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Supanie Nimchanya B.A., M.A.Ed., Ed. S. Adjunct Faculty, Metropolitan Community College Omaha, NE.

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1 Supanie Nimchanya B.A., M.A.Ed., Ed. S. Adjunct Faculty, Metropolitan Community College Omaha, NE

2 Course Teaching Student Success Strategies Contents : – Self- Discovery – Goals Setting – Time Management – Reading Strategies – Note-Taking Strategies – Test Prediction Strategies – Portfolio Preparation

3 PROFILE Husband; Thaveesilp (Dang) Nimchanya B. FA., B. Sc., M.A. Ed., M. FA. Two daughters, four grandchildren Educational Background: – Ed.S. (Educational Administration) UNK, Kearney, NE – M.A. Ed. (English) UNK, Kearney, NE – B.A. (English) Chiang Mai University, Thailand Professional Experience: -Adjunct Faculty, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE -Assistant to Executive Director & Coordinator, Integration and Welfare for Communities Omaha, NE -Freelance Artist, Abstract Painting: Acrylic Water based on paper, Oil on Canvas, Digital Photography & Micro-story Writer -Adjunct Faculty, UNK, Kearney, NE -Assistant to Dean, College of Education, UNK, Kearney, NE -Owner/Manager, Thai American Restaurant, Kearney, NE -Full-Time Faculty, Payap University, Thailand -Coordinator, Women’s Studies, Payap University, Thailand -Acting Principal, Regina Coeli College, Thailand -Teacher, Regina Coeli College, Thailand

4 Artwork Sample Feminism Acrylic on paper

5 Women’s Strength & Our Voice, Our Body acrylic on paper

6 Omaha Spring 2008 Digital Photo Maplewood Blv. Omaha, NE

7 Early Beauty of Summer 2007 Digital Photo Wal-Mart L street lawn & garden, Omaha, NE

8 The Imitation of Beauty Digital Pho to Wal-Mart L Street : Fabric & Craft, Omaha, NE

9 Ductal Carcinoma In Situ oil on canvas

10 Blue which is Not BLUE acrylic on paper

11 Sample of Micro-Story Writing “ Blue Eyes” David has been my best friend for an ion. His great grandparents were from Germany just like Joseph Pulitzer, the founder of Pulitzer Prize Award, who came to the USA when he was 18 years old as a hired soldier for the Civil War. David has white complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes which was like a picture of an angel in children books used to teach in elementary schools in Asia. That is one of the reason why Asian people love and adore western people who have white complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes. David and I first met one another when I first came to the USA to pursuit my higher education at one of the universities. He approached me while I was working on a research in the library one night. He helped explain several things concerning American culture that I did not know about. I was thankful for that because many American normally do not have time for others who are new to the country and new for everything. After that we became good friends and he offered help when my children became sick. He volunteered to babysit for me and my husband when we had class or to be at work. Our family always mentioned about him once in a while of how good and kind he was toward us whenever we talked about our experiences in the USA. When he was a student at that time as I remember, he did not care much about having a girl friend. He was busy studying most of the time and what we always discussed would deal with western philosophy since his interest was in Philosophy, English, and Political Science. I could relate to his topics sometimes depended on what I knew. If it was about Philosophy, I knew a little about Socrates and some others because I learned a little bit from the university I attended in my country. But most of the time I learned about eastern Philosophy especially Buddhism. If it was about English, I majored in English for my bachelor degree, so I could discuss more about Shakespeare, Lord Baron, and Queen Elizabeth I. If it was about Political Science, I could talk more about democracy under dictatorship. But I had never understood completely well about democracy in this country. Now, I understand more and as many people say “ There is no Utopia ” in this world. But I still believe that there should be some ways that will make the world the better place which I mean peaceful and clean. However, I heard that after graduation, he did not get the job that he studied for until two years later. Life is not like a red rose or a path that is filled with beautiful flowers. He struggled with his job one after another and as he told me that it was not the job that bothered him. It was people, their behavior, or the reaction toward one another. Therefore, he changed his job several times. Once in a while we would hear from him. Lately, we heard that he held a high position in his working place. He got married to one of his classmates whom he met while studying for his master degree. The most important thing is he has his own daughter now. He named her after a female character whom I chose to write about in my master thesis. I assume and hope that she has white complexion, blonde hair, blue eyes, is kind and friendly just like her father. Still, we have no chance to see her yet.

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