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F ACULTY W ORKSHOP Ginger Philips 2014. Welcome Getting the Faculty forms to IRGetting the Faculty forms to IR 1 Faculty ActivationFaculty Activation.

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1 F ACULTY W ORKSHOP Ginger Philips 2014

2 Welcome

3 Getting the Faculty forms to IRGetting the Faculty forms to IR 1 Faculty ActivationFaculty Activation 2 Faculty WorkloadFaculty Workload 3 Faculty Overview

4 What’s New?  In an effort to continue improving customer service, the Office of Institutional Research has created a “share drive” for a few of our customers who require access to distribute pertinent faculty information. This will significantly reduce the number of emails that are being sent with SSN and cut down on possible security breaches. Access is limited to two people per college/unit.  Maintaining the security of the files is of the utmost importance.

5 Required DocumentationRequired Documentation 1

6 Faculty Documents  Faculty Database Form  Official Transcripts  Email Account  Contract (MOA, Supplemental Pay or Security Agreement form)

7 Faculty Database Form

8 Faculty Transcript  Transcripts must show the degree is awarded along with the date.  See example below:

9 Faculty Email  The contract must be signed by all parties and will not be accepted otherwise.  Before activating, the faculty member must have a valid email account.

10 Faculty ActivationFaculty Activation 2

11 Faculty Information  Tenured\On-Track Faculty  Will remain active in the system. MOA is still required for updating and maintaining the contracts in the system.  New Faculty  The IR office will need a faculty database form, contract, a copy of the official transcript and an active email account before activation will be granted in Banner.

12 Faculty Information  Returning Faculty (Adjunct, Visiting, etc.)  If any information has change since the last teaching cycle, a new Faculty Database Form is required along with a copy of the contract and a copy of the official transcript. NOTE: All faculty members must have a signed contract, valid email account, copy of official transcript and a Faculty Database Form on file before they can be activated…NO EXCEPTIONS.

13 Faculty Activation  After all the required documentation is received, the faculty will be activated and an email notification is sent to the sender.

14 Faculty WorkloadFaculty Workload 3

15 Completing the Report Every department will receive a faculty workload Excel template that shows all faculty teaching and non- teaching faculty that includes course information, calculated workload and salaries. Use this file as a starting point to complete the workload as thoroughly and as accurate as possible. Include any information regarding “Other Duties” in the “Note” section. Return the file to the IR Office.

16 Excel Template

17 Banner Forms  SIAINST  Verify the faculty information, and see if the faculty has been activated  SIAASGN  Review faculty workload assignments.  SSASECT  Review course information, type, SCH’s and enrollment.  SZAFACU  Enter the total faculty workload percent of time and salary information (NO Punctuations)

18 Faculty Information Review faculty information on “SIAINST” for accuracy

19 Faculty Course Information Verify faculty course information on “SIAASGN”

20 Faculty Information cont’d Verify the instructor of record in Banner on “SSASECT” Verify Instructor’s of Record is Correct

21 Workload Calculation Foundation  Things you will need to know in order to calculate the workload  Course Type (Lecture, Laboratory, Seminar, etc.)  Semester Credit Hours  Total Enrollment  University Faculty Workload Formulas  Contract Length  Full-time or Part-time

22 Faculty Information cont’d Course schedule type, semester credit hours and contact hours can be found on “SSASECT” Course Schedule Type Credit Hours & Contact Hours Information

23 Faculty Information cont’d Calculated Workload Hours

24 Faculty Information cont’d Enrollment can be found on “SSASECT” under the section enrollment tab. Course Section Enrollment

25 Faculty Information cont’d Select Type *Select the type of “other assigned duties”, enter the amount of workload hours, college, department and assignment type. Enter workload hours Enter College and Department Select Assignment Type

26 Faculty Information cont’d Example

27 Faculty Information cont’d Non-Instructional Type

28 “SZAFACU” Form FICE Code must be entered, always “003630” % of time must be 3 numbers; example “025” equals 25% No longer have “Flex Courses” Only check: “New Hire” if they’re full- time. Uncheck Compliance, only if the faculty is “Out of Compliance” Term must be entered Semester Salary Only

29 Faculty Information cont’d University Appointments:University Salary: 01-Classroom Teaching Activity01-State Appropriations: Account numbers starting with 11, 18 or 17 02-Teaching-Related Activity: Department Administrations, Department Head Supervising & Enhancement Activity 02-Designated: Account numbers starting with 22 or 24 11-Academic Support: Dean/College Level03-Restricted: Account numbers starting with 41 or 55 12-Research (Not paid by Department Funds) 04-Auxiliary: Account numbers starting with 33 13-Public Service – Executive, Direction & Control, Athletics, Auxiliary, Student Services, Financial Aid, Librarian. 05-Overload FE-Flex Time (No Longer Have)06-Flexible Entry (No Longer Have)

30 Faculty Information cont’d Required Faculty Workload Signature Page

31 Salary Calculations 4.5 Month Faculty = Semester Salary 9 Month Faculty = Divide by 2 12 Month Faculty = Divide by 12 multiply by 4.5 Summer Faculty = Summer Budgeted Salary

32 Common Questions Regarding Faculty  Who do I call if I can’t find the faculty in Banner?  First check your documentation, then contact the IR Office (x2184) to make sure all documentation has been received.  The faculty member hasn’t received a contract. What do I do?  Check with your department head and then Academic Affairs  Banner is down. Who do I call? Contact IT at x2525.  I can’t remember my sign on. Who do I call? Contact x9300 or reset password at:

33 Where do I begin? – Review the “Excel” spreadsheet that is sent to your department. – Complete the Banner Faculty Workload Forms “SIAASGN” and “SZAFACU”. Who do I include in the report? – ALL PERSONS WITH FACULTY RANK, APPOINTMENTS, TEACHING or PAID FROM FACULTY SALARIES. Common Questions cont’d

34 Do I need to include a faculty who is on sick leave or sabbatical? – ALL faculty on SABBATICAL, SICK LEAVE, UNPAID LEAVE, ETC. must be included on the workload as "out-of-compliance.” Send letters of justification to Dr. Dean Williamson, Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, with a copy to Dr. Felecia Nave, Provost and VPAA.

35 Common Questions cont’d I have a faculty member who is teaching a course but is not getting paid for it, do I include him/her on the workload report? – EVERYONE TEACHING A COURSE must be included on the workload whether they are being paid or not. Report all duties, include staff members teaching 100% and if a course is an overload. What about research scientists? Do they need to be included on the workload report? – ALL RESEARCH SCIENTISTS must be reported on the workload if they have faculty rank whether teaching or not, with duties identified.

36 Common Questions cont’d Where do I put the overload information? – Percent of time goes into the 01 Teaching field and the salary goes into the overload field. Do I put the annual salary amounts in the form? – No only the semester salary. How do I calculate the semester salaries? – 9 Month faculty – divide salary by 2. – 12 Month faculty – divide annual salary by 12 then multiply by 4.5. Where do I find the formulas to calculate the workload? – All formulas are located in the Faculty Workload Policy at: d/Faculty-NEW-Workload-Policy-2003.pdf d/Faculty-NEW-Workload-Policy-2003.pdf

37 T ARGET D ATES Fall First Monday in November Spring First Monday in March Summer Second Monday in July

38 Who’s Who in IR? Contact information C. Dean Williamson, Ruby Stevens Morgan, Ginger James

39 Resources Faculty Workload Information  Faculty Workload Forms: 


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