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What’s up at CCOVI? A Year in Review December, 2 nd 2005.

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1 What’s up at CCOVI? A Year in Review December, 2 nd 2005

2 Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) Vision: To be the world ’ s leading centre of excellence in cool climate grape and wine research; and one of the top five international oenology and viticulture research institutes Mission: CCOVI is dedicated to the advancement of the Canadian grape and wine industry, as well as other cool climate grape and wine producing regions of the world.

3 CCOVI Responsibilities To engage leading edge research programs in cool climate viticulture and oenology; To provide education and professional development opportunities for the grape and wine community and the community at large; To train highly qualified personnel though the Brock oenology and viticulture (OEVI) undergraduate programs and graduate research thesis conducted under CCOVI auspices.

4 Goals announced June 2004 Review of the OEVI program Stimulate and facilitate researcher networking Focus research programs Expand the continuing education program Enhance Communication

5 Assumptions made Outreach positions fully staffed Slight increase of the operating budget Priorities set up would remain unchanged

6 Key accomplishments-OEVI The Oenology and Viticulture programs meet the expectations of students and address needs of the industry –Some requests will be added in the curriculum –Raised the awareness of the programs nationally and internationally

7 Research at CCOVI From Stokes, 1997 quoted by Pretorius, 2003

8 Key accomplishments-Research Research dissemination –24 publications in peer reviewed journals –20 presentations at conferences –Regular columns in Wine East and Canada Grape to Wine –Workshops

9 Key accomplishments-Research New research programs funded focus on industry priorities: –MALB, Winter injury A new initiative to provide 21 st century solutions to cool climate challenges –Brock/CCOVI, University of Guelph, University of Toronto –International collaborations

10 Key accomplishments- Continuing Education CCOVI coordinated and hosted 5 major workshops and industry seminars Successful Wine appreciation courses Triggs International Premium Vinifera lecture series: Nov 2004, Sept. 2005 –Successful addition of workshops/technical day to the public lecture

11 Key accomplishments- Communications Launch a campaign to raise the awareness of CCOVI mission and products –Meeting with stakeholders –Attend industry meetings & tradeshow Hosted Visit of CCOVI Hired a Communications specialist

12 Other achievements Active contributor of the Coordinating Research initiative Collaborator on a feasibility study for a Research foundation –Developed a database to inventory research projects and outcomes

13 Other achievements Facilitated and hosted 50 events Sponsored and co-organized: –Uncorked 2005, May 2005 –Bacchus in Bourgogne, Nov. 2005

14 Lessons learned & insights gained A better understanding on my 2 main customers (University and Industry) Research collaboration within and outside Brock is key to develop knowledge and solutions required by cool climate challenges. Communication is key and should be adapted to CCOVI diverse audiences

15 Resources CCOVI Staff: –Barb Tatarnic, Brian Grant, Gail Higenell, Kevin Ker, David Hulley, Chris Waters, Linda van Zuiden CCOVI Research Scientists: –Debbie Inglis, Gary Pickering, Andy Reynolds Brock Researchers with strong links to CCOVI –Vince de Luca, Wendy McFadden-Smith (adjunct), Helen Fisher (adjunct),Tony Shaw, Carman Cullen, Litsa Tsiani Temporary Staff and voluntary students: –Linda Masson, Coral MacKenzie, Yui Maekawa, Dwight Follick, Shantani Ray.

16 Resources Department of Biological Sciences: –A. Joffre Mercier Faculty of Maths and Sciences –Dean Ian Brindle Office of Research Services –Associate VP. Michael Owen & grant facilitators CCOVI Research committee –Allan Jackson CCOVI Advisory Council –Bruce Walker

17 Future initiatives Student mobility program between EU- Canada Conduct of a major industry survey to tailor professional development offerings with industry needs High involvement in the implementation of the grape and wine industry research foundation Launch of a new outreach service to better disseminate knowledge and new knowledge in a user friendly format.

18 Dates to put on your calendar February 15-16, 2006: OFVC June 5-6, 2006: The Grape and Wine Industry Conference and Trade Show June 2007: Bacchus at Brock. The 3 rd international and multidisciplinary wine conference.

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