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NASCE Stockholm September 19 th, 2014. NASCE Background  Surgical and Medical Clinical Skills Centre, based among other things on simulations, virtual.

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1 NASCE Stockholm September 19 th, 2014


3 NASCE Background  Surgical and Medical Clinical Skills Centre, based among other things on simulations, virtual reality- and team training, have evolved rapidly all over the world.  It is now considered to be an essential element in clinical training for medical students, trainees and healthcare professionals.  Clinical Skills Centre's operate now very differently.  At present there are no pan-European standards for the appraisal and accreditation of Clinical Skills Centre's.  A working group initiated by the Section of Surgery produced documents for accreditation requirements presented at the first meeting on the subject in Rome in April this year.

4 Statutes -UEMS Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC) for Clinical Skills Training and Assessment. -Network of Accredited Clinical Skills Centres in Europe  NASCE

5 Definition  The Network of Accredited Clinical Skills Centres in Europe (hereafter known as NASCE) is established as a Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC) of the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS) and follows UEMS statutes, rules and directives.  -The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee has been initiated by the Surgical Section of the UEMS, but is open to members of any Section of the UEMS wishing to participate. The Sections are participating in the MJC as equal partners.

6 Objectives of NASCE  The MJC manages the interests of NASCE and promotes individual, inter-professional and multidisciplinary clinical skills education  The primary aim is to certify the highest standards of education for surgeons in order to promote patient safety.  In addition to that the MJC aims to advance the science of clinical education, training and assessment

7 NASCE – Ground rules  All accredited centres share data with NASCE on yearly basis wth the purpose of encouraging positive innovation.  Accreditation in written English.  NASCE will not accept any responsability for accrediting specific skills courses or content per se.  Accreditation is an ongoing process of development and yearly membership of NASCE is required if accredited status is used in documents related to the centre.  Accredited units must be in good standing in order to use the ressources of NASCE

8 NASCE FEE`s  Fee for accreditation by the applying center is set to 3.000 EURO.  Yearly center fee to NASCEE is set to 850 EURO

9 – The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee shall provide a comprehensive accreditation program for Centre's delivering clinical skills training. This will include assessment of individual, group and team training, as well as research and development of clinical educational institutes within the UEMS area – The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee shall establish the criteria and standards to achieve accreditation as a Clinical Skill Centre within NASCE. – The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee shall define how to maintain standards as a NASCE Centre. – The certification as a NASCE Centre should be limited in time, and subject to a reaccreditation process. Accreditation

10 NASCE accreditation levels  Multispecialty format centre  Single specialty centre

11 Examples

12 Centre for Sialendoscopy Geneva FRANCIS MARCHAL

13 Sialendoscopy

14 First developpements started Geneva in 1995 First sialendoscopy course january 2002 2014 : 23 courses, 1004 physicians trained

15 The training for sialendoscopy is based on : Synthetic models

16 Fresh pig heads to train with, and A large faculty from abroad to teach

17 It is completed by 3D Live surgery and live surgery transmission from other specialist centers

18 Adjunct Salivary Gland Ultrasound course -3 days hand’s on course organised by ENT and radiologists -Training on synthetic models -Training on patients -Ultrasound diploma on Salivary glands (160 glands)

19 The ESTC Network Austria D.Greger Australia M.Farell, S.Arena Bahrein H.Hassan BosniaS.Strbac BrasilC.Cernea, H.Steck BurundiF.Bizindawi Belgium V.Vander Poorten Canada R.Irvine, O.Abboud ChinaS.Wang, C.Yu ColumbiaG.Cuello ChileE.Pruzzo CroatiaD.Markov CyprusS.Kallis Czech RepL.Stanikova Danemark H.Arndall EgyptS.Elwany, E.Magdy Finland R.Saarinen France F.Faure, C.Chossegros GermanyG.Nahles, K.Wittekind GreeceA.Delides Hong Kong K.Ng HungaryI.Gerlinger India PP. Singh IndonesaiE.Rachmawati Iran M.Daneshi IrelandA. Curran Israel H.Klein, L.Ardekian, Y.Talmi Italy G.Paludetti Japan T.Yoshihara JordanF.Al Zoubi QuwaitF.Al Qattan Luxembourg P. Kurt LebanonA.Haddad LithaniaJ.Ivaska Malaysia KC Pua MexicoR.Andraca Netherlands J.Van Ingen, A.Vissing New Zealand R.Morton New CaldeoniaA.Loubeyre Norway B.Mortensen, J.Fossheim OmanR.AL Abri PolandT.Kopec PortugalD.Alexo,J.Marques QatarA.El Hakeem RussiaV. Balin SaudiA.El Yamani, S.Basha SerbiaV.Djukic South KoreaS.Jun, J.Kim SingapourC.Loh Spain C.Cenjor, M.Munill, J.Bara Sweden G.Henrikssen, B.Palmgren Switzerland G.Pabst, F.Marchalsin TogoS.Adam TunesiaH.Koolii TurkeyE.Serbetci, A.Sengor UAE M.Tarabichi UKR.Croscher, J.Sherman UruguayA.Agorta USAD.Eisele, R.Carrau, B.Schaitkin. VenezuellaM.Fernandezb Country

20 Training

21 next course september 4-11, 2015

22 ACIBADEM University Center of Advanced Simulation Education Istanbul, Turkey 

23 NASCE Homepage

24 Election of UEMS ORL Section representatives  One to the governing council who will be full voting member at the annual general assembly. At present I have participated in 2 meetings and is now registrated as council member, but this position is open to another person from our group.  One to work with accreditation of Centres. ( fee for the work is 500 EURO + travel and hotel costs)  Both should be UEMS members

25 Discussion

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