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HIRE ME Workshop Riverside Community College District.

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1 HIRE ME Workshop Riverside Community College District

2 Welcome! Art Alcaraz Director Human Resources Chani Beeman District Director Diversity, Equity & Compliance


4 ABOUT RCCD Riverside City College established in 1916 Moreno Valley and Norco Campuses established in 1991 (recently granted Candidacy status for separate accreditation) Fourth largest of California’s 2-year public colleges More than 100 diverse programs leading to an associate's degree, career certificates, or transfer to a four-year college or university More than 30,000 students and over 2,000 faculty and staff

5 RCCD AND GROWTH Distance learning over the Internet – RCCD’s Open Campus On site training for local workers and businesses Law Enforcement and Public Safety training at the March Education and Ben Clark Training Centers Culinary Academy and Rubidoux Education Annex La Sierra Center in Education Riverside School for the Arts At an annual growth rate of 4.1% since 2000, our District provides educational services to one of the fastest growing areas in the state. Our educational services in a variety of ways:

6 COMMUNITY CONNECTION We educate one member out of every three area families We have brought more than $20 million in grants to the community Our Community Education Program serves 11,000 additional people who are interested in personal growth, new activities, and lifelong learning RCCD also works with local businesses--helping small, medium and large companies expand their market share and maintain a competitive edge in domestic and world markets And, as one of the largest employers in the region, we help expand the local economy

7 COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY BP 7100: “Riverside Community College District is committed to building a diverse and accessible environment that fosters intellectual and social advancement. All District programs and activities seek to affirm pluralism of beliefs and opinions, including diversity of religion, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, disability, age and socioeconomic class. Diversity is encouraged and welcomed because RCCD recognizes that our differences as well as our commonalities promote integrity and resilience that prepare our students for the evolving and changing community we serve…”

8 ETHNICITY OF RCCD SERVICE AREA (Census 2000) 5.7%Asian/Pacific Islander 10.5%Black/African-America 41.7%Hispanic/Latino 0.4%Native American 38.8%White Service area includes Corona, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Norco, Perris and Riverside. Included cities account for 75% of enrolled students.

9 RCCD Diversity EthnicityStudents (Fall 2006) FT Faculty (Fall 2006) All Staff (2007) Asian/Pacific-Islander9%8%6% Black/African-American11%6%9% Hispanic/Latino36%15%24% Native American1%2%1% White/Caucasian36%69%60% Undeclared8%0% LGBT (estimated)10% Disabled (estimated)10%

10 RCCD Student Age (Fall 2006) Under 2029% 20-2431% 25-3420% 35+20%


12 1.Apply to job postings through the website 2.Create 1 application and apply to multiple postings 3.Attach documents such as cover letters, transcripts, etc. 4.Track the status of positions you have applied to 5.Receive automated application status updates through email Riverside Community College District now uses an automated online application system with the ability to

13 Creating an Application After logging into, you can watch the applicant training video to gain an overview of the entire system: 2 types of applications: a. Classified/Management/Confidential b. Faculty

14 What if I don’t have access to a Computer? The Diversity and Human Resources office has several computer terminals available for public use You will have to have an email account to receive updates from the system All updates are automatic and will keep you informed as to your status with a specific position

15 Uploading Attachments Accept.pdf or.doc formats Required versus Optional Documents 2 MegaByte limit Types of documents may include: a. Cover Letter b. Curriculum Vitae c. Transcripts d. Resume e. Letter of Reference

16 How Often Should I Apply? Certain Hourly/Clerical positions require applicants to apply every 2 months Adjunct positions need to apply every year Classified/Management/Confidential positions have specific opening and closing dates


18 BE PREPARED First impressions Market yourself Be analytical No one word answers

19 KEYS FOR APPLICANTS Know the Job –Review the job posting –Focus on required education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities of position Know the Organization –History –Current successes and challenges

20 KEYS FOR APPLICANTS PREPARE YOURSELF –Anticipate questions –What are the emotional requirements of the job pressures, workload demands, style of manager, Job satisfactions, relationships, corporate culture –What is the environment like Working conditions, location, travel, hours –Skills/responsibilities Are there special skills required? Special equipment skill needs? Judgment, independence, –Do your homework – learn what you offer the job

21 EQUIVALENCY If your transcripts do not state the degree requirements exactly as listed on the job posting, you MUST apply for equivalency. Examples of when to apply for equivalency: The degree required is a Master’s in Mathematics and your degree is a Master’s in Mathematics Education. The degree required is a Master’s in Sociology and your degree is a Master’s in Social Science.

22 COVER LETTERS Should state how you meet the requirements listed on the job posting (Education & Experience). Should state other relevant experience that may not be required on the job posting. Should state why you want to work at Riverside Community College. Should state why you feel you have the equivalent education if you are applying for equivalency. May be the most important part of your application packet.

23 INTERVIEW DO’S AND DON’TS Do listen, listen, listen Do be analytical Do become comfortable talking about yourself Do become comfortable marketing yourself, your talent and skills Do dress for the job Don’t use one word answers Don’t say I don’t know and then proceed to answer the question Don’t talk too long, remember you only have a specified time frame for your interview

24 INTERVIEW DO’S AND DON’TS Do make eye contact with each interviewer Do be honest, don’t exaggerate about yourself Do demonstrate to interviewers how and why your experience has prepared you for this level Don’t just let your experience speak for itself, even if it is outstanding Don’t be too kind and “plastic” that you turn off the interviewers

25 INTERVIEW DO’S AND DON’TS Do project your voice and speak clearly. It is okay to be quiet by nature but make sure you are heard Do accentuate the positives of your previous positions and what you learned from them Do be willing to admit mistakes you have made in your career and what you learned from them Do demonstrate that you are ambitious and willing to do what it takes to get the job done

26 CLOSING THE INTERVIEW Did you cover your bullet points Questions (smart questions only) Give a confident final impression of yourself Thank the committee for the interview

27 HANDY HINTS FOR ADJUNCT FACULTY Part-time faculty are often hired just days or even hours before a class starts. As a result it is wise to be prepared. The recommendations below may help you prepare for your interview and for the first day of class. Log into and learn about community college teaching and RCC in particular. Set up your own account as a part time faculty member. The site is free to applicants and RCCD staff. Familiarize yourself with the course outlines of Record for your discipline. Current Course Outlines can be downloaded from fm. Be ready to tell the Department Chair which courses you are prepared to teach, or would prefer to teach. fm

28 HANDY HINTS FOR ADJUNCT FACULTY Prepare a sample syllabus for the course most frequently taught by part-time Faculty in your discipline (soc 1, Eng 50A, psy 1, etc.). Utilize the resources in or the syllabus template available at for ideas. Schedule a meeting with the Department Chair or Assistant Chair in your discipline on all three campuses (if your discipline is taught on all three). Even a five minute hello during their office hours can provide groundwork for a future relationship.

29 HANDY HINTS FOR ADJUNCT FACULTY Talk with the chair about their expectations for part-time faculty. Be interested in learning all you can about the department, its students and its long term hiring needs. You may not get a position in the next six months, but you may be hired regularly in the future. Keep in contact with a brief reminder of your interest every three months or so. Plan the first two or three weeks lessons just in case that call comes the day before classes start.

30 SUMMARY Prepare a position specific cover letter to submit with the application Prepare a professional resume Do thorough research to prepare for the interview SME– you are the subject matter expert in your experience and skills Speak with confidence about both

31 SUMMARY Speak about accomplishments not only the jobs you have held Talk about what you have done successfully Be prepared to speak about failures and what you learned as a result

32 SUMMARY Be prepared to answer the question, “Why do you want to work here?” Build rapport with interviewers Anticipate standard questions, situational questions and behavioral questions. Expect open-ended questions

33 SUMMARY Leave interviewers with a sense of what you can contribute to the organization Close of interview – thank interviewers for their time Consider a letter or e-mail follow up note Be patient as you await results. Good managers are typically slower to hire than to fire

34 FINAL THOUGHTS The interview is your opportunity to market yourself, take it seriously and prepare

35 JOHN SWAN, EXECUTIVE RECRUITER CREATED THE “SWAN” FORMULA S be smart, ask good questions W work hard in preparing for the interview. Demonstrate how you would work hard if you acquired the job A ambitious. Demonstrate your willingness to move ahead and your ability to start the new job as soon as possible N nice. Be nice, friendly, and polite

36 We are all ultimately self-employed in a sense and have to do what we can to market ourselves and take care of our futures

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