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Mario Characters By: Ivan Wiggins.

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1 Mario Characters By: Ivan Wiggins

2 Mario Mario is a character on a video game series. Along with his wonderful and powerful friends. Mario is the main character. He saved princess peach from Bowser and Bowser junior a lot of times.

3 Luigi Luigi is Mario fraternal brother. He is sort of a sidekick to his brother Mario but he still will do anything to save and help people. He is also in a lot of Mario games.

4 Princess Peach Princess Peach is princess of mushroom kingdom. She usually gets caught by Browser and Bowser JR but Mario and Luigi saves her. She also has a servant named Toad.

5 Princess Daisy Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland. She is Princess Peach’s best friend. She is also in A lot of Mario games too.

6 Yoshi Yoshi is a Mario’s pet. Yoshi found Mario and even saved him but when Yoshi eats things he makes a egg and shoots it at opponents.

7 Birdo Birdo Yoshi’s girlfriend is really a boy but thinks she is a girl. He hasn't been in a lot of Mario games but he can suck things in with his nose

8 Toad Toad is Princess Peach’s servant. He wears a shower cap on his head because he represents his kingdom. Even though Toad is little he can still do some cool things

9 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is a big gorilla that is very strong even though on some Mario games he is bad but mostly he is a good gorilla and even has a child named Diddy Kong and is also called DK.

10 Diddy Kong Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong’s son is a little Monkey that is really energetic. Even though he is little he is very strong and smart.

11 Bowser Bowser is a big like dragon. His goals are to kill Mario, marry Princess Peach and to conquer Mushroom kingdom. Some times people call him Browser instead of Bowser but Bowser also has a child named Bowser JR.

12 Waluigi Waluigi is a burglar that will cheat to win. He those all his mischief with Wario. Some people think that Wario is his brother but he is not.

13 Wario Wario is a fat burglar that likes to steal coins. Some people think that Wario is Mario’s brother but he really isn’t he perverse to be upside down Mario because W is a upside down M. He those not like Mario at all because of his betrayal.

14 Super Mario bros. Super Mario bros. is the first Mario game this is the story of how Mario had to save her. The Mushroom Kingdom was the peaceful home of the Toads until the day Bowser and his wicked minions invaded. Using powerful magic Bowser transformed the toads into bricks and Quickly conquered the land and also took princess peach. So that’s why mario came to save her.

15 The powers Mushroom Star

16 The powers part 2 Fire plant ice plant

17 The powers part 3 Mini mushroom Flying hat

18 Enemies Bowser

19 Enemies Bowser Junior

20 That’s all folks This is all but don’t forget the Mario gang. the end

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