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Burlew Medical Library’s Web Site Premieres ! How to make the library’s web site work for you.

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1 Burlew Medical Library’s Web Site Premieres ! How to make the library’s web site work for you

2 Burlew Medical Library’s web site n Created in response to demand: this was the #1 identified need in the last two library user surveys n Provides convenient, 24/7 access to library resources and critical health information on the WWW n Adjunct to traditional library services

3 n Accessible from work or home to all SJH/CHOC Staff ID = library Password = web For ease of access, bookmark this site or better yet, make it your home page. It will also be linked off of the SJH Intranet soon.

4 Library Web Site Orientation: follow the links ( don’t forget, id=library, password = web; also you need to use your browser’s back button to get back to the slide show from a web site) The Library’s home page is divided into 4 major sections: 1. Consumer Health 2. Library Resources 3. Databases 4. Web Links

5 Consumer Health Section n This section is available to the public and does not require a password n Patients or health consumers can be directed here with confidence. Only the most authoritative and trusted sites are linked here. n Consumers can use a medical dictionary, look up a disease or drug, or use an interactive health tutorial on topics such as back pain, diabetes and more. n Just a few of the links in this section are n Medline Plus n HealthFinder n NOAH (English and Spanish)

6 Library Resources: just a few of the services and resources you can access: n Request a literature search online n Request and article or book n Access the full text of more than 450 medical, nursing and health care journals (under Library Resources click on “Online Journals”) n Consult full text books including Harrisons’ Principles of Internal Medicine (under Library Resources click on “Online Books” n You can also: participate in Library Fundraising efforts, view the entire library’s journal holdings list (both print and electronic), read the library’s newsletter or library history or find out about library staff

7 Databases Section If you would like to try your hand at your own research we have provided access to Medline (Pubmed), the National Cancer Institutes PDQ databases, the California Digital Library and more. We now have a link to the nursing database, Cinahl, Ovid Medline and the Cochrane database. For your convenience, we also have links to Medline search tutorials and WWW search tutorials under the Web Links section, Continuing Education. Expert Research and Document Delivery: If you are spending more than 10 minutes trying to find the information you need, you should contact the library to do the research or obtain the needed documents for you. Our staff have specialized degrees and certifications in this area as well as years of experience and a service-oriented attitude. We are here to save you time and obtain the information you need.

8 Web Links: over 1,000 authoritative, organized links to WWW resources in healthcare n The broad sections include n Medicine Links n Consumer Health Links n Medicine/Science in the News n Tools for Grants writers/Fundraising n Legislation/Law Resources n Administrator/Manager links n Nursing Links/Cultural Diversity n Reference/Search Engines n Allied Health Links n California Specific Resources n Continuing Education/Tutorials and more !! –We will make every effort to identify broken links and keep links current; if you do identify a broken link please let us know.

9 Medicine Links: from A – Z n Links to resources in all the specialty areas from allergy and immunology to cardiology, pediatrics, oncology and surgery n Links to special interest areas such as bioethics, informatics and computing, telemedicine and public health/statistics n If you need a lift or material for a talk, follow the links to humor resources in medicine and nursing n Links to Medical “Metasites”, large-scale portals to everything medical such as Hardin Metadirectory Biosites

10 Nursing and Cultural Diversity Links : sampling n CINAHL web links n California Board of Nursing n Nursing World n EthnoMed n DiversityRX n Transcultural and multicultural health links

11 Manager/Administrator Links: sampling n Health Care Advisory Board (user name=juliesmith, password=burlew) n California Healthcare Association (for CHA interactive id=jsmith password=sjh8291) n Agency for Health Care Quality Research n Health Care Professional’s Network (sample P and P’s) n FirstGov: the official site for the US Government n QI-Project-National Aggregate Data n Health Hippo n OSHPD n Conditions of Participation

12 Legal and Regulatory Links : sampling n Title 22, Title 17, all Calif Code of Regulations n Code of Federal Regulations n Official California Legislative Page n THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet n State Operations Manual Table of Contents (HCFA) n GPO Gate at University of California (Federal Register, Congressional Record) n OIG Internet Site

13 Information Delivery and the Future n Burlew Medical Library’s web site will continue to grow and improve. If you would like to see content or a link added, use the e- mail capability on the library’s home page. We welcome your feedback!! n Take advantage of your library!!! n We are here to serve you. We offer timely, expert searches of the literature, WWW and other resources. Our collection of 600+ journals is strong in clinical medicine, pediatrics and nursing. We offer document delivery services, current awareness services, library instruction, and much more! Work efficiently, ensure quality patient care,and improve decision making; the medical library can help you in all of these areas.

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