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Transition to Teaching Faye Barnes, PhD Focus Grant Recruiter

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1 Transition to Teaching Faye Barnes, PhD Focus Grant Recruiter

2 Agenda for this session Teacher Supply and Demand Sources of New Teachers Teacher Shortage Transition to Teaching GATAPP How to Find a Job FOCUS Grant

3 Why Teach in Georgia? It’s not the money Quality of experiences with students, parents, colleagues, and administrators Real payoffs for teachers are “light bulb moments” motivated by helping children Teaching is a “calling”

4 Why Teach in Georgia? 190 Day work year Job security and mobility Salary State Base - $31,586 plus local with 4 yr. degree, non-renewable certificate Benefits – State Health Benefit Plan Retirement – 2% per year of average of 2 highest paid years, 30 years or age 60 Professional Learning

5 Georgia Teacher Salary Schedule

6 Supply and Demand Is there a sufficient supply of highly qualified teachers to staff all of the teaching positions in Georgia? Georgia? NO!

7 Teacher Workforce *119,018 of the FY2008 Total Educator Workforce are classroom teachers.

8 Teacher Workforce New Teachers hired by GA schools For 2008-2009 school year. 14,508 [Due to growing enrollment or to replace those leaving the teacher workforce]

9 Supply and Demand

10 Sources of New Teachers 2007-2008

11 Teacher Shortage REALITY Subject area shortages Regional shortages Demographic shortages Growing student population

12 Teacher Shortage Critical Shortage Fields Math Science Special Education ESOL *Non-traditional teacher candidates are more likely to be hired in critical shortage fields.

13 Recruitment Challenges Rural south Georgia does not attract a large pool of applicants Limited housing options Limited entertainment Limited shopping Retention rate is low

14 Choosing a Teaching Field What age group and subject do you want to teach? Elementary – Early Childhood PK-5 Middle Grades - math, science, English, social studies, or reading High School - math, science, English, social studies Is your college major related to a teaching field?

15 Transition to Teaching Minimum Eligibility Requirements Bachelor’s degree or higher from accredited college Passing score on the GACE Basic Skills Assessment OR exemption through SAT, GRE scores or Master’s degree Major in teaching field or passing score on GACE content assessment (except special education) Employment by school system Satisfactory Criminal Background Check

16 Transition to Teaching GACE Basic Skills – Pass all 3 parts reading,writing, math (GACE code 200, 201, 202) Basic Skills Exemptions Hold a Master’s degree or 1000 or better on SAT or 1030 or better on GRE or 43 on ACT

17 Transition to Teaching Minimum Eligibility for Special Education Have a passing score on the GACE Basic Skills Assessment; a GACE content assessment is not required when hired but before getting a clear renewable certificate. Have the credentials to be Highly Qualified; Co-teachers are HiQ if the regular education teacher is HiQ. Self-contained teachers of records must pass Special Education Academic Content for grades PK-8 and a subject content for grades 9-12.

18 Transition to Teaching


20 Teacher Certification Traditional Teacher Preparation Programs Colleges/Universities Non-Traditional Programs GATAPP - Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy College/University non-traditional program

21 Teacher Certification Non-Traditional Programs GATAPP – One year program, leads to clear renewable, cost is $3500 College/University non-traditional program – Two year program, leads to clear renewable and Master’s degree, cost varies. College/University non-traditional program, certification only.

22 GATAPP All routes are collapsed under one prep rule – 505- 3-.05 Clarify & make sense of alternative/non-traditional certification for aspiring educators Clearly delineate the distinction between traditional/non-traditional preparation Offer to aspiring educators similar preparation opportunities across the state Aim is to simplify, create consistency, & to provide better prep & support for non-traditional candidates

23 GATAPP New Name – GA Teacher Academy for Prep & Pedagogy (GaTAPP) New Structure – umbrella for all non-traditional routes to certification Full GATAPP Comprehensive Path Advanced Degree Path Adjunct Teacher Path (License only) Core Academic Prep Path Clinical Practice Path One Year Supervised Practicum

24 GATAPP New Organization Non-Traditional Flexible timeframe for completion Job-embedded with coaching Non-Credit/Non-Degree Individualized around identified candidate needs


26 GATAPP – Quick Facts Over 3500 GATAPP teachers in Georgia hold Clear Renewable certificates. The attrition rates for traditionally and non- traditionally prepared teachers are the same. Non-traditional programs with strong mentoring and supervision have over 90% retention rates. 25 PSC Approved Providers blanket the entire state of Georgia.


28 GATAPP – Requirements for all Paths Candidates: Are assigned a Candidate Support Team (CST) consisting for a school-based administrator and mentor/coach, a supervisor from the provider, and a content specialist; May complete the path in a minimum of one year and must complete the program in three years; Have an Individual Induction Plan (IIP) determined by the CST and Candidate Meet 24 competencies required for Clear Renewable Certification as assessed by the CST;

29 GATAPP – Requirements for all Paths Candidates: Demonstrate the required dispositions Have a passing score on the appropriate GACE Assessments; Have the credentials to be Highly Qualified; Employment with school system Pass a Criminal Background check Complete the Georgia Special Requirements

30 GATAPP - Comprehensive Required Essentials of Effective Teaching class or its equivalent or differentiated instruction in the Essentials curriculum according to assessed needs of the Candidate: Candidates with content-rich knowledge learn to teach the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) in the teaching fields for which they are assigned; The class may be 2 weeks in the summer with seminars during the year according to Candidate’s assessed needs by the CST. Entry: GACE Basic Skills or exempt For subject areas that are labeled core academic teaching fields by NCLB: GACE Content Assessment OR  Major or sufficient semester hours to constitute a major in a area or a related field All other fields that are not included list of core academic teaching fields:  Major OR  Sufficient semester hours to constitute a major in a teaching field OR  GACE Content Assessment Exit: Completed all path requirements, All Candidates must have a passing score on the GACE Content Assessment to complete the path.

31 GATAPP - ADAC Advanced Degree Alternative Certification, (ADAC), A certificate No Essentials class Entry: For individuals who hold advanced degrees in content areas for which the state issues renewable teacher certification or individuals who hold Juris Doctor Degrees. Individuals holding a Juris Doctor degree will be in-field to teach political science Exit: Complete all path requirements GACE Professional Pedagogy Assessment

32 GATAPP – Core Academic Core Academic Path, CA certificate No Essentials class For secondary and Middle Grades Core Academic teaching fields only Entry: 2.5 GPA Major or sufficient semester hours to constitute a major in a Core Academic subject area GACE Basic Skills or exempt GACE Content Assessment Exit: Complete all path requirements GACE Professional Pedagogy Assessment

33 GATAPP – OYSP One-Year Supervised Practicum (OYSP), O certificate No Essentials class Entry: GACE Basic Skills or exempt Major or sufficient semester hours to constitute a major in a area or a related field GACE Content Assessment GACE Professional Pedagogy Assessment Exit: Complete all path requirements

34 GATAPP – Clinical Practice Clinical Practice, CP certificate No Essentials class Two categories of Candidates: Permit holders who have completed 5 years teaching and eligible to apply for the 2 nd renewal Candidates who have completed an education preparation program with a degree, but did not student teach. The Candidate must be eligible for student teaching at the college or university where the degree was earned. Candidates must have passed appropriate GACE Assessments, met IIP, Georgia Special Requirements to be recommended for Clear Renewable.

35 GATAPP – Adjunct Adjunct License, J License, Not a certificate path The Adjunct Teaching Path is designed for candidates with content- specific knowledge and skills such as experienced instructors in the military or institutions of higher education, or business/industry/arts professionals who can provide instruction in secondary education (grades 6-12) teaching fields. THE LISCENES FOR ADJUNCT APPLIED FOR AND CONTRACTS FOR SERVICES ARE CREATED BY THE LOCAL EMPLOYING SCHOOL SYSTEM. J (APPLICATION BY SCHOOL SYSTEM AND RENEWED ANNUALLY AS DETERMINED BY SCHOOL SYSTEM)

36 TeachGeorgia-

37 Funding Assistance FOCUS Grant for math, science, special education ELA, social studies, foreign language, or ESOL teachers Georgia Student Finance Corp. http://www.gsfc.org HOPE teacher loan that is service cancelable Troops to Teachers Title II tuition assistance Local school system funds

38 How do New Teachers Find Jobs? Work as a substitute teacher Visit schools and meet the principals Volunteer at a school Contact the Human Resources office Apply with local school systems Apply on

39 FOCUS Grant Focus on Change in Underrepresented Staff and Staffing Systems: Direct Assistance in Recruitment, Retentions, and Training of Transition Teachers

40 FOCUS Grant - Facts Fully certified, experienced teachers are prepared to teach with expertise in content and pedagogy. Traditional college programs do not supply enough teachers to the meet the needs of school systems in critical content areas. About 25% of teachers hired come from traditional programs. Substitutes or under-qualified placeholders are staffed in classrooms. Intent of FOCUS is to achieve equity in the distribution of well-prepared, highly qualified teachers.

41 FOCUS Transition Teacher Eligibility Hold Bachelor’s degree or higher. Hold a non-traditional teaching certificate. Passed appropriate GACE assessments. Teaching math, science, special education, ELA, social studies, foreign language, or ESOL for more than 50% of day

42 FOCUS Transition Teacher Benefits $1,000 Stipend for GATAPP or college tuition. $500 for Mentor of transition teacher. LiveText Account Online resources for tutoring on GACE content and pedagogy assessments.

43 FOCUS – Recruiter Services Conduct Transition information sessions and provide options of GATAPP Recruit and enroll Transition teachers Communicate with HR personnel Collaborate with area universities, Chamber’s of Commerce, and the Department of Labor

44 FOCUS Recruiters Questions? If You Need Additional Information - Faye Barnes, Ph.D. FOCUS Grant Recruiter Phone: 229 782 7170

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