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WELCOME TO AED! Be sure to grab some pizza at the front! Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on events! CofC AED.

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1 WELCOME TO AED! Be sure to grab some pizza at the front! Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on events! CofC AED

2 IMPORTANT INFORMATION  AED Email:   AED Website:   AED Facebook Page:  CofC AED

3 MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS  Full Member:  Complete 45 hours of course work (at CofC, non-transfer or AP)  3.2 Cumulative GPA  3.2 Sciences GPA  One time fee: $115 ($75 National, $40 Local)  Associate Member:  No minimum credit hour or GPA requirement  $40 local chapter fee  Only $75 once you meet the requirements for Full Membership 2 Service events & 2 Social events PER SEMESTER

4 You must submit your applications for ASSOCIATE membership by OCTOBER 15 th Deadline for FULL membership: January 31 st, 2015 Remember, you cannot participate in our awesome meetings, events, and networking without becoming an associate member, at least! All forms can be found on our blog, under applications. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS

5 How to turn in applications and payment to become a member? Turn in all applications and money at our next monthly meeting: MONDAY OCTOBER 6 th at 7PM Room 129 SSMB Or, look for this guy! Travis Hawkins – Treasurer Office Hours: Lobby of the SSMB 1-3 PM Friday September 12 MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS

6 President: Rachel Harper Vice President: Holly Beth Olsen Treasurer: Travis Hawkins Secretary: Selby Gage Media/PR: Raychel Simpson MEET THE OFFICERS Social Chair: Caitlin Purvis Social Chair: Melanie Rubin Service Chair: Kristin Hoecker Service Chair: Alexis Violette


8  Date: Friday Sept 5  Time: 5 PM  Place: SSMB Courtyard  Behind this building!  FREE BBQ, music, and good people!  Counts as a social credit BACK TO SCHOOL COOKOUT

9  Date: Friday Sept 5  Time: 7pm  Place: Meet at the SSMB to walk together  Just come to the cookout and we will walk from there!  Art galleries all around Charleston are open to the public. It’s fun. FIRST FRIDAY ON BROAD

10  Date: Saturday Sept 13  Time: 12 noon  Place: Sullivan’s Island Station 18 and ½  If you need a ride or can drive, sign up at the front after the meeting AED BEACH DAY

11  Date: Friday Sept 26  Time: 6:30 PM  Place: Mellow Mushroom, 309 King Street  Come hang out and eat pizza!  One of our favorite social events MELLOW MUSHROOM NIGHT


13  When: Thursday Sept 4  Time: 6-8 PM  Where: Mitchell Elementary, 2 Perry Street  Only 8 spots available, so sign up at the front following the meeting GREEN HEART VOLUNTEERING

14  When: Tuesday Sept 16  Time: 7 PM  Where: Hope Lodge, 269 Calhoun Street  The Hope Lodge provides housing for cancer patients and their families undergoing treatment  Run by the American Cancer Society HOPE LODGE BINGO NIGHT

15 BAKED GOODS DRIVE  For the volunteers at Roper St. Francis Hospital  Bring a baked good to Alexis’ House by Thursday, Sept 18  30 Pitt Street Apt. C  Make sure to write your name on the item and use a disposable container  Service credit

16 LOWCOUNTRY HEART WALK  When: Saturday Sept 27  Time: 8 AM (9AM for the walk)  Where: We will meet at the Starbucks in the Francis Marion Hotel at 8:15 AM to walk together. The walk starts near the Harbor Walk/aquarium.  Sign up under company name “College of Charleston” and team name “AED” or via

17  Military Night – Wednesday, Sept 17  Will take place in this building - SSMB  Guest speakers to present about the benefits of military scholarships in the professional school application process  Break-out sessions for one-on-one questions with past and current professional school students  Look for an email from AED or Karen with more information coming soon!  Free Practice MCAT, GRE, LSAT, or DAT Test on campus – October 11  Register via:  THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO PRACTICE. You will receive a full score report letting you know where you need the most help with reviewing. OTHER NEWS & EVENTS!

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