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Welcome to LSCC Department of English, Communication, and Reading Danielle Reites, Chair.

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1 Welcome to LSCC Department of English, Communication, and Reading Danielle Reites, Chair

2  WHERE ON THE LSCC WEB?  Dates, Schedules, Catalog  Syllabi, Assignments  Student Attendance Records, Grade Submission  Grading, Handouts, Textbooks, & eLumen  Support Services, Duplication  Classroom Management  Transcripts  Faculty Attendance, Absentee Process  Safety, Security  Salary Distribution  Student Rating of Instruction  FICA Update

3  - One-stop Shopping… well, almost

4  From the home page:  Faculty & Staff  General and Staff Resources  Calendars  2012-2013 Academic & registration Calendars  Fall 2012 Final Exam Calendar

5  Catalog is online  See Faculty & Staff to  Access Email  Must use Outlook Web Access  Off-campus: Lastnameinitial@lscc.local

6  Quick Links  Distance Learning  Faculty and Staff Support  How to Set Up Your Faculty Webpage

7  Department Chair or Full-time faculty member (see liaison list for your contact):  Answers content, or procedural questions  Assists in resolving academic issues  Advises on appropriate testing, grading, and academic standards

8  SACS Compliant - Use templates  Include Assignments – Course Calendar  Electronic copies to both:  Dr. Sligh’s Administrative Assistant (Donna Glover:  Department Chairperson:  Post on Faculty Website  Distribute hard copy at first class meeting or introduce website version.

9  USE: XID + 6-digit date of birth  Summary Class List  Current Enrollment - Updated every 24- hours  Initial Attendance – Occurs immediately after Drop-Add period – VERY IMPORTANT!  Final Grades: TUESDAY, December 11 th @ 4:00 p.m.

10  LOIS on LSCC Homepage  Sign-on: USER ID = XID + DOB  X00012345 + 080975  Tab = “Faculty Services”  Term  CRN  Then choose option  Summary Class List  Initial Attendance  Final Grades

11  Grading: No plus/minus system  A = 90 – 100%  B = 80 – 89%  C = 70 – 79%  D = 69 – 60%  F = 59   Handouts  Limited duplicating budget, please make every effort to post on faculty website  Email me if you forget code  Textbooks  same text required for all sections of the same course  selected by the department’s full-time faculty

12  Sign-on:  LSCC Email address WITHOUT the  Most current email password  eLumen assessments are a vital part of the documentation of outcomes and competencies used for SACS Accreditation  Assessment of “final essay” – largest research-based course project.  Deadline: Need to be completed near or at the end of each semester.

13  Keep Attendance Records  Attendance policy is according to individual instructor  Initial Attendance Verification due 2 nd week of classes  Any “Ds” or “Fs” as final grades require posting the last date of attendance.  Faculty are expected to meet with the class during the full class period.  Breaks are at individual faculty discretion.  Most classrooms are equipped with basic technology. If you are in a computer lab, do not leave the room unattended or unlocked. Do NOT lock the doors of any other classroom.

14  Faculty must establish a class attendance policy and include this policy, in writing, in their course syllabi (DBOT Rule 3.05, Procedure 3-05). In addition, faculty must take class attendance records and store them for one year in the event of financial aid audits of students. Attendance information may be requested periodically by the Financial Aid Office to confirm attendance of students receiving some forms of financial aid. Faculty must keep accurate and up-to- date records of class attendance for each course taught. Students who receive an "F" grade and whose attendance cannot be documented, will be required to repay the excess federal assistance that they receive.

15  Office Hours:  Adjuncts are not required to hold office hours.  Suggestion: Allow some time at the end of class.  Use LSCC Email  Legality issues  During the regular business week, try to respond to students (AND any administrative requests) within 24-hours.  Post class materials and assignment schedules on faculty website.  Send a “heads-up” to your chairperson if “tension is brewing” or “cc” if anticipating any issues.

16  Transcripts  Sealed transcripts are required for all faculty positions.  18 graduate credit hours within the discipline are required to teach discipline-specific courses.

17  Plan ahead, if possible. LSCC Learning Center will keep a lesson plan on file for emergency use for any of your classes.  Learning Center: For an anticipated absence, arrange coverage with the Learning Center or schedule a library orientation or plan for an “outside assignment.”  “Trade” coverage with another instructor.  ALWAYS try to connect with an actual person if possible when you call in.

18  Emergency/Sick: Call – talk with a PERSON – Do not just email  Leesburg  Dean’s office faculty admin assistant Julia Rogers: 352-365-3595  SOUTH LAKE:  Kim Kidd: 352-536-2240  Administrative support in the main reception area: 352-243-5722  They will hang a sign, call students with enough advance notice, and make copies of any assignments you’d like to leave  Upon return, complete course coverage form and send to Department Chairperson:  Acquire forms from Website or Dept. Chair

19  Emergencies:  From campus phone: 9-911 – FIRST, then notify campus security (number posted on door.)  Leesburg: 352-516-3795  Sumter: 352-303-7296  South Lake: 352-516-5074  On-campus issues (locked out of classroom, would like escort to car, etc.) – campus security  Use common sense – when in doubt, call security.

20  Please report equipment that is down using a work order or an e-mail to  IT (also may want in your phone):  There will be a tech on duty until 7:00 each M- R evening.  South Lake: 352-536-2268 or 352-536-2250  Leesburg: 787-3747 ext. 7121  If not an urgent problem or after hours, send an e- mail to HelpDesk, if possible.

21  Leesburg: Julia Rogers (in Teaching and Learning Bldg., Dean’s Office)  South Lake: security office  Sumter campus: at the front desk 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

22  Email the following information is to your Department Chair  Updated phone number  Emergency contact  Department Chair’s Cell: (please add to your cell phone)  Can use for questions, emergencies, etc.

23  Adjunct Pay per Credit Hour  Adjuncts will be paid according to the degree level of the instructor.  Associate’s Degree $427  Bachelor’s Degree $495  Master’s Degree $541  Doctorate Degree $584  Salary Distribution:  Teaching 3 Credits and/or less than 6 Credits = Payment is made at end of semester  Teaching 6 credits or more = If you wish 50% mid-term payment, please indicate on the lower left corner of your Instructional Schedule prior to returning it to Dr. Sligh’s office; otherwise payment will be made at the end of the semester for all credits taught.

24  Any work not returned to students should be kept for at least one year. In the event of grade contest or other student issue, you may be asked to present the work and comment on it.

25  Student Evaluation  End of each semester – forms & directions will be placed in faculty mailbox.  Faculty members must NOT be present in the room.  Select a student to administer and deliver to office listed on the front of the envelope.  Results are available in the Dean’s office in the following semester. Please make an appt. with Julia Rogers re. this if you do not see the results.  Department Chairperson/Lead Faculty  Random or scheduled  Criteria/form may be reviewed on the Intranet/Webpage.

26  LSCC has adopted a qualified retirement plan for part-time, seasonal, or temporary/adjunct employees who are not covered by the Florida State Retirement System.  The FICA Alternative Plan provided by Bencor Administrative Services  Questions may be directed to HR:  Joyce Brautcheck (  Tom Flood (

27  Where is my mailbox?  Leesburg – in the Faculty lounge in the Lecture Hall Building  South Lake – off the Faculty Lounge in the back of the first floor of Building 2  Sumter – inside the main office area  If you teach on more than one campus, you will have a mailbox on each one.  PLEASE check and empty your mailbox at least once per week.

28  How are grades communicated to students?  You may provide grade information to students in class (being careful to protect student privacy).  Final grades are visible to individual students in LOIS after the conclusion of the semester.  You may NEVER post grades in any way in which personally identifiable information is disclosed.  FERPA: You may NEVER communicate grades to students via e-mail, even if the student initiates the contact.

29  Will I be observed by a faculty member or the department chair, and will I have opportunities to grow and develop as an instructor?  You will be observed by a full-time faculty member (who may or may not be your liaison). Keep watch for an email requesting possible dates for an observation.  This is an opportunity to celebrate and document the things that you are doing well and to receive suggestions for improving efficiency and/or effectiveness.  You may also request an observation at any time if you think that would be helpful to you.

30 Email: or Call: Danielle Reites’ office 352-536-2263 or cell

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