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Undergraduate Teaching and the Physiology Pipeline Patricia Molina Chris Minson.

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1 Undergraduate Teaching and the Physiology Pipeline Patricia Molina Chris Minson





6 University Enrollment: 32% growth

7 The Human Physiology Major Curriculum

8 Required Elements General Chemistry (CH 221, 222, 223) or Honors General Chemistry (CH 224H, 225H, 226H) General Biology (BI 211, 212, and 213) or Biology Foundations (BI 251, 252, 253) or Honors Biology (BI 281H, 282H, 283H) General Physics (PHYS 201, 202, 203) or Foundations of Physics (PHYS 251, 252, 253) General Chemistry Laboratory (CH 227, 228, 229) or Introductory Physics Laboratory (PHYS 204, 205, 206) Calculus (MATH 246 or MATH 251) Medical Terminology (HPHY 211) Evidence, Inference, and Biostatistics (HPHY 212) Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (HPHY 321, 322, 323, 324, 325) Physiology of Exercise (HPHY 371) Students must earn 16 upper-division credits…

9 16 Upper-Division Electives At least two of the following courses: Motor Control (HPHY 333) Tissue Injury and Repair (HPHY 362) Biomechanics (HPHY 381) Human Biological Variation (ANTH 362) Human Osteology Laboratory (ANTH 366) Human Growth and Development (ANTH 369) Diseases of Africa (BI 309) Molecular Genetics (BI 320) Cell Biology (BI 322) Investigations in Medical Physiology (BI 358) Neurobiology (BI 360) Physiological Biochemistry (CH 360) Biochemistry (CH 462) Some of these have significant prereqs in other departments One of Capstone courses: Sleep Physiology (HPHY 412) Muscle Cell Physiology (HPHY 413) Alternative & Complementary Medicine (HPHY 419) Hypertension (HPHY TBD) Neurophysiology of Concussion (HPHY 433) Research Methods (HPHY 450) Therapeutic Techniques (HPHY 462) Environmental Physiology (HPHY 470) High Altitude Physiology and Medicine (HPHY 473) Gait Analysis (HPHY 485) Orthopedic Biomechanics (HPHY 486) Forensic Biomechanics (HPHY TBD) Movement Disorders (HPHY TBD) Small classes, taught by our primary faculty Any number of the following courses: Anatomy/Physiology Teaching Assistant (HPHY 409) Human Cadaver Dissection (HPHY 420) Special Studies (HPHY 399) Research (HPHY 401) Thesis (HPHY 403) Internship (HPHY 404) Reading and Conference (HPHY 405) Special Problems (HPHY 406) Workshop (HPHY 408) Practicum (HPHY 409) Experimental Course (HPHY 410) Intro to Cardiac Rehab (HPHY 410) Exercise Testing & Prescription (HPHY 410) Clinical Exercise Physiology (HPHY TBD) Clinical ECG/ECG (HPHY TBD) Clinical Histology (HPHY TBD) Pathogenesis of Diseases (HPHY TBD) Other HPHY 400-level courses

10 Biggest Challenges Research Intensive University Managing Growth (Faculty to student ratio) Increasing Class Size, but improving teaching and learning…novel approaches/delivery Catching Students Early…Setting Foundations Providing Research/Internship Experiences Stress/Challenges for Graduate Students Resources for New Hires: Start-Up/Space







17 Group Discussions 1. SET-UP 2. CONFLICT 3. RESOLUTION TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: 1. How do institutions mange tuition dollars relative to student credit hours taught, including laboratory versus lecture courses? 2. How do institutions manage course loads of physiology instructors (tenure-related research faculty, tenure-related teaching faculty, non-tenure instructional faculty, adjunct faculty)? 3. Should physiology programs increase curriculum content uniformity across institutions (similar core courses or content topics)? How can this be accomplished? 4. How do we best evaluate teaching? 5. How can we develop more opportunities for internships and other practical experiences? 6. How do we improve undergraduate career readiness? 7. Should Medical School applicants have a strong background in physiology?

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