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Kingdom: Fungi.

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1 Kingdom: Fungi

2 Characteristics of Fungi
Eukaryotes Have cell walls made of chitin Heterotrophic Decomposers (release digestive enzymes into the environment to break down organic matter then absorb nutrients through cell wall) Have two major structures: hyphae and mycelia Release spores

3 Hyphae Tiny threads of cytoplasm surrounded by plasma membrane and covered by a cell wall Hyphae have cell walls made of chitin (not cellulose as in plants) As the fungi grow the hyphae branch forming a tangled mass of filaments called mycelium that is well adapted to absorb nourishment

4 Hyphae

5 Hyphae and Mycelium

6 Mycorrhizae Vast networks of mycelium that extends through soil are called mycorrhizae These hyphae are only a fraction of the diameter of a root so they can penetrate where roots cannot This network and the roots of plants have a mutualistic symbiotic relationship The mycorrhizae absorb sugars, starches, protiens and lipids from the plant roots The plants receive essential nutrients such as water and phosphorus from the fungus

7 Reproduction of Fungi Both sexual and asexual
Asexual by means of spores: small haploid cells are formed by meiosis. Each spore can produce a new organism

8 Asexual reproduction When a piece of hyphae breaks off It can grow into a new fungi

9 Sexual reproduction of Fungus
There are two sexes “+” and “-” Opposite hyphae grow towards each other and fuse to form a diploid zygospore

10 Examples of Fungi Bread mould Mildew Yeast Mushrooms Athletes foot

11 Bread Mould

12 Bread Mold

13 mildew

14 Yeast

15 Athletes foot

16 The Importance of Fungi
Decomposers & recyclers of nutrients Plants live in a symbiotic relationship with fungi – mycorrhizae Fungal spores cause allergies Molds, mildew, rusts, & smuts damage crops Yeasts are used to make beer & bread Produces the antibiotic penicillin Mushrooms eaten as food Help form blue cheeses Aspergillus is used to make soy sauce Cause athlete’s foot & ringworm Amanita is poisonous mushroom Can cause yeast infections

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