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CSE 436—Intro Lecture Ron K. Cytron 12 September 2005.

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1 CSE 436—Intro Lecture Ron K. Cytron 12 September 2005

2 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop Who am I? Ron K. Cytron –Professor, Computer Science and Engineering –Director of DOC group Rice University: B.S.E.E, 1980 University of Illinois: –M.S., Computer Science, 1982 –Ph.D., Computer Science, 1984 IBM Research –Research Staff Member, 1984—1991 –Adjunct Professor, NYU and Columbia Washington University –Visiting Adjunct, 1991—1993 –Associate Professor, 1993 –[Full] Professor, 2002

3 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop Why Software Engineering? IBM Research (Yorktown Heights, New York) –PTRAN project: research  prototyping  product –Software reviews and evaluations of projects –Customer interactions within IBM and outside Texas Instruments (Dallas) –Cross compiler and simulator support –“Freeze and thaw” environment capture was my enduring contribution Ultradata (St Louis company) –Embedded application with offline desktop support –Noisy data, rigorous testing required –Memory space very tight—I was originally called in to help them with “compression”

4 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop More recently DSSI  Exegy –Start up in St Louis, started with IP work by myself and 3 other profs (Indeck, Chamberlain, Franklin) –8 people in CWE to 20 at I-44 and I-270 Hardware and software company –FPGA-based algorithmic development –Softare for Prototyping User interfaces, reports Language interfaces Controls for hardware Many lessons learned and still learning –Lunch is important, talk about it early and often –Always “both” –Success depends on talent, shared vision and appreciation of goals, team players –Things you learn at Wash U are relevant and they matter greatly Our field requires life-long learning –Professional development –Giving as well as getting

5 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop My current status On semi-sabbatical –Two days a week at Exegy (Tuesdays and Thursdays) –Two days a week at WU (Mondays and Fridays) –Wednesday is a swing day –Teaching this semester, but not next –Then back to full-time WU Why am I teaching this course? –Commitment to quality software –Love of computer science, programming a human-human activity more so than a human- machine activity –Engineering as art + science

6 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop Software Engineering Unusual field –Consistent messages, discrepant terminology Important field –Considered pivotal to addressing the “software crisis” Diverse field –Theory—formal requirements, specification languages –Practice—testing, software development models, processes, project management

7 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop Course Overview This is a capstone course, meaning that you will draw from all your experiences in other courses to complete the work in this course. Design skills, to arrive at a clean, effective design for your project. Coding skills, to implement your project in the best way possible. Programming language skills, as all projects will involve Java, C++, and JNI to connect the pieces. Debugging skills, to find and fix bugs. Testing skills, to search for the presence of bugs. Theory skills, to prove the absence of bugs. Writing skills, to develop clean, effective prose describing requirements and project activities. Presentation skills, to communicate the important aspects of your project at different levels (management, customer, team)

8 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop How might this semester differ from previous ones? Implementation and Documentation –Documentation required –But implementation is equally important Testing –Methodologies in lecture –Teams practice testing at all levels Unit testing Application testing, white- and black-box Regression testing Emphasis on presentations –Everybody presents –Everybody critiques –Everybody improves Study of software failures Final exam planned on lecture material

9 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop How else? Outside speakers from industry will talk about Software Engineering from their perspective Mock interviews Field trip possible

10 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop Course particulars Take a look at the web space for course: –

11 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop Projects Disco dance floor –IEEE students building LED matrix –Hardware patterned after project at MIT Tour-o-matic –Give directions to people taking WU tour How to get from A to B (Dijkstra) Account for universal access (stairways might have infinite cost) Show sites along the way –Play clips talking about things they experience –Hook up with other people taking tour with similar background (Yente) Juke box –CD ripping –CDDG (freedb) to get track/album info –Album covers –LCD display + monitor

12 CSE 436 Software Engineering Workshop Team Formation Q/A on projects Team formation –Social aspects –Logistics: must be able to meet me as a team between 9—11 on Fridays –Interest in project I’d like to have each project covered –Could drop Juke Box if needed –Wouldn’t mind having two teams do same project Looking for 4 teams of 5-6 people each Form teams Each team works on questions now –No team meetings Friday

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