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H UMAN R ESOURCES Joint Administrative Council February 2015.

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1 H UMAN R ESOURCES Joint Administrative Council February 2015

2 HR O RGANIZATIONAL C HART Chief Human Resource Officer Ken Harden Manager of Benefits and Compensation Samantha Soto Payroll Coordinator Karen Hensley Human Resource Consultant Lynn Dignan Human Resource Consultant Assistant Kehli Kealy

3 H UMAN R ESOURCES INCLUDES : Labor Relations & Union Contracts Compliance with Federal Labor laws, WAC, RCW Performance & Discipline Classification & Compensation Recruitment and Hiring Payroll Benefits Training & Professional Development Discrimination Complaints Workplace Investigations

4 W E SERVE OVER 700 EMPLOYEES … Faculty 94 Full-Time Faculty 193 Adjunct Faculty Administrative Exempt 19 Administrative 54 Exempt Classified Staff 127 Permanent 115 Part-Time Hourly Students 86 Student 17 Work Study

5 AFT Faculty Union Contract WFSE Classified Union Contract Affirmative Action & Diversity Discrimination Complaints Grievances Whistleblower Complaints Title II, VII, and IX Investigations Public Records Act LABOR RELATIONS, RULES & COMPLIANCE

6 Employment Verifications Employee Earnings Classified Increments Garnishments & Deductions Salary Surveys W-2 and Tax Reconciliation Direct Deposit Deferred Compensation Contracts Hourly Employee processing Overtime Pay PAYROLL

7 Medical & Dental Plans Retirement Plans VEBA Flexible Spending Accounts Health & Wellness Coordination ADA Coordination & Reasonable Accommodations Ergonomic Assessments FMLA & Shared Leave Professional Development Employee Assistance Services L & I Claim Management Unemployment Claim Management Coordination of Benefits BENEFITS

8 P AYROLL & BENEFIT F ACTS 2013-14 $ 21,438,699.00 Wages paid in 2014 1051 W-2’s Processed for 2014 26 Wage Garnishments 173 Coordination of Benefits 26 FMLA Cases 92 Unemployment Claims 18 L & I Claims 10 Ergonomic Assessments $10,000 Awarded for Classified Trustee Scholarships $30,310.64 Training & Professional Development Funds: o 22 Classified o 24 Admin/Exempt o 6 Advanced Degree

9 Recruitment & Hiring Classification Time & Leave Reporting New Employee Processing Position Descriptions Position Review Requests Seniority Performance Evaluations Discipline Personnel Policies Public Records Act HR Website & Forms HUMAN CAPITAL

10 H UMAN C APITAL F ACTS 2013-14 58 Full-Time Recruitments 375 New Employees Hired o 138 Students o 97 Part Time Hourly o 60 Adjunct Faculty o 28 Exempt o 25 Classified o 17 Volunteers o 10 Full Time Faculty 8 Promotions 11 Classified Position Review Requests 42 Resignations, Retirements, Terminations 17 Public Records Requests 3 Whistleblower Complaints 4 Grievances (1 AFT, 3 WFSE) 4 Discrimination Complaints


12 W HAT WE ARE WORKING ON THIS YEAR …  Health and Wellness Initiatives  Faculty Labor Contract Negotiations  Classified Contract Training  Diversity Initiatives with Student Services and Instruction  CTC Link Readiness


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