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Star-Med Executive Leadership Joseph Zuckerman, MD (Chief Medical Officer) Vice President: The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons President Elect:

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2 Star-Med Executive Leadership Joseph Zuckerman, MD (Chief Medical Officer) Vice President: The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons President Elect: The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Chairman Of Orthopaedics: NYU and Hospital for Joint Diseases Author of 10 textbooks, sixty chapters, over 200 articles Chairman of the Council of Education for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. *** Dr. Zuckerman is a founder of Star-Med and is responsible for the development and selection our expert physician panel.

3 Star-Med Executive Leadership Margareta Nordin, PhD, Dr. Sci., (Senior Medical Advisor) Director of the Occupational and Industrial Orthopaedic Center (OIOC) - New York University Past President International Society for Study of the Lumbar Spine Past Chairman, United Nations Medical Board Internationally renowned lecturer, researcher and author in the field of “Return to Work” and Disability/Ergonomics Consultant /Grant Recipient: OSHA ( Federal Government) National Institutes of Health (NIH) Boeing/TWA/SAAB/Con-Edison/UPS NYC Transit Authority Amtrak Labor International Union of North America *** Dr. Nordin and the internationally recognized OIOC team of ergonomic physicians, allied health professionals and researchers support both our physician panel and our clients workplace and litigation “evidence - based” medicine guideline needs.

4 Star-Med Executive Leadership Ira Kirschenbaum, MD (Chief Technology Officer) Founder of Prodigy Medicine Founded MedScape Orthopaedics National Joint Replacement Advisor for WebMD Executive Director of MedScape Orthopaedics Stryker Corporation Information Technology and Healthcare Marketing Consultant National consultant to Fortune 500 Companies on Electronic Medical Strategies *** Dr. Kirshenbaum is a founder of Star-Med and is responsible for the development of Star-Med's patent-pending digital platform, web-based client friendly interface and the digital management of our paperless Electronic Medical Records as well as our DICOM/PACS Radiology Technology (patent pending)

5 Star-Med Executive Leadership Robert McVeigh, DC (Chief Executive Officer) Consultant to National Fortune 500 Companies regarding work related injuries and treatment protocols Consultant to Governmental Agencies regarding Evidence - Based Medicine Guidelines and Medical Evaluation Assessment of Injuries Past Vice President of Allied Health: Onward Healthcare Physician Consultant: New York Rangers Hockey 1990-2003 *** Dr. McVeigh is a founding Member of Star-Med

6 Star-Med Executive Leadership John Cvitkovic, DPT, PA-C, MPH. (Chief Operating Officer) Physician Assistant - Orthopaedics 15 years Physical Therapist Adjunct Professor of Physical Therapy – Mercy College 14 years Detective/Sergeant with NYC Police Department supervised over 200 police officers and detectives Graduate of FBI Academy United Nations Peacekeeper – Bosnian taskforce (1996) *** Dr.Cvitkovic is responsible for the day to day operations of Star-Med. He interfaces on a consistent basis with both our medical panel as well as our clients.

7 The Star-Med Solution EMR Document Management Panel Evidence Based Medicine Efficient Communication Consistent Audit Trail Web-Based Error Reduction Scanning Digital Imaging Remote Access Clients Panel Faculty-Based Invited Vetted Trained University/Hospital Based Training Active Practice Data-Mining Best Practices Star-Med University


9 Star-Med Solutions Rapid Response Procedures (Via Web-Based Client/Star-Med Interface) Document Management Throughout the Process Electronic Medical Records with Audit Trails of Modifications Comprehensive Communication Protocols

10 Star-Med Software Navigation








18 The Panel 1. University/Hospital-Based 2. Faculty- Recommended 3. Practicing Clinicians 4. Star – Med University 5. Research Leaders

19 Products The Panel The core of our business is our top-level expert panel IME’s and Reviews Representing a wide range of standard industry products, our approach to these sets a new standard Nurse Legal Consultants Utilizing licensed NC’s brings a new level to Quality Control Digital Radiology Independent Expert Radiological Reviews - a flagship product. Adds to full review of any case. Case Compilations Imagine having a complete indexed digital book of the case Custom Reports Developed by our renowned Occupational medicine Team Digital Document Management The overflow of documents is managed by our state-of-the-art Web-enabled document system

20 Star-Med System Clinical Departments Satellite Site Radiology Department Star-Med Work from anywhere without sacrificing performance Connect with multiple modalities Link multiple sites Communicate with colleagues Integrate with information systems Client Site Radiologists Main Hospital Site

21 Benefits of Star-Med National Second Opinion Radiology Reviews Extremely Powerful Cost Containment Tool Estimated savings regarding identification of over diagnoses are in the 100's of millions of dollars / year. Prevents MRI reports (that are over-diagnosed) from directing / influencing outcomes of case payouts and disability - dollars spent. Even identification of just one MRI that was over diagnosed can save 100's of thousands of dollars. Assists in decreasing reserve allocations. Pro-worker/employee - gets the best diagnoses and helps guide proper treatment and rapid return to work for the employer and employee. Extremely cost effective - the program virtually pays for itself. Additional tool to assist your medical and claims management team Guides proper care, appropriate length of disability Pro-worker gets the best medical opinions for the injured worker Assists in saving indemnity and medical dollars

22 Benefits of Star-Med National Second Opinion Radiology Reviews Benefits and Features Internationally recognized NYU Radiology paradigms and selected radiologists. Digital transfer IT platform benefits clients. Assists in the identification of estimated 33% over-diagnosed / misread initial MRI studies. Provides objective true expert forensic diagnoses by sub-specialized Board-Certified Neuroradiologists and Musculoskeletal radiologists. Identifies improper disability issues and helps to identify unneeded surgery/treatment. Assists in controlling appropriate spending of dollars in Worker's Comp and liability. Assists in decreasing disability days lost for the injured worker. Enables our clients to understand what MRI findings are not causally related to injury. Supports delivery of outcome data regarding cost savings of the Second Opinion radiology reviews.

23 Advantages of IME Radiology Evaluation of “Trauma” claims Most radiologists use words like bulge and herniation too loosely. Precise definitions are not employed. Use of the correct term is important in diagnosis. Most patients (>50%) have degenerative changes in the spine and joints resulting in an almost guaranteed positive scan. The key is to determine the relative acuity (if possible) of those findings. Patients with workman’s comp, no fault, etc. are often sent to low-end providers with poor equipment and non-specialty trained radiologists. Such patients are often referred to sites who may “over-diagnose”. Other IME physicians tend to use the original radiology reports as part of their analysis. If the original report said “disc herniation” they don’t question that fact.

24 Star-Med Radiology Experts

25 The Technology Information Flow Chart Star-Med Style The paperwork from the case and the package of x-rays and MRI/CT scans comes to Star-Med. The paper documents get organized, scanned and placed in digital booklets, organized by sections for all consultants and for the client to review. Radiological studies are scanned by our x-ray digitizing system and placed on our Remote PACS system to transfer to our Radiologists panel for review. The patient's entire case is loaded on the server. The series of IME's, peer-reviews, and radiological reviews are scheduled. Our panel and client have simultaneous and 24/7 access to the document management system to prepare the IME. The IME/Peer-review/Radiological review is performed and attached to the digital chart. The entire case is now complete, digitized, viewable, and electronically transferable. Case Compilation CD/DVD for Client Use.

26 Star-Med Architecture Client The radiologist can log on at any Internet Connection. Their hanging protocols and user preferences following them, wherever they log in, independent of the workstation location or type. Star-Med Server

27 Radiology Process

28 Radiologist Note: This finding is a chronic herniated disk that is not causally related to this injury. See detailed report for further details

29 Radiology Process

30 Star-Med Radiology Savings (Authorization and Retrieval Process) ATTORNEY DOCTOR $225.00 PER BODY PART $25.00 PER BODY PART ATTORNEY DOCTOR ALL ONLINE! OLD WAY THE STARMED WAY

31 Star-Med Radiology Savings 225.00 for each film series to get a copy from facility to the client/attorney 30 dollars to FedEx to doctor and back All films from 2004 to current can be put on a CD and sent for 25.00 For each radiology review save 255.00 For every 100 radiology reviews save 25K every 1000 or 250K

32 Easy Steps for Star-Med Radiology Request Options Step 1 Client can request films from an MRI facility and instructs the facility to forward them to Star-Med. Step 2 Client authorizes Star-Med to retrieve MRI films on their behalf. Step 3 When client is requesting the initial radiology report from the MRI facility or when receives the initial report – the client can automatically request the actual films/CD to be sent directly to Star-Med. Step 4 Star-Med scans films and stores them on our secure server for later retrieval by the client for 2 nd Opinion Radiology Review.

33 How and when to get films to Star-Med 1. When an MRI is authorized by your staff through a primary radiology vendor (i.e. One-Call ) or a private MRI facility. Direct the facility/vendor at that time to forward initial report and films/CD to Star-Med (you have a right to receive a copy of the film or CD free of charge when the study is initially done). Notify Star-Med that a film for a claimant has been requested so we can expect it in 5-7 days and notify you if not received in that time frame. All studies (films) will be stored on the Star-Med radiology Servers. When and if you need to have a 2nd Opinion review, the films are already scanned into our server and your staff can just make a request online. 2. Your staff; nurses and case managers can retrieve the films and simply forward to Star-Med. There may be a fee associated and a delay in getting films. 3. Star-Med can retrieve the films for you. Need an agency letter on file, authorization for release of records and payment to MRI facility for copying.

34 Star-Med 444 S. Fulton Avenue Mt. Vernon, NY 10553 TEL (914) 961-4600 FAX (914) 961-4606

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