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APITI SCHOOL LIBRARY Our Proposal Community Creators.

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1 APITI SCHOOL LIBRARY Our Proposal Community Creators

2 Currently … We feel our library is not very exciting and not very colourful. Because of this people don’t use it so much.

3 Our Vision We would like our library to be a :- Colourful, Inviting, Safe, Vibrant learning area for everyone in our school !!!! We would like our library to be a place :- To read and relax To have group learning and special lessons such as maths, reading, music and dance To have assemblies and meetings To get together with our friends Others in our community can also use

4 We learnt, from visiting other libraries, that … Libraries can be colourful and inviting learning areas. We visited Manchester Street School, Tiritea School and Mount Biggs School libraries. We really liked …

5 The Practical and Colourful Furniture They had the full circle ottoman at both the Manchester Street and Tiritea libraries. They told us it was one of their best buys as it could be used in so many different ways.

6 A section especially for … Super Series (Popular book series) Quick reads (Early chapter books)

7 Picture books in boxes Then they can be browsed easily by readers

8 Information text … In boxes and labelled according to category rather than just using the Dewey classification system. Then you can sit around a box to research when you need to. It also means you can take a box to class to suit what you are learning.

9 Suggestions for our library We understand that we can not paint yet. But we think we can make our library a lot more colourful than the walls! We can have colourful … Furniture Cushions Book Trays Artwork Carpet Labels

10 Our Suggested Plan …

11 What we would like to achieve this… Phase 1 - Surroundings ? Paint the existing couch and recover it ? Paint table already bought from Opportunity shop ? Paint colourful pin boards for displays $1660 Purchase a full circle ottoman $ 432 Purchase a table to be used with ottoman $ 300 Purchase trays to organise picture books and information text $ ? Book shelf for trays of popular reads and series ---------- $2400 (+ GST)

12 What we would like to achieve this… Phase 2 - Books We would like to add more books to our collection … Books that we all want to read !

13 We would love ASSA to financially support our library upgrade! It will make our Apiti library a much more inviting, usable space. Thanks so much, Community Creators

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