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Certification Update Spring 2014. Certification Agenda Upcoming Certification Rule Work Verification Lawful Presence GACE & MyPSC Technology Update Stats.

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1 Certification Update Spring 2014

2 Certification Agenda Upcoming Certification Rule Work Verification Lawful Presence GACE & MyPSC Technology Update Stats Questions

3 Certification Division Evaluators - 15 Staff Positions Scanners/Clerical - 1 Staff and 1 Temporary position Certification Outreach – 2 Staff positions RT3 – 1 Staff Position DECAL / PDR Department – 8 Staff Positions David Hill, Director of Educator Preparation and Certification Kelli Young, Assistant Division Director for Certification Windy Fortenberry, Certification Program Director Sheila Dodson, Certification Supervisor Rose Wilson, Certification Supervisor Kevin Bradley, Certification Administrative Specialist Jeff Jones, Certification Outreach & Training Program Director

4 Certification Rule Work Annual Performance Evaluation Rule – New Clearance Rule – Revise Tiered Certification Rules – New Adjunct Rule – Revise CTAE Rules – Revise Educational Leadership - Revise

5 Certification Rule Work NEW ANNUAL PERFORMANCE EVALUATION RULE Defines process for reporting unsatisfactory, ineffective, and needs development evaluations Defines process for reporting remediation Defines effect of two or more unsatisfactory, ineffective, and needs development evaluations in five year period on certification eligibility, issuance and renewal

6 Certification Rule Work REVISE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE RULE Eliminate for public school certified employees Only require for charter, waiver, and IE2 school employees who are not required to hold a certificate Law must be changed first before rule can be revised

7 Certification Rule Work NEW TIERED CERTIFICATION RULES Will result in a major number of rule changes Rule changes will be minor; mostly changing of wording GaPSC will stop issuing certificates until requested by employer; will issue certificates of eligibility instead Will initiate new rules February, 2014

8 Certification Rule Work REVISE ADJUNCT LICENSE RULE CTAE fields Dance Drama Effective 1/15/14

9 Certification Rule Work REVISE EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP RULE New Alternative Route added HB 455/923 Language added Simplify current language

10 Certification Rule Work REVISE CTAE RULES New CTAE fields based on Federal guidelines Revision of Trade/Industrial and HSTE rules Timeline and implementation forthcoming

11 Certification Rule Work JROTC Certification Revisions GaTAPP path available for Clear Renewable certification May maintain Permit or opt to complete GaTAPP JROTC Permit changes to TS field once Clear Renewable Revised rule was effective October 15, 2013

12 Lawful Presence Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 50-36-1) requires all federal, state or local government agencies offering a public benefit to verify applicants for such benefit are lawfully present within the United States.

13 Verification of Lawful Presence Beginning 11/25/13, ALL certification application cases must include the following: - Verification of Lawful Presence Form - Completed, signed and notarized Affidavit - A copy of a secure and verifiable document for identification purposes All individuals issued a certificate on or after 7/1/13, including those processed via ACRES and CLAIMS, will be required to submit the above documents to comply with the law. All individuals with certification cases currently on hold will receive a revised correspondence requesting submission of the required lawful presence documentation in addition to previously requested documents.

14 Verification of Lawful Presence Reference Cert Training Library on.ORG account VLP Guidance Document published December 2013

15 MyPSC Update MyPSC account required for GACE testing with ETS Once registered on MyPSC must select reason for testing Once approved to test on MyPSC can then register to take test on ETS website at

16 GACE Update IMPORTANT! After 8/17/13, test-out option for adding ECE certification discontinued. SPED academic concentrations P-5 may still be added to SPED certificate with ECE test.

17 GACE Update IMPORTANT! Educational Leadership and Professional Pedagogy tests still offered with Evaluation Systems (ES) through Spring, 2014 Eligibility to test not required for Educational Leadership, Professional Pedagogy and Paraprofessional assessments

18 GACE Update IMPORTANT! Always use LEGAL NAME when: Registering for MyPSC & GACE Applying for Certification

19 Electronic Forms Revised CERT Portal on.ORG Recommendation Form Employer Assurance Form Experience Verification Form

20 Technology Update ACRES Non-Functional - Use Expresslane ACRES Renewal - Renewal is still “automatic” once checked-in by GaPSC staff

21 Technology Update Document View Available - - MyPSC

22 Technology Update Coming Soon! GaPSC Online Application Target Date: Winter, 2014

23 Certification Stats YearCallsEmail 2009109,0337,925 2010101,01223,055 201178,45256,547 201281,267128,510 201393,141139,788

24 Certification Stats

25 Educational Interpreter License - Over 250 EI licenses issued since 7/1/13 - EI Information @ Cert Training Library

26 Spring Cert Training and Outreach February – April 2014: Regional training at LUAs around the state: Liberty County, Cherokee County, Coastal Plains RESA, Houston County, Rockdale County, Washington County and in Atlanta at GaPSC offices Customized Training Also Available Email to request

27 GAPSC.ORG ACCOUNT REQUESTS For CERT transactions: Expresslane, ACRES, CLAIMS, electronic forms, and technical assistance: For HiQ accounts or HiQ technical assistance:

28 CERTIFICATION CONTACT INFORMATION HUMAN RESOURCES ONLY HR HOTLINE: 800-390-6698 for System HR staff ONLY! Open M-F from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Not to be given to teachers and general public) HR EMAIL: for System HR staff ONLY! (Not to be given to teachers and general public)

29 CERTIFICATION CONTACT INFORMATION GENERAL PUBLIC MAIN NUMBER: 404-232-2500 or 800-869-7775 Press # 1 for Certification, then Press # 1 a second time for an Evaluator Call Center Open M, W, and F, 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, excluding state holidays GENERAL PUBLIC EMAIL: Always include Cert ID number in email rather than SSN. UPGRADE EMAIL: MyPSC AVAILABLE 24/7 at


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