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THE OYSTER BOX ½ doz1 Doz NATURAL – served with cracked pepper, lemon & Tabasco15.9024.00 KILPATRICK – served with bacon & Worcestershire sauce18.0027.60.

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1 THE OYSTER BOX ½ doz1 Doz NATURAL – served with cracked pepper, lemon & Tabasco15.9024.00 KILPATRICK – served with bacon & Worcestershire sauce18.0027.60 STARTERS GARLIC PRAWNS a fusion of garlic, cream & African spices14.90 CALAMARI calamari rings served with tartar sauce9.90 SCALLOPS in garlic & cream sauce10.50 MUSSEL POT peri-peri mussels, onion & capsicum- traditional10.50 BOEREWORS our African tapas dish, spicy sausage, pap & chakalaka -traditional9.90 SOUP OF THE DAY always home made6.50 SALADS, VEGETABLES & EXTRAS GARDEN SALAD4.50 VEGETABLES OF THE DAY6.50 BEER BATTERED CHIPS / MASH/ WEST AFRICAN VEGETABLE RICE4.50 PAP & CHAKALAKA SAUCE ground maize & spicy tomato & onion salsa - traditional 7.00 SAUCES – pepper, garlic, mushroom, Diane4.00 chakalaka - spicy relish, great with meat dishes - traditional4.50 FROM THE OVEN HERB LOAF4.50 GARLIC LOAF4.50 LODGE LOAF garlic bread & melted mozzarella6.80 Welcome to our African inspired bush lodge All products are Australian and are made on site Our delightful and different menu is infused with the flavours of Africa Flamed grilled steaks, traditional African dishes & the freshest seafood All meals are freshly prepared, sit back and enjoy the “Sunset ambience and bush setting” All our meals are freshly prepared; a delay may be experienced during busy times Please – NO VARIATIONS to the menu and NO SPLIT BILLS TRADING HOURS WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY - LUNCH & DINNER – Bookings Essential tel: - 5525 3895 MONDAY & TUESDAY - Available for group bookings/functions – minimum 10ppl PUBLIC HOLIDAYS – We don’t charge a surcharge, however no BYO allowed “THANK-YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE”

2 GARLIC PRAWNS - Garlic, cream and a touch of African flavours prawns shelled and pan fried26.50 MORROCAN PRAWNS – Prawn’s shelled and pan fried in garlic, cream & 5 blends Of mild curry flavours – traditional27.50 MORETON BAY BUGS & GARLIC PRAWN COMBO – prepared in a fusion of garlic, cream and spices34.90 CALAMARI - Lemon pepper calamari served with tartar sauce18.90 LEMON-BUTTER SOLE – lightly spiced, and oven baked – aprox 600g (whole Sole) 27.50 FLAMED GRILLED SALMON - Prepared in a lemon-butter sauce24.50 GRILLED CAJUN FISH - Spicy grilled perch16.90 GRILLED LEMON-BUTTER FISH - Tender perch in a lemon-butter sauce16.90 THE PELICAN - Lemon butter fish & prawn combo28.50 SEAFOOD SENSATIONS All seafood served with a choice of chips, West African vegetable rice or creamy mash and a free salad CUB’S CORNER – Under 12’s only Served with a complimentary JUICE - Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Mango CHICKEN NUGGETS & CHIPS 8.90 BOEREWORS & CHIPS/PAP – traditional 8.90 CALAMARI & CHIPS 8.90 CRUMBED SCHNITZEL 13.50 LEMON BUTTER FISH served with chips/mash/veggie rice 13.50 SUNNY STEAK – served with chips/mash/veggie rice 15.00 COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO Served with a choice of CHIPS, West African vegetable rice or creamy mash and a free SALAD CHICKEN SALAD – flame grilled chicken breast, served over a garden salad with a delicious Creamy salad dressing 16.90 THE ROOSTER – stands tall – skewer of flame grilled chicken & capsicum marinated & served with a chakalaka dip & a sweet dip - traditional 22.50 CHICKEN PARMAGIANA – Baked and topped with cheese & tomato relish 16.90 CHICKEN CHARLIE – Tender breast topped with garlic cream prawns 25.50 DRUM BEAT CHICKEN – chicken breast topped with bacon & Diane sauce 22.50 SUN’E’SIDE CHICKEN – Tender breast topped with mushroom sauce 16.90

3 RIB FILLET – Rib fillet 300g aged quality beef26.80 EYE FILLET – 250g aged quality beef29.80 RUMP – 300g flame grilled and marinated to perfection19.90 TBONE – 400g tender tbone, makes a Hyena smile! 22.90 BOEREWORS & PAP – 2 Spicy sausages served with pap & chakalaka – traditional16.90 THE RANGER – Take control with top of the range 250g eye fillet, topped with scallops Prepared in a creamy garlic sauce36.80 SUNE’SIDE STEAK – Rib fillet steak topped with prawns and garlic cream sauce34.90 SHIP TO SHORE – Rib fillet and ½ Morton Bay bug, served with a garlic cream sauce 36.90 THE SPOTTED GIRAFFE – stands tall with a 300g skewer of meat, marinated in bay Leaves, Lemon, garlic & mild chilli - traditional 25.90 THE TRACKER – 300g rump topped with bacon & fried egg and chakalaka sauce27.50 PORK SPARE RIBS – You will become a scavenger with this mouth watering dish – Pork USA Ribs - Marinated in a delicious African BBQ sauce500g28.50 or... Double up to 1kg51.50 AFRICAN HOT POT – beef curry, tender spicy and best served with pap or West African Vegetable rice – traditional18.90 VEAL PARMAGIANA – Crumbed veal topped with salsa and mozzarella cheese16.90 SAFARI SCHNITZEL – Take your taste buds on safari and enjoy veal schnitzel. Covered with a creamy mushroom & cheese sauce16.90 FROM THE LION’S DEN All steaks served with a choice of CHIPS, VEGETABLE RICE, PAP (ground corn) OR MASH – and a free SALAD Our beef is 100 day, grain fed and aged for 60 days. Prepared on an open flame Mouth watering sauces – PEPPER, DIANE, MUSHROOM, GARLIC - $4-00 CHAKALAKA - $4.50 TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE – DECADENT DESSERTS ALL DESSERTS are Home made MALVA PUDDING – Apricot sponge pudding served hot with home made custard & ice cream – traditional 8.00 STICKY DATE – served hot with custard and ice cream 8.50 FRUIT PAVLOVA served with cream, passion fruit & ice cream 8.50 See display board for more delicious desserts

4 THE WATERING HOLE BYO $3-00pp, WINE ONLY we are fully licensed WINES from the Southern Hemisphere WHITE WINES bottleGlass Evans & TateChardonnayAustralia 25.006.80 ObikweChardonnaySouth Africa 22.506.00 NederbergSauvignon BlancSouth Africa 26.807.20 Evans & TateSauvignon BlancAustralia 25.006.80 ObikweSauvignon BlancSouth Africa 22.506.00 RED WINES ObikweMerlot, Cab, ShirazSouth Africa 22.506.00 Taylors – Promised LandMerlotAustralia 26.807.20 PenfoldsShirazAustralia 26.807.20 CHAMPAGNE & COCKTAILS Brown Bros. Crouch Riesling 26.80 7.20 House champagne 6.00 Sangria JUG 26.80 7.20 Kahlua/Amarula & milk 7.50 BEERS XXXX Gold, Carlton, Hahns Lite5.00 VB, Blonde, Tooheys – New & dry5.50 Crown Lager7.50 Corona & Heineken8.00 See board for SOUTH AFRICAN IMPORTED BEERS… from $7.50 SPIRITS Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, Gin & Vodka6.00 + Mix1.00 MINERALS Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Soda & Lemon3.00 Lemon Lime & bitters / Fire Engine 3.50 JUICES Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Apple3.00 Fruit cocktail – made with ice cream & fresh fruit7.80 COFFEES & LIQUORS Flat white, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Tea, Green Tea, Rooibos3.50 Dom Pedro, Irish Coffee8.50 Amarula. Frangelico, kahlua liquor, Sambuco,Tequila6.50



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