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Les Champignons! A little fungus with a big impact.

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1 Les Champignons! A little fungus with a big impact.

2 Le Champignon; The mushroom What are they? How have they been used? How did France become a leader in the industry? What role did they play in the shaping of a nation?

3 Video Time! champignons_school#rel-page-1

4 Mycology The study of mushrooms and fungus

5 What are they? Mushrooms are a fungus, some are edible, some are not.

6 Nom Mushrooms eat toxins and get eaten. Fresh soil from squirrel droppings. Fruit of the ground!


8 Mischievous Mushrooms The story Evil spirits bring them about! Witches in my town! Elixir in the middle east The reality Rapid growth is due to natural causes. Infected Rye Alcohol

9 Medicinal

10 Cooking There are 3,000 types of mushrooms in France Hundreds of cookbooks are dedicated to cooking with mushrooms

11 Code Civil Law passed in 1989 to protect cultivation. Mushrooms must be a certain size before being picked so that they have a chance to release their spores Tools of any sort are forbidden with the exception of knives A knife must be used to cut the stipe so as not to damage the mycelia Mushrooms must be carried in a wicker basket to let the spores fall out and help propagation

12 Louis XIV La Cave des Roches Food for Kings Paris caves

13 La Cave des Roche Original mushroom cultivation site! Horsepoop fit for a king.

14 Coming to America Louis F. Lambert U.S. industry booms. Importance of Spawns



17 The dark side of the cap Truffles There are 2 types of truffles. Only the black one is ever cooked.

18 From Gourmet to Underground Currently the going rate for a pound of black truffles is between $1,000- $3,000 While white truffles go for anything between $2,200- $4,300

19 Japanese Cultivation is nearly impossible anywhere but France Japanese try to grow them and soak them in the oil of French truffles to give them fragrance. All white truffles are tested for veracity.

20 Economic effects Housewives made money. Florists doubled income. Restaurants became well known. Baskets makers.

21 Santa!

22 The French Paradox

23 Some Other Famous Shrooms

24 Bibliography! Hudler, George W. Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 2000. Print. "History and Background | Mushroom Info." Fresh Mushrooms - Nature's Hidden Treasure. Web. 06 Dec. 2011.. "Planet Earth." Planet Earth. DISC. DISC. Television.

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