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Computer Programs Development Advisory Committee Weds. March 7 2012 6:00-7:30 PM JSH 248.

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1 Computer Programs Development Advisory Committee Weds. March 7 2012 6:00-7:30 PM JSH 248

2 Student Web Development Presentations Class of Winter 2012 Reuben Rova Travis Clinton Angela Stapleton

3 CTEC/DNET goals for 2011-12 Foster Industry Partnerships Identify and Develop New Opportunities – New Google & WordPress Classes Work towards an active and growing enrollment – More online offerings


5 Required Classes for Required Health Informatics

6 Prerequisite classes for Required Health Informatics Classes

7 CTEC 185 Database Web Technologies Course Description: Fundamentals of databases for web development. Students learn foundational skills in database design and implementation as it pertains to the development and support of websites. Topics include syntax and semantics of database query languages, role of SQL in web development, and integration of PHP with an SQL database Prerequisite A grade of "C" or better in CTEC 121, 122 and 127 Concurrent enrollment in CTEC 227 highly recommended Will be offered in Spring 2013

8 Courses Associated with CTEC 185 Database Web Technologies

9 What is your Feedback on Responding to or Expanding on Database opportunities Health Informatics Revisiting the SSD

10 Exploration of Agile for CTEC Curriculum Development

11 Software Solution Development RIP?





16 Carl Perkins Grant Research & Development Web Practitioner & Developer New Parent Program Needed for Web Development Degree Update or Replacement to Web Design and Development degree – Review of combined design/development skill set – Identification of new student opportunities New Certificate Options

17 Web Practitioner & Developer Looking at New Opportunities Web content creation Web-marketing Content strategy Web analytics Search engine optimization Application Programming Interface (API ) ???

18 Web Practitioner & Developer Opportunities for Collaboration Business Administration Business Technology Communications Studies Computer Science and Engineering English Journalism Management

19 Web Practitioner & Developer Considering WordPress as Foundation Communications and Content Programming and Coding Design and User Experience (UX)

20 Web Practitioner & Developer Why WordPress? 25% of all web domains running WordPress As of Dec 2011 WordPress is on 69 million sites worldwide Estimated $30M in WordPress projects in 2012 WordPress has its own economy and ecosystem

21 Web Practitioner & Developer Why WordPress? WordPress offers job opportunities for: – Web Publishing, Media, Communications – Web Design – Open Source Programming – Code Development Offers a wide opportunities for technical and non-technical practitioners

22 300 Hours for Faculty and Adjunct Investigation and Development Research on job viability Curricular development opportunity Program currency development – Update of HTML5, CSS3, new JavaScript Practices – Defining coding skill set for designers – Researching code opportunities for programmers/developers – Content and support curriculum opportunities

23 Who is Going to Help Us You are. – Adjunct faculty members Mark Smith Kristl Plinz Robert Wallace Arlo Petersen Jason Timm Matt Bepler Don Elliott James Rea Patrick Curtain Maya Muller

24 CTEC 280 Introduction to WordPress WDD AAT Students Completing Program Professionals enhancing their skill set General Public for web publishing skills Strong support from Clark College Community

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