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Contents Title page slide:2 Welcome to Croatia slide:3

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2 Contents Title page slide:2 Welcome to Croatia slide:3
Introduction slide:4 Fact File slide:5 Capital City of Croatia slide:6 Landmarks slide:7 Famous People slide:8 Food and Drink slide:9 Flora and Flauna slide:10 Glossary slide:11

3 Welcome to Croatia If you’re like me then you might not know Croatia is a country if you`re not like me you might know about Croatia but you might not know information during this power point you will learn about Croatia And to see if you have learned you will take a quiz. “Good Luck”

4 Introduction Welcome to the wonderful world of Croatia we are going to take you on a special journey around Croatia. You will learn more than you will ever know. Hope you find out a lot about Croatia from our hard work that we had created for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything but don’t worry about anything. Just CHILLAX and ENJOY !!!

5 Croatia fact file Croatia is one of the beautiful Contreras .
Croatia is in Europe . Croatia has an island that looks like a heart next to it . Croatia’s land is most dry because there is lots of sun . The Croatian flag was adopted on December 21st Croatia is a central European and Mediterranean country, bordering Slovenia In the west .

6 Capital City of Croatia
Croatia's Capital City is Zagreb. It is a really lovely holiday destination. It is in north-eastern Croatia. Its quite close to the equator, so it is pretty warm. It is the largest city in the country. The population is 780,000. The biggest concentration is located there and most of the Majors offices are in Zagreb. It is connected to the important traffic junctions. The Zagreb airport is the busiest airport ever. The earliest records are dated back in The tower of Zagreb Cathedral is called Medvedgrad.

7 land marks Enjoy the Croatian landmarks so sit back and enjoy the slide: the fine landmarks in this stunning place has to offer to the costal view of Dubrovnik to plitvice lakes there outstanding work is a treat for the eye so if you ever go to Croatia take a moment to admire the hard work that went into this building. Fun fact: the pula arena dates to 27 bc back in the roman times.

8 Famous People Full name is Goran Simun Ivanisevic...Finished No. 3 in the world junior rankings... Held flag for Croatia in Opening Ceremonies of He helped Children in Need foundation to assist kids in his country.... He won the world cup for Croatia since There was a soccer team during the '97 off-season and was offered a place on the team for a match but declined...

9 Food and Drink There is a very special Countryside called Plešivica, situated in Croatia, a scene of rolling hills with low, misty blue mountains. Here they grow grapes in the vineyard. They harvest the fields. Then squeeze the grape juice out of the grapes by stomping on them. You then add yeast and sugar and mix it together. Leave it to ferment for a few days. The grownups drink alcoholic wine but the children drink non-alcoholic wine AKA grape juice . Pasta is one of the most popular Croatian food. It is called manistra na pome, Pasta With Tomato Sauce . There is also popular sauces eg : creamy mushroom sauce and mince meat sauce .

10 Flora and Fauna In Croatia they got wonderful and weird creatures like the Golden jackal and the whale shark . The most impressive one in my opinion is the whale shark, not just dose it have a lovely blue skin with white spots that camouflage them from predator (even now no creature would dare to go against this gargantuous beast but it is possible.) The whale shark is a strange creature. Not just dose Croatia have critters and creatures they also have plants like the captors. The captors comes in all space and sizes, they come in hot and dry countries but we can have them here, miss B wanted me to say don`t touch it and if you do this is the sound you`ll make AWAWAW!!!! If you don`t you should see the doctor.

11 Glossary Camoflague it is when you cant see the animal because it is the same colour as its habitat. Predator A predator are someone who wants to hunt some thing down. Ceremonies Ceremonies are a time of a year that they have a celebration to celebrate things . Plešivica Plesivica is a very lovely and beautiful countryside to stay at and where you make wine.

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