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Silesian traditions: dance, song, game.

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1 Silesian traditions: dance, song, game.

2 Game" Grzyb" (mushroom)

3 There is no limit for players
There is no limit for players. First, you have to draw a mushroom and divide it in 8 squares numbered from 1 to 8. Two squares - in the middle and at the top - divide again. Player throws a pebble on one square and jumps on one leg or both (on the double squares) from the bottom to the top of mushroom. At the top the player turns around, takes the pebble and jumps back. Then the player throws the pebble on the next square and do the same but the player miss a turn if he or she stamps on the lines of the mushroom or throws the pebble on a wrong square. The winner is the person who finishes all the steps as the first.



6 "Poszła Karolinka do Gogolina"
The song "Poszła Karolinka do Gogolina"

7 It is one of the most recognised songs in Silesian history
It is one of the most recognised songs in Silesian history. According a legend, Karliczek and his girlfriend were real couple and their story started in our neighbourhood. At the beginning of 18. century Fryderyk Karliczek, who was married, saw Karolinka - a maiden, and fell in love with her. It was a love at first sight, but it had to finish very soon. Karolina was shot on her own field by her friend. But the history took a roundabout way and the daughter of Karolina met the son of Karlik and they got married in 1940.

8 There is even a monument of Karolinka and Karlik in Gogolin and Chorzów - the characters of this beautiful song



11 Dance "Trojak"

12 Trojak is a Silesian dance known by everyone in Poland
Trojak is a Silesian dance known by everyone in Poland. It is danced in three - one male dancer and 2 female dancers. Music and dance is divided in 2 parts: the first melody is in 3/4 measure and the second melody is in 2/4 measure. The first is slow and dignified and contrasts with the second which is lively and temperamental. It can be danced by any number of every three dancers. A man stands in the middle and gives hands to the women on both sides. The women put their outer hands on their waist or lift them slightly on one side. At the first part of dance dancers go forward in a straight line or aside in a circle. They lift their foot in front of the other foot. In the second part women run around men or the man goes around one woman with the other woman and vice versa. Both parts are known in several versions and joined in one dance.


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