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US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG ® Flood Risk Management & the “Silver Jackets” Program Florida Silver Jackets Kick-off Session Wednesday, November.

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1 US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG ® Flood Risk Management & the “Silver Jackets” Program Florida Silver Jackets Kick-off Session Wednesday, November 3rd 2010, 1-4pm Kelley Training Room, 3rd floor, 2555 Shumard Oak Blvd., Tallahassee, Florida

2 BUILDING STRONG ® Developing programs & activities that contribute to managing flood risk Manage flood risk in a “Life Cycle” watershed framework that integrates: Emergency Management Dam & Levee Safety Planning Operations (Res Ops, vegetation on levees, etc.) Coordinate Flood Risk Management Policies, Programs & Activities with Federal, State, Local partners The Problem: Effectively Managing Flood Risk Management 2

3 BUILDING STRONG ® Solution: Silver Jackets Program 3

4 BUILDING STRONG ® Silver Jackets  What is the Silver Jackets Program? ► An innovative program that provides an opportunity to consistently bring together multiple Federal, State and sometimes local agencies to learn from one another and apply that knowledge to reduce risk. ► Provides a formal and consistent strategy for an interagency approach to planning and implementing measures to reduce the risks associated with flooding and other natural hazards. ► It is a partnership of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and state agencies. ► Silver Jacket programs are developed at the state level with support from the Corps, FEMA and other Federal agencies. 4

5 BUILDING STRONG ® Traditionally, different agencies wear different colored jackets when responding to emergencies. For example, FEMA personnel wear blue and Corps personnel wear red. The name Silver Jackets is used to underscore the common mission of the diverse agencies involved; figuratively wearing silver jackets, indicating a commonality of purpose. 5 Why the name Silver Jackets?

6 BUILDING STRONG ® Program's Primary Goals:  Create or supplement a mechanism to collaboratively address risk management issues, prioritize those issues, and implement solutions  Increase and improve risk communication through a unified interagency effort  Leverage information and resources, including providing access to such national programs as: ► FEMA's Map Modernization program ► RiskMAP programs ► USACE's Levee Inventory and Assessment Initiative  Provide focused, coordinated hazard mitigation assistance in implementing high- priority actions such as those identified by state mitigation plans  Identify gaps among the various agency programs and/or barriers to implementation, such as: ► conflicting agency policies ► or authorities,  Provide recommendations for addressing these issues. 6

7 BUILDING STRONG ® Program Objectives  Establish continuous, collaborative State level partnerships to implement Flood Risk Management solutions  Facilitate state level life-cycle planning to reduce flood risks  Leverage resources and information; learn about other programs and how to combine effectively and improve processes, identifying and resolving gaps and counteractive programs  Improve flood risk communications & outreach to states and communities; unified interagency messages  Establish close relationships to facilitate integrated post-disaster recovery solutions 7

8 BUILDING STRONG ® Program's Desired Outcomes:  Reduced flood risk  Agencies better understand and leverage each other's programs  Collaboration between various agencies, coordinated programs, cohesive solutions  Multi-agency technical resource for state and local agencies  Mechanism for establishing relationships to facilitate integrated solutions post-disaster 8

9 BUILDING STRONG ® Program Implementation  Silver Jackets framework is used to implement state level partnerships  Initially focus on states with “opportunities” for collaboration  Long term objective is to have teams operating in each state 9

10 BUILDING STRONG ® Teams are developed at the state level with the support of the Federal partners At a minimum, each state team includes a representative from: Federal Emergency Management Agency/DHS U.S. Army Corps of Engineers State hazard mitigation officer State National Flood Insurance Program coordinator Adjunct team members could include representatives from other interested Federal agencies. Include representatives from Native American tribes/nations as either adjunct or standing members Developing a Silver Jackets Team 10

11 BUILDING STRONG ® The charter is a tool that provides a clear description of the team and its purpose Identifies the authority and resources to accomplish the purpose of the team Clarifies team expectations, keeping the team focused and aligned with organizational priorities. Is non-binding Why Develop a Silver Jackets Team Charter? 11

12 BUILDING STRONG ® Silver Jackets State Team Formation 12

13 BUILDING STRONG ® State Corps Silver Jackets POC PhoneEmail ALABAMAVongmony Var251-694-3866 FLORIDADave Apple904-232-1757 GEORGIAJeff Morris912-652-5008 KENTUCKYRoger Setters502-315-6891 MISSISSIPPI Katy Breaux NORTH CAROLINA Jason Glazener 910-251-4910 SOUTH CAROLINA Sara Brown843-329-8150 TENNESSEEDave Bishop615-736-7856 Corps Silver Jackets Reps – FEMA Region IV 13

14 BUILDING STRONG ® Q1: How often do SJ Teams meet? A1: Team decides; monthly is ideal Q2: What do meeting agendas consist of? A2: Team decides; generally, topics include items such as data sharing, and problem solving in specific high risk basins within the state Q3: What is the value added, why not just use our existing mitigation meeting as the appropriate forum? A3: Because a key element or tenet of FRM is to coordinate across all disciplines within the organization… not simply mitigation/planners, but responders, etc… FAQs: 14

15 BUILDING STRONG ® Why Form a Silver Jacket Team Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Reduce Flood Risk to the Nation, through better coordination and collaboration across Programs within the Corps, and with other Federal, State, and Local Agencies. 15

16 BUILDING STRONG ® Questions? Flood Risk Management/Silver Jackets Russ Rote, P.E., PMP, CFM Planning and Policy Division South Atlantic Division US Army Corps of Engineers 60 Forsyth Street, SW Room 9M4 Atlanta, GA 30303-8801 V: 404-562-5103 F: 404-562-5218 email: 16 Dave Apple, P.E. Watershed Planning Section Jacksonville District US Army Corps of Engineers 701 San Marco Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207 V: 904-232-1757 F: 904-232-3976 email: il

17 Silver Jackets Kick-off Attendance

18 NWS Inundation Mapping Website Graphical representation of flood inundation for flood stages based on steady state hydraulic modeling of water surface elevations for incremented discharges for selection locations across the nation NO LOCATIONS WITHIN FLA!


20 20

21 Statewide GIS Coordination

22 FGDC Grant October 2007 – April 2008 3 regional user conferences 520+ stakeholders engaged, online survey, interviews 3 regional workshops 150+ participants History

23 Establish a formal framework for successful GIS coordination –Create Geospatial Programs Office headed by a GIS Coordinator –Create a Geographic Information Council –Empower Technical Advisory Committees Programmatic Goals

24 2010 Strategic Plan recommends… –short-listed GIS as a potential enterprise information technology and recommended making GIS an enterprise service – allocating two additional resources – creating in statute a Geographic Information Office within AEIT, and the formation of a Geographic Information Council. State CIO Office

25 Agency for Enterprise Information Technology Strategic Plan – –Results of state agency survey in Addendum A –Report from GIS Workgroup in Addendum B GIS Use Survey – Coordination-Survey Coordination-Survey Statewide GIS Coordination

26 SHRUG –Statewide GIS Coordination update at lunch on 2 nd day. –Panel discussion on statewide GIS coordination following for the 1:30 PM session (working on conference call and GoToWebinar for this panel). Statewide GIS Coordination

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