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UNIVERSITY OF IOWA ELECTRONIC WORKFLOW Common Solutions Group | September 12, 2014 Steve Fleagle Associate VP & CIO.

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1 UNIVERSITY OF IOWA ELECTRONIC WORKFLOW Common Solutions Group | September 12, 2014 Steve Fleagle Associate VP & CIO

2 The Team: This is Their Work!  Ed Hill – co-leader, back-end architect  Mike Kaplan – co-leader, front-end architect  Sam Schrup – user interface design  Ransom Briggs – workflow engine development  Ben Kazemi – workflow engine development

3 UI Workflow  Powered Employee Self-Service Portal since Dec. 2002  Supports online forms from HR, AP/Travel, Purchasing, VP for Research, Facilities, Fleet Services, Accounting Services, Business Services  Routes forms from initiator to sublevel/supervisor, dept., org., central offices MAUI Workflow  In production since Aug. 2008  Supports online forms from Admissions, Billing, and Registrar’s Office  Supports wide variety of business processes, routes forms and information to various academic offices Background: 2 Separate Workflow Systems

4 Goals of New System  Combine Finance/HR workflow with student system workflow  Platform neutral, functionality exposed via web services  Ability to support any institutional process  Services for all aspects of workflow  Form management, routing, communication, security, roles, etc.  Build a suite of workflow tools to define forms, approvals, & business processes  Portal  Form builder tool  Workflow group/approver rights management

5 Electronic Workflow Architecture

6 Current Capabilities (Jobs@UIowa) Equal Opportunity and Diversity Merit Dept. Competitive Promotion Merit Position Requisition P & S/Faculty/Recruitment Plan Postdoctoral Requisition Postdoctoral Request to Hire Research Intern Requisition Research Intern Request to Hire (Miscellaneous) CLAS Faculty Reviews Comp & Class Redesign Employee Time Record ePersonnel Document Upload Learn/Dev Tuition Assistance App Request Vacation Donation Retirement AP-PO E-Voucher Travel Request Travel Expense Business Services UI Surplus Request Printing Department Order Approval Gas Cylinder Order Form Parking Forms Finance & Operations Decision Support Request Human Resources (HR Transactions) Adjunct Support Appointment Change of Status Leave Of Absence Position Prior Special Compensation Special Compensation Summer Support Termination Transfer Fleet Services Fleet Services Requisition Purchasing Requester Admin Purchase Requisition Research Information Systems VPR Internal Funding Initiative DSP Non-Monetary Routing Form Advance MFK DSP Proposal Routing Form Treasurer’s Office Merchant Account Form UI Health Care PA/ARNP Privileging Process Student Information System Record Merges Online Application Processing Grade Postings and Changes Course Offerings and Fees Residency Review Departmental Scholarship Human Subjects Office Institutional Review Board Facilities Management Facilities Management Requisitions Accounting Services Cash Handling

7 Transaction Counts

8 Workflow Inbox

9 Keys to Project Success  Governance & executive-level support  Campus discussion & engagement  Frequent communication with stakeholders  Co-leaders with complimentary skills & focus  Good working relationship between development groups  Separation of front-end user interface & back-end workflow engine development  Clear goals/roles for each effort

10 Next Steps  Complete form builder application  Assist other application owners in taking advantage of new features  Continue to roll out new forms/applications  Migrate existing workflow processes to new system

11 Lessons Learned  Unified inbox was greatly appreciated by campus  Develop a simple system that accommodates a range of users  Flexible definitions of roles and routes  Difference between administrative and academic workflows  Orgs and Depts have flexibility to do their own internal routing  Incremental development and phased releases  Developed and demonstrated WYSIWYG form builder tool first but then decided not to deploy until later phases

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