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Conducting a Simultaneous Face-To- Face and Online Presentation by Example of the Popular STEM Talks GPC FDD, October 5, 2010 Ulrike Lahaise Science, GPC.

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1 Conducting a Simultaneous Face-To- Face and Online Presentation by Example of the Popular STEM Talks GPC FDD, October 5, 2010 Ulrike Lahaise Science, GPC Online Photograph by APOD

2 Outline Original purpose and history New Version Synchronous distance delivery methods – GSAMS or Wimba? Wimba online meeting environment Archive of talks Popular STEM Talks in Fall 2010

3 Original Purpose Version 1.0 (Popular Science Talks) – To raise interest in science with GPC science faculty talks about current/hot button issues or topics they’re excited about and don’t get to in class – Audience needs no science background – For GPC students/faculty/staff from all campuses – Students experience teachers in different context – Free resource for students’ co-curricular learning Speakers are free, get credit on performance evaluation – Chance for adjunct faculty to be more involved with GPC

4 Original History Popular Science Talks started in Fall 2002 sponsored by Decatur Campus Science Club – Organizer was club’s co-advisor Held only on Decatur Campus Extra credit for attendance Most attendees from Decatur and Clarkston Campuses Attendance varied from less than 10 to more than 30 depending on circumstances Between 4 to 6 talks per semester No audio/video records of talks

5 Original History cont. High student turnover at GPC yields fresh audiences A lot of recurring GPC faculty with same or new topics (many thanks!!!) – From Phys/Astr: Bill Lahaise, Fred Buls, myself – From Biology: Diane LaCole, Mark Hollier – Others: Maher Atteya (Chem), Roy Nixon (Geol), Derwin Daniels (Fire Management) Speakers from other areas: math, nursing, philosophy, fine arts, instructional technology, OIT Occasional external speakers: CDC’s, GBI, etc. – Usually adjunct faculty, or suggested by GPC colleagues

6 Selection of Previous Talks “Smog and Lung Cancer” “The Fallacy of Creationism” “Coffee with a Conscience” “Star Trek is Here at NASA!” “Fire Safety and Prevention” “Impact of Diabetes on Health Care Economics and Insurance” “The CSI-Effect on DNA Analysis” “Artificial Intelligence, The Matrix, Computers and You” “The Demotion of Pluto” “Internet Crimes Against Children” “Science, Near-Death Experiences, and Associated Phenomena” “The Super-Duper Nova” “Sex…Why does it feel so good and hurt so bad?” “Science and Theater” “AIDS/HIV” “Math Anxiety” “Global Warming”

7 New Version Impetus for re-invention – Organizer transferred from Decatur Campus to GPC Online (Fall 2009) Talk series folded into GPC’s STEM Initiative Expansion of topics to all STEM fields Expansion of locations where talks are given and attended from Audio/Video records of talks accessible to those who cannot attend live talk

8 Synchronous Distance Delivery Methods GSAMS – Connecting rooms on different campuses – Each room sees and hears all other rooms on TV screens – Speaker uses microphone, camera on speaker with power point in background Wimba – Online conferencing application – Speaker uses microphone, speaker and power point in separate windows – Anyone with internet can join from anywhere – Includes chat, voice, video, polling

9 GSAMS Issues GSAMS capable rooms must be available on several campuses at the same time – Making arrangements is complicated and time consuming, a lot of lead time needed Standing GSAMS rooms are too small to accommodate speaker with ftf audience Mobile GSAMS units in regular classrooms have more technical difficulties Difficulties with taking attendance at remote locations and receiving those records

10 Recording/GSAMS Issue Need for recording and archiving talks – Members of online community have widely varying schedules – Only small fraction can join live talk GSAMS disadvantages: – Video recording must be arranged separately – Conversion to format able to be streamed via internet must be arranged separately – Too many people’s schedules to deal with – Too much turn around time to set up room, technology, recording, video file conversion

11 Wimba Online Meeting Environment One time set up of Wimba room – Reusable for all talks Wimba session recorded with click of button – No separate arrangements required Archived Wimba sessions replay live sessions – Individual parts are accessible as time segments Wimba provides archived sessions in mp3 and mp4 format – Downloadable for podcast

12 Wimba Online Meeting Environment cont. Wimba room requested from Scott Sarisky (Wimba, iCollege, etc. administrator) How to get started with Wimba: Wimba training: olicies.html olicies.html Training handouts: meetingpdf/wimba_classroom_nonwebct.pdf meetingpdf/wimba_classroom_nonwebct.pdf

13 Wimba Room: Popular STEM Talks Wimba room name: Popular STEM Talks Room login for participants: Room login for presenter:;pres enter=1;pres enter=1 Login 15 min before session and run Wimba Set Up Wizard – Checks and installs all necessary applications – May need headphones with microphone

14 Wimba Room: Presenter Screen

15 Wimba Room: Content Controls Top: can start and stop archiving of session Presentation displayed in eBoard: allows annotations Select from imported power point files (drop down arrow), import button on very right

16 Wimba Room: Audio Controls Quality of presenter’s internet connection Talk button, presenter can lock it so it is always on, otherwise hold while talk Indicators of speaker and microphone signal Webcam switch Call-in phone number and pin number

17 Wimba Room: Participant Status Status indicators: changed by participants with buttons on lower left Presenter’s controls for participants’ video, audio, chat, and co-presenters Yes No Raise hand How you feel right now Room pulse, see next slide

18 Wimba Room: Room Pulse I’m the only person in the room: I agree, raise my hand, and I’m confused! And I have a lousy connection, maybe that’s why I’m confused…

19 Wimba: PPT Display on “eboard”

20 Wimba Room: Archive Play whole presentation with “Archive Start” Or click on individual time markers Presence in archive is recorded

21 Popular STEM Talks Fall 2010 SpeakerTitleDateTimeRoom Dion StewartThe Science of Natural and Synthetic Diamonds 10/41:30 pmCN-2240 Michael SeiglePolitical Polling: Advantages and Uses in the Georgia 2010 Elections 10/111:30 pmCN-2240 Steve Fitzpatrick Modeling Wildfires10/221:30 pmCC-1220 Fred BulsNewest Images from the Far Side of the Moon TBA David SuddothWe Use Math Everyday But Don’t Know It! TBA login for participants:

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