riboflavin pantothenic acid and copper. grown like white mushrooms. portabella is a mature crimini. three to seven days older than the Crimini when harvested. develop much larger caps, six inches in diameter

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