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林猛猛 關超文 陳猛稿 曾健誠 子傑 Ingredients: 250g salmon fillets 160g cold soba 100g basil 20g Italian parsley 20g Parmesan cheese 20g pine nuts 60g olive oil Seasoning:

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Presentation on theme: "林猛猛 關超文 陳猛稿 曾健誠 子傑 Ingredients: 250g salmon fillets 160g cold soba 100g basil 20g Italian parsley 20g Parmesan cheese 20g pine nuts 60g olive oil Seasoning:"— Presentation transcript:


2 林猛猛 關超文 陳猛稿 曾健誠 子傑

3 Ingredients: 250g salmon fillets 160g cold soba 100g basil 20g Italian parsley 20g Parmesan cheese 20g pine nuts 60g olive oil Seasoning: Some salt Some crushed black pepper Some herbal spice 80g wasabi Method: Mix basil with Italian parsley, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, olive oil, salt and crushed black pepper to make the herbal sauce. Cook coba, drain the water after done. Mix them with herbal sauce and wasabi, then separate into small groups. Sprinkle herbal herbal spice onto the salmon, fry briefly for about 1 minute. Slice the salmon fillets and spread on coba. Pour some herbal sauce onto the salmon. Serve. Tips: Mix soba with herbal sauce and wasabi after done to avoid sticking together.

4 Method: Put cherries into the half bottle of vodka. Reserve under room temperature for 3-5 days. Dissolve sugar in water and add to the vodka. Add ice to a container. Pour in suitable amount of cherry vodka to the ice (depends on the size of the wine cup). If the cheery vodka is too concentrated, add suitable amount of pure vodka. *Video Take out the ice, pour vodka into the wine cup. Serve. Tips: Vodka should not be mixed with ice for too long to avoid dilution.

5 Ingredients: 。 1 ox-tail 。 Some tomato sauce 。 2 carrots 。 2 onions 。 Half stalk of celery 。 Some mushroom 。 6 pieces of laurel leaves(Available in most supermarket) 。 80g ginger 。 6 ounce Portuguese red wine (Available in most supermarket, with Portugal as the origin)

6 Ingredients: 80g taro Some parsley 80g vegetarian abalone 80g vegetarian chicken 1 piece of dried bean curd 40g carrot 40g celery 80g cashew Some lettuce Some custard powder Some cornflour Some soda powder Marinating sauce: 1/2 tsp flavour essence some sesame oil 1/2 tsp oyster oil 1 tsp cornflour some salt Method: Shred Taro, immerse in water with soda powder for 10 minutes, drain the water. Season with some salt, absorb the water with cloth. Mix well with custard powder and cornflour. Arrange the shredded taro on a iron tool in nest shape. Put another nest tool above and press tightly. Deep fry until golden yellow. Shred lettuce and some carrot. Briefly chop the carrot, vegetarian abalone, vegetarian chicken and dried bean curd. Peel and briefly chop celery. Cut parsley into small pieces. Briefly cook cashew in water. Add some salt, parboil in water for 5 minutes with low heat until tender. Deep-fry until no bubbles float out. Cook chopped carrot and all ingredients in boiling water with high heat for a while, drain water. Add celery and cook for another while, drain water. Add cashew and marinating sauce and fry briefly. Put shredded carrot, lettuce and parsley on a dish. Place the taro nest on above. Put all the ingredents in the taro nest. Serve. 13 Tips: Vegetarian chicken and vegetarian abalone are available in Buddhist food shops. Shredded taro can be replaced with shredded potato or noodle. Nest tool is availabe in restaurant tool shops in Shanghai Street.

7 Ingredients: 。 1 eggplant 。 1 potato 。 1 green pepper 。 Some chopped spring onion 。 Some chopped garlic 。 1 tbsp Soya sauce 。 Some sugar 。 1 tbsp Shaoshing wine 。 1 tsp chicken powder 。 1 ladle of stock 。 Some corn flour Method: Skin eggplant and potato. Remove the seeds of green pepper. Cut eggplant and potato into pieces. Cut green pepper into rhombic shape. Deep fry the potato in oil of 80 degree Celsius for about 2 minutes. Add eggplant, deep fry until golden. Add Green pepper and drain the oil immediately. (Click here to view demo) Heat some oil to saute the spring onion and garlic. Add stock, soya sauce, Shaoshing wine, chicken powder, salt, eggplant, potato and green pepper. Cook with high heat for 1 minute. (Click here to view demo) Add corn flour, stir fry briefly. Dish up. Tips: Avoid deep-fry the green pepper for to long since it can be done with brief cooking.

8 Ingredients: 40g mussel meat 50g baby octopus 40g adult shrimp 110g fresh tuna fish 60g broccoli 35g sliced mushroom 10g baby tomato 20g butter 20g dilute cream 150g cream soup 10g chopped shallot 20g chopped sour cucumber 15g mustard sauce 15g brandy 10g cheese powder 240g crushed potato Seasonings: Some salt Some butter Method: Melt butter on a pan, add in chopped shallot and mussel meat, baby octopus, adult shrimp and fresh tuna fish. Fry briefly. Pour in brandy. Add sliced mushroom and cream soup, fry 3-4 minutes and dish up. Pour dilute cream, sour cucumber and mustard sauce on the seafood. Cook broccoli with some butter, add some salt. Put broccoli in the bottom of a pot, then put in the seafood, baby tomato and crushed potato. Sprinkle some cheese powder, bake for 5 to 6 minutes. Serve. Tips: Avoid frying seafood for too long as it will be baked afterward. About the Chef: Chef Chan Wing Lap has been in the food and beverage industry for more than 30 years. He is experienced in cooking western food, including French and Italian food. He is now the Executive Chef in Cafe Lagoon.

9 100g cooked prickly sea cucumber 200g almond juice Egg white of 5 eggs Egg yolk of 1 egg Some chopped Chinese ham Some fried rice noodle 1/2 bowl of stock Some Chinese ham sauce 1 tsp sugar Some salt Some oil Some cornflour Chop the cooked sea cucumber into fine pieces. Pickle with stock, Chinese ham sauce and sugar. Mix salt, oil, chopped Chinese ham, cornflour, egg white and almond juice well. Boil some oil to cook the well-mixed almond juice. Add some oil again and add in the chopped sea cucumber. Turn to low heat and stir-fry the ingredients until just cooked. Place the cooked ingredients onto a plate laid with deep-fried rice noodles. Pour egg yolk onto the sea cucumber and serve. Avoid cooking the almond juice with strong heat, or the almond juice will be burnt, and the cooked mixture will be too hard. Prickly sea cucumber is available in most of the seafood shops. Immerse the sea cucumbers in cold water for one night, and boil it without replacing the water. Turn off the fire when it is boiled, and cool them down without removing the lid. Remove the inner organs and wash with clean water. You can self-make the almond juice by mixing water to Apricot Kernel in electronic mixer, then remove the residue.

10 Ingredients: 4 egg yolks 30g sugar 60g bitter chocolate 30g butter 10g raising flour 1 orange 2 eggs Some sugar syrup Custard Sauce: some vanilla sauce (available in large supermarket) 2 eggs 20g sugar 200g fresh milk Method: Melt the chocolate. Mix with sugar, egg yolks, butter and raising flour. Slice the orange and immerse in sugar syrup for a while. Put the chocolate mixture into aluminum container and bake for 7 minutes in oven at 180 degree Celsius, forming fondant. Boil milk with vanilla, sugar and eggs. Simmer the mixture, put the container on ice water to cool down, forming custard sauce. Pour the sauce on a plate, put the fondant onto the sauce. Decorate the fondant with sliced orange. Serve hot. Tips: Bitter chocolate retains the original taste of chocolate. Avoid replacing it with sweet chocolate. Putting the custard sauce on ice water to avoid the sauce getting burnt. The fondant can be accompanied by Vanilla and mint ice-cream.

11 Ingredients: ‧ 300g cooked risotto ‧ 8 egg yolks ‧ 6g gelatin powder ‧ 200g black chocolate ‧ 10g amaretto wine ‧ 380g sweet cream ‧ some sugar Method: Melt the black chocolate. Mix with egg yolks, gelatin powder, amaretto wine, sweet cream and sugar. Add in cooked risotto. Put into containers and keep in refrigerator for about 40 minutes. Serve.

12 Ingredients: 。 4 egg yolks 。 100ml milk 。 300ml fresh cream 。 100g fresh strawberry 。 20g sugar 。 20ml vanilla oil Method: Boil milk and cream with vanilla oil. Mix sugar with egg yolks, pour into aluminium container. Bake under 100 degree Celsius for 20 minutes. Wait until it cools down, then put in a dish, add sugar on the top. Cook strawberry with sugar with low heat. Mix in blender to make strawberry juice. Add strawberry juice in the dish, serve. Tips: Choose bright and red strawberry for the best flavor. Bake sliced strawberry for decoration to make the pudding more attractive.

13 林猛猛 關超文 陳猛稿 曾健誠 子傑

Download ppt "林猛猛 關超文 陳猛稿 曾健誠 子傑 Ingredients: 250g salmon fillets 160g cold soba 100g basil 20g Italian parsley 20g Parmesan cheese 20g pine nuts 60g olive oil Seasoning:"

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