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Bag in Box Filling October 2007 ASTEPO - The best partner for bag in box & aseptic technology.

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1 Bag in Box Filling October 2007 ASTEPO - The best partner for bag in box & aseptic technology

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS  ASTEPO  ASTEPO – WHO ARE WE ??  BAG IN BOX  BAG IN BOX – A versatile alternative to the traditional can and packaging  Aseptic filling  Aseptic filling – A significant outlook of Astepo’s capabilities


4 COMPANY MISSION Year of Foundation 1986 We deal with the food industry A middle-sized slim and flexible company specialized in flexible bag-in-box and pouch package filling equipment We deal with all major BIB suppliers and different caps/spouts We fill the following packages: –1-3 lt. bags for the food service, HORECA –3-20 lt. bags for catering –200-1000 lt. bags for industrial use

5 1986 1988 1989 1991 1992 1994 1995 1997 1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 2006 Foundation N° 2 Aseptic fillers sold with FBR Patent of DSR N° 2 Complete Aseptic Plants sold Steam chamber design and replacement of chemical sterilization 1 st Automatic filler and 1 st application with dairy products Take over by BERTUZZI S.p.A. Designing of automatic web/semi-automatic fillers for wine 2” Head design Shuttle 1 st complete carton box line F.D.A. Approval 20 People employed SPAF design Aseptipouch patent together with Elag (CH) and Menshen (Germany). Formal agreement with Simaco (Italy) for the jointed production and commercialisation of ohmic aseptic line First aseptic ohmic line for Saiace – Andros ( France), apple & pear compote, 4 T/H. Five million Euro turn over Certification UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 Leverage buy-out by P.Decio, previous managing director 7.5 Million Euro turn-over History

6 COMPANY MISSION We complete our fillers with up-stream processing equipment: –Plate sterilizers –Tube in tube sterilizers STTH 2000

7 COMPANY MISSION –SSHE pasteurizers

8 COMPANY MISSION –Ohmic (electric) sterilizers Sterilohm 120 Kwh

9 Company Task Flexible company specialized in filling equipment for flexible bags NON ASEPTIC Semi-automatic fillers for liquid products

10 Company Task NON ASEPTIC automatic fillers for liquid products Traditional and Ultraclean


12 Company Task ASEPTIC industrial filler for bulk containers

13 Company Task ASEPTIC industrial filler for small bags

14 Company Task COMPLETE ASEPTIC LINES Multipurpose Line for: Grape and apple juice concentrates Wine kit Ready to drink juices

15 Company Task COMPLETE ASEPTIC LINES Small sized aseptic line for: Ketchup Sauces Prepared foods

16 Fields of activity through the years Nr. of lines

17 Some of the most relevant product references Non-dairy cream and milk Creams and custard Tomato and pizza sauce Clear Grape concentrate (wine kits) Liquid Eggs (with salt and sugar) Fruit toppings Liquid aroma compounds Citrus concentrates and F.S.O.J. Apple and pear compote Yogurt and bakery jam Ethnic sauces Broth Syrups & nectars Sport drinks Flavoured and natural water

18 McDONALD S LIPTON(Unilever)LIPTON(Unilever) Coca- Cola

19 The Reason of the Success of Bag in Box The Versatile Alternative to the Traditional Can and Packaging

20 Bag in Box vs traditional packaging

21  Safety Food & Employees CUSTOMER NEEDS BAG IN BOX  Product QualityAseptic Filling  Shelf Life1 Year plus  Convenience Easy to Use  ValueCompetitive Price  Functionality Multiple dispensing options  Disposability Environmental Bag in Box vs. Cans

22 Bag in Box Package – Shelf-Life Barrier Layer Hybar 35 HF High oxygen barrier Inner Layer ClearShield 20 High oxygen barrier

23 Bag in Box Manual Convenience Dispensing Fitments Taps-Easy, Convenient, sanitary Manual and Automated Dispensing – Taps and Pumps OPTIONS Slash and Serve – Quick and Easy Open/Pour/Reseal – Less waste, maintains freshness

24 Food Service Bag in Box Advantages VERSATILITY One bag, several dispensing options Resealable – Freshness, waste reduction, storage Size flexibilty – Options SAFETY Food safety – Closed systems Employee safety – No sharp edges

25 Food Service Bag in Box Advantages EASE OF USE Opening Closing Dispensing Disposal Simplicity

26 Bag in Box: Freight Efficiencies Less Packaging Material  Lower Cost per Kg to end user of Final Product Packaging Costs  lower cost per Kg

27 Thank you for your attention

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