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Poems from the Heart Class 5-326 Ms. Argyros Nature by Nicholas Cancar As the sun reaches over the earth, The sweet dew rises over the grass. As the.

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2 Poems from the Heart Class 5-326 Ms. Argyros

3 Nature by Nicholas Cancar As the sun reaches over the earth, The sweet dew rises over the grass. As the birds wake up, a breeze of wind passes by And wakes everything nearby.

4 Chocolate? Chips? Chocolate Chips? By Angie Chan Why are Chocolate chips Not chips? I know Potato chips And Corn chips Really Exist as A fried Crunchy Crispy Food. So why Do chocolate chips Look like Super small Really small Kisses? Why?

5 Sushi By Kai Qiang Chen Wrapped in a sweet roasted seaweed With a layer of toasted rice With red, crunchy fish eggs Inside the seaweed the raw fish and avocado are compressed Until someone eats it and releases The wonderful taste of sushi! Yum!

6 Rainbows By Venessa Chin Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows They are so beautiful Red as a cherry Orange as an orange Green as grass Blue as the sky Yellow as a lemon Purple as an eggplant All so beautiful In a rainbow Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows So beautiful Just pretty colors.

7 Peace By Andrew Chong Why can’t we have peace? Without it we would all be miserable It’ll make the world a better place No one would get hurt No violence No weapons Just peace.

8 Ice Cream By Aurianna Daniels Ice cream, ice cream We all scream for ice cream Vanilla is my favorite There are so many kinds of ice cream Rainbow sprinkle, baby rattle, chocolate sprinkle, vanilla, banana boat, double mix cone, red merlin, chocolate merlin, milkshake, and many, many more. Vanilla ice cream is soft to eat.

9 Lush Rainforests By Qi Yuan Fang Heavy rain and Abundant wildlife. Monkeys and birds Roaming the canopy. Leopards lurk in the grounds Below waiting for their next meal. Peaceful deer prance Around near the leopard Suddenly the leopard Leaps.

10 Music By Jamie Ko Hearing music all the time Popular people singing Favorite songs Thinking I would be a rock star someday Saying that I’m going to be rich Going to concerts all the time Music, music in my head all the time It won’t get out of my mind.

11 Soda By Edmund Lam The water is brown, sweet as sugar, creating Gas when shaken. Stored in a bottle or can With names like Coke, 7 up, Mist, and Fanta.

12 Sushi By Vivian Lam Sushi sushi sushi Sushi here sushi there I like SUSHI! Sushi may be good for you But not for animals Yum yum yum!

13 The Arctic By Chris Lee The Arctic Just barren and cold. It makes you sore, But most of all It chills you, right to the core.

14 Sushi by Justin Chin Sushi, sushi, how to make sushi just get a seaweed then some rice just add anything anything you like.

15 A Thing in the Sink By Raymond Li There’s a thing in the sink It’s climbing to the brink Hurry up and think It’s starting to stink!

16 Floods By Billy Lin Floods are awful There won’t Be any blood But there are People drowning Screaming for help S.O.S. Save Our Souls

17 Trees By Samantha Mei Some trees are short, Some trees are tall. Some are thin, and some are thick. Some have long lives, some have short lives. Some may become bald at fall! They give oxygen to breathe and paper to write on. and paper to write on. Do you know what they are? They are trees!

18 Bullet Chess By William Moy You approach the board with the pieces in their starting position and the clock set at one minute pieces and pawns flying all over the board always knocking them over and you hastily pick them up queening pawns capturing pieces hunting the king pressing the clock and the next thing that happens TIME’S UP!

19 Insectosaurus by Cheryl Mui There was a hamster 350 feet tall, Who shoots out snot into a ball, It was known to destroy Japan, It was caught with a big net. “Insectosaurus” it was called.

20 A Lazy Poem By Christabelle Ong Moaning and groaning is all this poem does Laying in bed Having no fun Sleeping like a baby Eating lots of food This poem is in a lazy mood.

21 The Ocean is a Mess by Kin Shing Or There is a lobster pincer on a crab!? The great white ate stingrays!? Groupers feed on coral!? Unbelievable! The swordfish ate a whole seal!? While seal ate tiny plankton!? Marlins fed on a whole barracuda!? The ocean is insane! The stingray’s spine is on a lobster!? The killer whale ate a shrimp!? The humpback whale ate a penguin!? The squid has squirted an octopus’s poison!? The octopus has 10 tentacles!? The ratfish ate a gulper eel!? The ocean is a mess!

22 Feeling Good By Jodi Quan I’m feeling good So good today Because I did well At a school play. The play was about A sweet little girl Played by me The name is Pearl I feel so good Because I remembered all the lines But I tripped and fell So now I only feel fine.

23 Shizuka Hio By Yuan Wei Wang Shizuka Hio a Pureblood vampire, Shizuka once had a fiancée Shizuka killed everyone in Zero’s family, Zero’s brother Ichiru has Become Shizuka’s servant, Shizuka has bitten Zero in the neck Now Zero is a vampire.

24 Chess! by Kong Yi Wu It’s a ton of fun Chess chess chess! An awesome game! One important king One powerful queen Two strong rooks Two jumping knights Two mighty bishops And eight promoting pawns For black and white The next thing you know Checkmate!

25 Earth By Max Xiong Save our planet It is the one serviced with a survival guaranteed But pollution is invading the world Conquering the planet The planet is burning more every second Later it will become a ghost town In the whole world Light is fading away Ice is melting Trees are going Survival is endangered Humans will become extinct.

26 Friends Till the End By Tina Zhang Friends, friends, friends. Friends till the end. Because you look out for each other, Treat them like you’re sisters and brothers. You will always be friends till the end. Joking around, Calling each other. Playing games with one another. That is why you’ll always be Friends, Friends! Friends till the end.

27 Seasons By Bonnie Zhong Seasons Seasons come then go Just like The winter snow The blooming flowers The blazing sun And The falling leaves But When one season Goes, another comes

28 Ants By Felix Zhong They’re small and wise But never take a vacation They work to help their community Until they die.

29 1up Mushroom By Harry Zhong 1up mushroom Small and cute Little green mushroom It makes you stronger every time you eat it Small white dots on his cap And small eyes 1up mushroom

30 Kendo By Wendy Zou “STAND UP!” My sensei yelled I stand and I bow Get my shinai Wear my bogu Then I start to fence HAYAAHHH! I yelled With my shinai over my head BAM! And … Owwwwwww!

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