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Unit 2 Lesson 1 Mushroom in the Rain.

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1 Unit 2 Lesson 1 Mushroom in the Rain

2 Word Knowledge huddled drenched sniffed flicked
barely hardly loudly suddenly harder closer nearer sat ran ant had

3 Fluency The man sat in the chair.
The rain came down harder and harder. The fox came nearer and sniffed.

4 Building Background Remember what we have learned about rainy days.
What do people do on rainy days? What do you think animals do on rainy days? What are some acts of kindness people might show on a rainy day?

5 Building Background Now lets talk about mushrooms… What are mushrooms? What do they look like? Are they big? Are they small? Where do they grow?

6 Background Information
Genre: Fantasy People, animals, and/or objects are able to do things that they cannot do in the real world. Things happen that could not happen in the real world. Can you think of some other stories fantasy stories you have read?

7 Clues, Problems, Wonderings

8 Clearing A spot in a forest where no trees are growing.

9 Barely Hardly, not quite able.

10 Drenched Soaked; very wet.

11 Huddled Crowded; close together.

12 Flicked Gave a quick, light snap.

13 Comprehension Strategies Good Readers…
Summarize Keep track of what you have read and focus on important details “At the beginning of the story…” “Then…” Monitor and Clarify Slow down and reread to determine the meaning of words and more difficult ideas or passages. “I didn’t understand that. Let me reread for clarity.” “I am confused by that. I need to clarify. Make Predictions Guess what will happen next based on what you have read or heard. “I predict that ___ will happen…” “I think ______ will happen…”

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