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San Juan College Dental Hygiene Program. What is a Dental Hygienist? A Licensed health care professional Provide clinical, therapeutic and educational.

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1 San Juan College Dental Hygiene Program

2 What is a Dental Hygienist? A Licensed health care professional Provide clinical, therapeutic and educational services to patients –Treat periodontal disease –Take and develop radiographs –Apply fluoride –Apply sealants –Administer anesthetic –Place dressings and sutures Oral health education and prevention specialists Flexible scheduling

3 Employment Opportunity Bureau of Labor Statistics –Dental Hygiene is among the fastest growing professions –Excellent job prospects Population growth People living longer Greater awareness Newer Dentists Projected job growth much faster than average


5 New Mexico’s Top Jobs* Network/Communication Analysts Physician Assistants Postsecondary Teachers Network/Computer Administrators Database Administrators Dental Hygienists Respiratory Therapists Physical Therapists Computer Systems Mgrs. Pharmacists Computer Software Engineers Cardiovascular Techs * Jobs with the strongest employment outlook (2002-12) and high wages. Source: New Mexico Department of Labor.

6 Employment Settings Clinical Practice –General Dental Practice –Specialty Dental Practice –Government (IHS, Military, Prisons etc) Education Industry Research Public Health

7 Program Accredited by the American Dental Associations Commission on Dental Accreditation 2-year program (5 semesters) AAS degree upon completion

8 Admissions Criteria Be a HS graduate or have a GED Have a college cumulative GPA 2.75 or better Taken the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) entrance exam Complete 12 hours of dental hygiene observation in three different dental offices Attend a SJC Dental Hygiene Information session Submit completed application by April 1 Prerequisites must have been completed within last 5 years with a “C” or better Successful candidates typically have a 3.00 or better for all of their prerequisites

9 Prerequisite Courses BIOL 121 (Introduction to Biology I) BIOL 252 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I) BIOL 253 (Human Anatomy and Physiology II) BIOL 224 (Microbiology) CHEM 110 or higher ENGL 111 (Freshman Comp) MATH 114 or higher

10 General Education Courses ENGL 211 or 218 (Advanced Comp or Advanced Technical Writing) SPCH 110 or 111 (Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication) HLTH 118 (Introduction to Nutrition) SOCI 110 (Introduction to Sociology) PSYC 120 (Introduction to Psychology)

11 Projected Cost First year: $7,500 - $8,500 Second year: $3,500 - $4,500 Additional examination fees: $1,500 - $2,000 Costs are estimated, based on in-state tuition and include immunizations, books, supplies, instruments, uniforms, special course fees, a and medical insurance

12 Program Philosophy Education is Job #1 Creativity and Scholarly Activity Service Professional Development

13 Students Admission limited to 12 students per year with approximately 70 applicants per year Graduate 12 Students per year

14 Students

15 Curriculum Didactic study91 credit hours Clinical education >678 hours Special needs clinic 60 hours

16 Curriculum 1 st semester: –Anatomy, Morphology, Clinic, Seminar, Histology, Embryology, Radiology 2 nd semester: –Clinic, Seminar, Pathology, Periodontology Summer session: –Biomaterials, Clinic 3 rd semester: –Pharmacology, Clinic, Seminar, Public Health, Local Anesthesia 4 th semester: –Clinic, Seminar, Principles of Practice, Practicum, Board Review Students must maintain a “C” or better in each class in order to remain in the program

17 Curriculum Clinical rotations –School children education –Indian Health Service –Life-Care nursing facility –Head Start SADHA –Regional health fairs –Special Olympics –GKAS

18 Facilities State of the art facilities 9 delivery units Each unit has access to; –Computerized practice management software –Intraoral camera imaging system –Digital radiography as well as traditional film radiography



21 Facilities Wet Lab –Dental materials Fully integrated classroom facilities –Media capable Internet VCR, CD, DVD Document camera –Slides, overheads, textbooks Computer imaging Integration of clinical images into classroom



24 Faculty Julius N. Manz DDS –Director of the Dental Hygiene Program

25 Faculty Tammy Honold, RDH, CDHC –Second Year Dental Hygiene Coordinator –Program Advisor

26 Faculty Sherry Paxson, RDH –First Year Dental Hygiene Coordinator –SADHA coordinator

27 Faculty Georgia Cotie CDA –Dental Clinic Manager

28 Faculty Sherilyn Oldfield –Administrative Assistant III

29 Faculty Dalene Meek –Dental Clinic Administrator

30 Adjunct Faculty Marilyn Ketcham, DDS Part time Faculty

31 Adjunct Faculty Kathy Jo Golden, RDH Clinical Instructor Josalyn Sewell, RDH Clinical Instructor Nancy Rhien, RDH, PA Clinical Instructor

32 Adjunct Faculty Sarah Thiel, RDH Clinical Instructor Brittany Nichols, RDH Clinical Instructor Mandi Pickering, RDH Clinical Instructor

33 Adjunct Faculty Jeff Nygren, Pharmacolgy Instructor Allison Cahoon,MS,RDH Clinical Instructor Kathy Berry,MS,RDH Adjunct Instructor

34 Contact Information Website: e-mail: Phone: (505) 566-3642

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