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College of Sciences 2014 STATE OF THE COLLEGE ADDRESS.

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1 College of Sciences 2014 STATE OF THE COLLEGE ADDRESS

2 Overview  Presentation of College Awards  Recognition of Tenure and Promotion  Dean’s Office and College Staff Introductions  New Faculty and Staff Introductions  Year in Review  Enrollment and Teaching  Research and Scholarship  Service  Review of Goals for 2013-2014  Goals for 2014-2015

3 College of Science Excellence Awards  Graduate Student Excellence in Research – Mr. Daniel Haarman (Biological Sciences)  Student Excellence in Teaching – Ms. Kaylee Kerbs (Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology)  Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching – Ms. Sharon Frey (Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology) and Ms. Ava Fujimoto-Strait (Geography and Geology)  Faculty Excellence in Research – Dr. Madhusadan Choudhary (Biological Sciences)  Faculty Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Martin Malandro (Mathematics and Statistics)  Faculty Excellence in Service – Dr. Rick White (Chemistry) Please join me in congratulating the winners:

4 Faculty Tenure and Promotion  Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor  Faruk Yildiz (Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology)  Sibyl Bucheli (Biological Sciences)  Madhusudan Choudhary (Biological Sciences)  Aaron Lynne (Biological Sciences)  Donovan Haines (Chemistry)  Hyuk Cho (Computer Science)  Li-Jen Shannon (Computer Science)  Damon Hay (Mathematics and Statistics)  Martin Malandro (Mathematics and Statistics)  Scott Miller (Physics)  Promotion to Professor  Ilona Petrikovics (Chemistry)

5 Dean’s Office  Dean-Dr. John Pascarella  Associate Dean of Curriculum and Assessment-Dr. Marcus Gillespie  Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs-Dr. Anne Gaillard  Assistant to the Dean-Tammy Gray  Senior Administrative Assistant-Rhonda Baxter  Administrative Assistant-Shellie Armstrong  Staff Assistant- Susan Floyd

6 College Staff Associates from DELTA  DELTA COS Web Content Specialist- John Holder (


8 New Faculty and Staff  Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology  Chemistry  Mathematics and Statistics

9 Enrollment

10 Undergraduates in COS Data as of 8/19/2014-compared to 2013, * moved/moving to Health Sciences, stable enrollment at college level  Sciences 4121/4101  Biology 654/737  Animal Science 350/367  Forensic Chemistry 302/296  Computing Science 289/269  Agricultural Business 226/206  General Core 181/194  Applied Arts and Sciences 164/164  Geology 138/124  Mathematics 125/143  Construction Management 121/117  Chemistry 113/110  Physics 101/ 99  Biomedical Sciences 79/32  Sciences 4121/4101  Engineering Technology 79/37  Geography 72/61  Agricultural Engineering Tech 67/69  General Studies 66/115  Interdisciplinary Ag 66/66  Design/Development 39/36  Plant and Soil Science 31/32  Agricultural Communications 12/0  Electronics 2/26  Industrial Safety Management 1/15  Elec. And Computer Eng. Tech 1/0  Nursing* 0/141  General Studies-Prenursing* 822/539

11 Graduate Students in COS Data as of 8/19/2014 Masters 218 Agriculture 33 Biology 23 Chemistry 19 Computing and Information Science 25 Digital Forensics 18 Geographic Information Systems 26 Information Assurance and Security 31 Mathematics 24 Statistics 19 Graduate Certificate 4 Digital Investigation 3 Geographic Information Systems 1

12 SCH-Fall 2014 to Fall 2013 Data from 8/19/2014, class day -7 College 2014 2013 Diff Percent Academic Affairs 2,699 2,739 -40 -1.46% Business Administration 34,988 33,357 1,631 4.89% Criminal Justice 22,987 20,525 2,462 12.00% Education 20,632 30,595 -9,963 -32.56% Fine Arts and Mass Comm. 17,557 17,114 443 2.59% Health Sciences 12,393 0 12,393 Humanities/Social Sciences 65,992 63,210 2,712 4.29% Sciences 51,494 55,101 -3,607 -6.55% Grand Total 228,672 222,665 6,007 2.70% Decline in Science Hours mostly due to move of Nursing credits to Health Sciences. Education lost kinesiology and health. Education and Science down (13,570 SCH) is more than gain in Health Science SCH (12,393)-not yet seeing impact of new programs

13 College of Science Graduates Fall 2013/ Fall 2014 Spring 2013/ Spring 2014 Summer 2013/ Summer 2014 Undergraduate191/177279/237109/96 Graduate 23/22 37/3020/11 Total214/199316/267129/107 Undergraduate down by 12%, graduate down by 21%

14 Teaching and Curriculum

15 Curriculum  Curriculum and Degree Programs  THECB approved name change of  Program in Industrial Technology to Engineering Technology  Program in Horticulture and Crop Science to Plant and Soil Sciences  Removal of all Interdisciplinary designations from Agricultural Degrees  Name of Department from Agricultural and Industrial Sciences to Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology (ASET)

16  Curriculum and Degree Programs  THECB approved  Bachelor of Science with a major in Agricultural Communications  Bachelor of Science with a major in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology  Bachelor of Science with a major in Software Engineering Technology  Received preliminary approval from THECB for Full Proposal for PhD in Digital Forensics  Developing an Online Master of Agriculture degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Environment (SAFE)

17 Woodlands and University Park Campus Programs  Mostly Business, Education, CHSS, and Criminal Justice programs  College of Sciences  Fall 2012, 97 students, 348 credit hours  Spring 2013, 116 students, 348 credit hours  Primarily Geography, Math, and Statistics  Numbers will decrease as GIS moving from Woodlands campus to University Park Spring 2015

18 Online Courses/Programs





23 ACE-Academic Community Engagement  15 courses from College, Please consider adding additional courses  None yet from Geography/Geology, Math/Stats, or Physics  Dr. Li-Jen Shannon

24 Teaching Awards  SHSU Award of Excellence in Teaching  Dr. Bobby Lane (Agricultural Sciences)  Dr. Kyle Stutts (Agricultural Sciences) receives NACTA Teacher Fellow Award and American Society of Animal Science Outstanding Young Animal Science in Education Award  Dr. Foy Mills (Agricultural Sciences) nominated for the NARRU Distinguished Educator Award

25 Research and Scholarship

26 Faculty Research Grant: 4 out of the 10 awards were to COS  Harper, James (Biological Sciences) “Caloric restriction and aging in American cockroaches”  Liang, Gan (Physics) “Comprehensive study of Li2FeSi04-based Lithium Ion Battery Materials”  Neudorf, Diane (Biological Sciences) “Urbanization impacts on songbird alarm calls”  Primm, Todd (Biological Sciences) “Effects of Antibiotic Therapy on the Microbiome” Deadline to apply is Oct. 13, 2014

27 Enhancement Research Grants: 7 out of the 10 awards were to COS  Bucheli, Sibyl (Biological Sciences) “Ultra-fine scale bacterial sampling of human cadavers”  Chen, Lei (Computer Science) “Attacks and digital forensics in personal computer games”  Leatherwood (Lucia), Jessica (Agricultural Sciences) “Development of an equine non-contact thermography device”  Randle, Chris (Biological Sciences) “Parallel evolution of minimal plastomes in tropical Orobanchaceae”  Thies, Monte (Biological Sciences) “A comparison of cranial morphology in fossorial reptiles using contrast-enhanced micro-CT”  Varol, Cihan (Computer Science) “Extracting and mining web browser artifacts”  Walker, Joel (Physics) “Dynamically determining stable local minima in no-scale supergravity” Deadline to apply is Oct. 6, 2014

28 Professional Development Leaves Funded by the Provost  Dr. Chris Randle (Biological Sciences)  Dr. Todd Primm (Biological Sciences)  Dr. Lei Chen (Computer Sciences) Funded by the College of Sciences  Dr. Ken Smith (Mathematics and Statistics)

29 COS Dean’s Office Funding for Research  Funded three Associate Professors for Career Advancement Awards for summer 2014  Provided additional funding to EURECA for 3.5 student-faculty summer research teams (FAST)  Funded undergraduate students through COS Undergraduate Research Program  Keynote speaker and Sponsor of the SHSU Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

30 External Funding (7/1/13-8/1/14) Department# New Apps $ New Apps# Grants Awarded $ New Awards # Active Awards $ spent active grants Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology 8$1,876,3546$336,32411$89,827 Biology 10$2,828,8223$151,5329$46,456 Chemistry 8$979,6823$385,3452$173,029 Computer Science 4$2,789,6032$262,9974 Geography/Geology 2$109,9181$100,0001 Math and Statistics 4$820,3763$584,1028$252,053 Physics 1$110,1331$35,0003$44,539 Total 34$9,514,88819$1,855,39038$606,904

31 Selected Awards and Active Grants 2013-2014  Agriculture/Engineering Technology- Continued award for renewable energy education from USDA  Biological Sciences-2 new awards > $100,000, 8 active awards  Chemistry-Continued Army funding of Dr. Petrikovics on cyanide antidotes; Dr. Williams received funding from SERDP  Computer Sciences-Dr. Liu received NSF grant  Geology-Dr. Acton brought NSF grant to SHSU  Math and Statistics-Began NSF REU for 3 years summer 2014 (Dr. Chapman, PI); continued PURE REU in Hawaii  Physics-2 nd year of ASSET grant for K12 science teachers; Dr. Pooley received Cottrell Award

32 Dr. Petrikovics lab stays busy Student presents at NASA conference

33 Scholarship  Dr. Gary Acton (Geology) published in “Science”  Dr. Hui Fang (Physics) published in “Nature Nanotechnology”  Dr. Renee James (Physics) new book from Johns Hopkins Press “Science Unshackled” in fall catalog  Dr. Mark Leipnik (Geography) with 4 book chapters  Chemistry published 9 articles  Biology published 14 articles (9 had student coauthors)  Dr. Dusty Jones (Math) had 1 book and 2 articles published  Dr. Lei Chen (Computer Science) published book on Wireless Network Security


35 COS Service Activities  Dr. Doug Ullrich (ASET), SHSU Faculty Excellence in Service  Dr. Jerry Cook (Biology), Associate VP of Research  Dr. Tamara Cook (Biology) selected to lead EURECA  Dr. Patrick Lewis (Biology) new Assistant Director of Honors Program  Dr. Bill Lutterschmidt (Biology), Director of TRIES  Dr. Manish Dixit (ASET) selected as US participant for International Energy Agency’s Annex 57  Dr. Renee James (Physics), Chair, Faculty Senate

36  Hosted the Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics 6-12  Hosted the 2 nd International Symposium on Digital Forensics and Security at the Woodlands Campus  ASET Faculty provided over 500 hours service to community events

37 Hosted the Southeast Texas BEST Competition Oct. 26, 2013

38 Service Activities from Dean’s Office Outreach to Hispanic students  Dean’s Office and Computer Sciences attended “Houston Hispanic Forum”  Dean Pascarella took 13 Hispanic students to Washington DC for the HACU spring meeting, including 3 COS students  Organized First College Career Fair

39 Other Service Contribution  Dr. Mary Swarthout (Math and Statistics) elected President, Research Council on Mathematics Learning  Dr. Ed Swim and Dr. Beth Cory (Math and Statistics) hosted mini-workshop on CLEAR Calculus Labs for local HS teachers  Dr. Ken Smith and Dr. Martin Malandro (Math and Statistics) hosted workshop on combinatorial graph theory at SHSU  Dr. Dusty Jones (Math and Statistics) serves as President of Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas and Chair of Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators  Dr. Timothy McGuire (Computer Science) Membership Secretary for National Board of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges  Dr. Li-Jen Shannon hosted ACE workshop

40 Editorships  Dr. Don Albert (Geography and Geology) serves as editor of the International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research  Dr. Scott Chapman (Math and Statistics) is editor of The American Mathematical Monthly, the premier journal of the Mathematical Association of America  Dr. Luis Garcia, (Math and Statistics), Associate Editor, AMA and J. of Algebraic Statistics  Dr. Chris Randle (Biological Sciences) is Editor-in-Chief of Castanea, the Journal of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society  Dr. Manish Dixit (Engineering Technology) on Editorial Board – Journal of Energy  Dr. Art Wolfskill (Agricultural Sciences) serves on Editorial Board – Journal of North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

41 Review of Goals for 2013- 2014

42  Goal 1-Develop strategic plans for managing growth in classes required in the core and for Health Sciences students  Hired three full-time mathematics lecturers;  Obtained additional pool faculty funding for freshman course demand;  Obtained new initiatives funding for :  Anatomy and Physiology Lecturer (Biological Sciences)  TT Biology Science Educator (Assistant Professor) to teach Foundations of Science courses and core biology courses  TT Mathematics Assistant Professor

43 Goal 2: Review existing space allocation in Lee Drain and Farrington to accommodate needed lab space for teaching and research  Obtained funding for renovation of teaching lab in Farrington and Math grad space in Lee Drain  Department Chairs in Lee Drain reviewed space allocation and priority agreements  Repurposed underused spaces to accommodate faculty offices and research space

44 Improved Infrastructure  Converted old Vivarium to Geology faculty and student research space

45 Improved Infrastructure  Outfitted Geology “CORE” facility on Sycamore street

46 Improved Infrastructure  Renovated facilities and new research equipment at SHSU Biological Field Station  Al Alan Byboth, Field Station Manager, In front of renovated Research Lab

47 New Vivarium under Construction Major Completion Date by Mid-December 2014

48 New Planetarium Projector Mediaglobe III to replace 10 year old Mediaglobe II

49 New Vehicles New Street Legal Cart for Geology Core Lab and Vivarium New Diesel 4x4 Pickup for Towing and Field Work Plan on acquiring new van in FY15 to replace 21 year old van

50 Future Academic Buildings  Fred Pirkle Engineering Technology Building Design has been completed, in final design phase. Break Ground Spring 2015, open January 2017  7 named rooms already!  Planning completed for new Equestrian Facility at Gibbs Ranch  TRB request to fund New Biology Building may occur next year

51 Goal 3-Review possibility of reviving the Environmental Science program as a true interdisciplinary degree from BS to PhD  Faculty led committee presented plan for BS proposal with three tracks; Proposal is on University master list of future degree programs

52  Faculty Committee identified three areas:  Forensic related research in Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science to partner with Forensic Science and Criminal Justice;  Science Education at multiple levels and preparing K-12 Science Educators;  Energy and Energy Systems, including both conventional and renewable Goal 4-Examine cross-cutting research strengths to identify areas for enhanced research and programmatic growth

53 Goal 5- Enhance international collaborations  Jinggangshan University for Physics  Continuing review of curriculum for future 3+1 program  Beijing Mining and Technology for Mathematics and Statistics- 1 st Grad Student coming to SHSU  Zhejiang Police College and Ocean University, China-Visiting this fall to explore possible programs in Computer Science  Firat University (Elazig, Turkey) for Computer Science  First students arrive fall 2015 for 2+2 degree program  Kafkas University (Turkey) and Patna University (Biology)  Exploring 2+2 programs and faculty exchange

54 International Activities  Vallarta Botanical Gardens and UNIBE (Costa Rica) (Biology) and France and Italy-Agricultural Sciences, Thailand-Geography  Faculty led summer programs  Firat University for Geology-future summer field course site  University of Applied Science-Trier (Germany) for Engineering Technology  Possible Future Summer Field Program in Engineering Technology  Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe  Research and study abroad opportunities  Hosted or will be hosting international faculty visitors from Chile, China, Germany, Hungary, Singapore, and Libya

55 International Activities Provost Hebert and Dean Pascarella visited Firat University in Elazig, Turkey First Group of Turkish Students Arrive fall 2015 for Software Engineering Technology Program

56 At Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens Predator or Dr. Williams?

57 Increased International Opportunities Dean Pascarella explored opportunities with German universities through “Germany Today” program University of Applied Science-Trier Birkenfeld Sustainability Campus

58 Goals for FY15  Begin Assessing Core Curriculum Courses  Analyze opportunities/threats from Lone Star and partners entering local market  ie., SFA approved to offer a Biology degree at LS Montgomery  Can and should we offer select undergraduate degrees at LS campuses or satellite campuses (Woodlands, University Park)?  Continue developing international partnerships  Diversify countries of origin, increase international students in Biology and Agriculture, develop new study abroad destinations in Turkey and Germany  Develop and Support new programs  Submit proposal for Environmental Science BS degree  Funding for Computer Science and Engineering Technology Faculty  Support Fundraising efforts for new facilities

59 Have a great year!  Please provide your input into all of these areas through your departmental meetings, faculty senate representatives, and other venues  I will be visiting with each department during the year to discuss how we can improve teaching, research and scholarship within the COS

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