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Multiple-choice quiz using Content Generator By Sam Lee.

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1 multiple-choice quiz using Content Generator By Sam Lee

2 Software products available from Penalty Shootout Walk the Plank Interactive Diagram Multi-choice Match-up quiz HoopShoot En Garde Practice Paper Grade or No Grade Fling the Teacher On Target? Hole in One Fire the Teacher Teacher Invaders Half a Min

3 What content generator is about Sells software for money Allows demos of the software but not full copies Shows if they are free or not All have demos but only a certain few are free Giving you options to buy a pack with multiple games and activities Gives you a look at games that will be to come and/or under construction

4 SoftwarePositivesNegative Freeware Free Easily downloadable Many not be as good quality Not good for business use Trial Ware Usually free Small file size Doesn’t last for long Not the full product Single licence Cheaper then site licenceOnly allowed to install on one computer Site License Can be used on a single site or network Software can be on multiple computers Less expensive that buying a software copy for each computer More expensive than buying a single copy Concurrent licensing Software can b installed on more than one machine Only the number of licensed owners can use the product even if it is on more computers Off Shelf Good quality You know what you are getting Expensive as you are buying through a supplier

5 Data file formats Character Used when exporting large amounts of data Exported as a text file Used when exporting from one program to import into another Used in spreadsheets Structure Abbreviated to SDF standing for Structure Data Format Represented by a strict code of multiple chemical structure records Most widely used data file transfer type Transfer of data It’s the most basic type of transfer available Network protocols that are set in place to help copy a file formats from the host user to another Transmission Control Protocolbased network File conversion Changing one file type into another via a file converter File size File size is the space that the file will take up on a hard drive or disk. The file size will change when it is converted to different file formats Quality of Data The degree of excellence shown in a piece of data is the data quality Quality of bandwidth If your internet is slow then your bandwidth is slow but with a fast internet speed you will have a fast bandwidth

6 Quiz

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