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Sustaining a private paediatric allied health service in the bush Katrina Wakely OT.

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1 Sustaining a private paediatric allied health service in the bush Katrina Wakely OT

2 Country Kid’s Therapy (CKT) was developed in response to increasing community need Adjunct to existing government and Non Government Organisations (NGO) The need for children to access intervention to optimise developmental outcomes

3 “Typically children in rural areas have reduced access to specialist allied health services compared to metropolitan counterparts” Doherty, 2007, Wakely et al 2010


5 To develop a service that was family friendly (for our family and the client’s families) To provide a paediatric private Allied Health (AH) service to a rural area. To utilise our clinical skills and expertise using a model of intervention that was based on community need not making money

6 Ongoing consultation with existing services to ensure optimal client outcomes No referral criteria To provide a service that was set in a clinic setting, but also with scope to conduct home visits, school visits and hydrotherapy sessions as required.

7 “ Early intervention for a variety of conditions is essential if children are to achieve their developmental potential” (Saigal et al 2006, Hack et al 2002, Hack 2002)

8 Advertising and marketing Business name, ABN, Insurance and professional associations Clinical rooms, hours and contact details – mobile, email and / or fax?

9 Limited therapy appointments therefore parent education and home programs are used Clinic style appointments Holistic family approach with (realistic) goal setting Consultation with current services via phone and email

10 30% of clientele reside outside the rural town. 16% of clients have access to government funding (FaHCSIA, DoCS, Medicare) Recent approval of Better Start Initiative for children with CP, Downs Syndrome, Fragile X and hearing and vision impairments

11 Business plan that is low cost, enabling increased funds for resources and a Therapy Aid Self employment can lead to increased motivation (well, sometimes…) Payment options from a variety of Government and NGO Self employment provides flexibility for working parents

12 Administrative duties ReportsEfficiencyClinic rooms Dual employment

13 Better Start Early Intervention Program Helping Children with Autism 0 – 6 years $12 000 > 6 yrs 4 assessment rebates and 20 therapy rebates $49.50 rebate for up to 5 AH appointments in one year Dr report at first and last appointment Must have condition that requires intervention for > 6 months

14 TAKE HOME MESSAGE CKT is a unique model of care in a rural area that is achievable and sustainable

15 Government subsidies assist families access private services, but this is not enough to meet the early intervention needs of all the children in rural areas

16 Thankyou

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