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PRESENTATION TO ALUMNI - March 5, 2011. Professors K. Gopinath – OS, Storage Systems R. Govindarajan (SERC ) – Architecture, Compilers Jayant Haritsa.

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2 Professors K. Gopinath – OS, Storage Systems R. Govindarajan (SERC ) – Architecture, Compilers Jayant Haritsa (SERC ) – Database Systems P. V. Kumar (ECE ) – Coding, Information Theory Matthew Jacob (SERC ) – Architecture M. N. Murty – Pattern Recognition, Data Mining Y. Narahari – Game theory, E-Commerce, Social networks (Chair) Dilip Patil (MA) – Commutative Algebra L. M. Patnaik – Distributed Computing (On Lien as VC, DIAT, Pune) Priti Shankar – Formal languages, compilers, Coding theory Y. N. Srikant – Compiler design C. E. Veni Madhavan – Security, Cognition V.V.S. Sarma (Honorary) – Artificial Intelligence Ravi Kannan (Adjunct) – Algorithms Associate Professors S. Bhatnagar – Stochastic control, Networks C. Bhattacharyya – Machine Learning Deepak D’Souza – Automated Verification R. C. Hansdah – Distributed Computing Shirish Shevade – Machine Learning, Data Mining Sunil Chandran – Graph Theory Assistant Professors Shivani Agarwal – Machine Learning D. Ambedkar – Info. Theory, Algorithmic Algebra Indrajit Bhattacharya – Machine Learning Sanjit Chatterjee – Cryptology, Security S. Govindarajan - Geometry, Spatial Data Structures Aditya Kanade – Formal methods, Software analysis Vijay Natarajan – Geometry, Visualization K.V. Raghavan – Programming languages and tools B. Uday Kumar Reddy – Parallelization, compilers Senior Scientific Officer V. Susheela Devi - Pattern recognition, soft computing CSA FACULTY

3 3 FACULTY @ CSA Fellows of IEEE: 3 Fellows of INSA: 3 Fellows of IASc: 4 Fellows of INAE: 5 Fellows of NASI: 3 Professors: 14 Associate Professors: 6 Assistant Professors: 9 Senior Scientific Officer: 1 Post-Docs: 3 JC Bose Fellows: 1 Bhatnagar Prize: 1 Vikram Sarabhai: 1 IISc Awards: 4 Young Scientist Awards: 15 Faculty Awards: 20

4 Research Areas @ CSA Theoretical Computer Science Algorithms, Graph Theory, Random Projections Coding Theory, Cryptology Computational Geometry, Topology Combinatorial Geometry Automated Verification Algorithmic Algebra, Information Theory Computer Systems and Software Architecture, Power Aware Computing Operating Systems, Storage Systems, Security, Database Systems Networks, Distributed Computing Compilers, Programming Languages and Tools Multi-core Programming, Software Engineering Graphics, Scientific Visualization Intelligent Systems Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Info. Retrieval Machine Learning, Convex Optimization Game Theory, Mechanism Design E-Commerce, Social Network Analysis Stochastic Systems and Optimization Cognitive Systems

5 5 RESEARCH AREAS @ CSA MACHINE LEARNING, PATTERN RECOGNITION, DATA MINING, ANALYTICS M. N. Murty, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya Shirish Shevade, Shalabh Bhatnagar, Susheela Devi, Indrajit Bhattacharyya, Ambedkar, Shivani Agarwal, R. Kannan GAME THEORY AND MECHANISM DESIGN Y. Narahari, Shalabh Bhatnagar, Shirish Shevade, Shivani Agarwal STOCHASTIC CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION, REINFORCEMENT LEARNING Shalabh Bhatnagar, Ambedkar, Chairanjib Bhattacharya, Shivani Agarwal, Y. Narahari ALGORITHMS, COMPLEXITY, GRAPH THEORY, AND COMBINATORICS Sunil Chandran, Satish Govindarajan, Veni Madhavan, Ravi Kannan INFO. THEORY, CODING, ALGORITHMIC ALGEBRA P.Shankar, Ambedkar,, PVKumar, D. Patil, CEVM COMPUTATIONAL TOPOLOGY AND GEOMETRY, GRAPHICS, VISUALIZATION Vijay Natarajan, Satish Govindarajan, Sunil Chandran PROGRAM ANALYSIS, COMPILERS, FORMAL VERIFICATION Y. N. Srikant, R. Govindarajan, Priti Shankar, D. D’Souza, K.V. Raghavan, K. Gopinath, Aditya Kanade, Uday Kumar ARCHITECTURE, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING, CLOUD COMPUTING Matthew Jacob, R. Govindarajan, K. Gopinath, R.C. Hansdah, Shalabh, Y.N. Srikant, Uday Kumar INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, INFO. RETRIEVAL Jayant Haritsa, M.N. Murty, Shivani Agarwal, Indrajit Bhattacharya CRYPTOLOGY, SECURITY Veni Madhavan, Sanjit Chatterjee, K. Gopinath, R.C. Hansdah COGNITIVE SCIENCE AND SYSTEMS C.E. Veni Madhavan

6 STUDENTS @ CSA Students on Roll: 250  Ph D – 82  MSc (Engg.) – 36  ME(CSE) : 51 + 54  ME(SSA) : 12 + 15 Graduated (2005-2010) Ph D – 30 MSc (Engg.) – 48 M.E. (CSE) – 171 M.E. (SSA) – 69 Ph D graduates are currently working in: Faculty and Post-Docs (10) (LSE-London, IISc, IITB, IITK, IITH, IIST, NITC, JNTU, VTU, Mysore-Univ); MSRI (4); GM-ISL(3); IBM Research (3); Yahoo!(2); Infosys (3); AOL (1); Philips (1); Xerox (1); SAP (1); Startups (1) Number of M.E./M.Sc. Students who have taken up Ph.D. (2005-2010) 18 (overseas); 29 (CSA) Winners of Yahoo! University Hackday contest; Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award; Best Paper/Poster Awards; Highly competitive PhD fellowships

7 Publications (5 Years) Number of Publications Books and Monographs 7 Book Chapters 25 Journal Publications 159 Conference Publications 204 Journals include SIAM, IEEE, ACM, JMLR, NC, JA, TCS, JCSS, I&C, JCT, etc. Conferences include STOC, SODA, STACS, LFCS, POPL, CC, ICDE, CEC, AAMAS, NIPS, ICML, ICDM, ICPR, IJCAI, VLDB, IEEE VIS, CGO, EMSOFT, CASES, FORMATS, SDM, ICDAR, SDM, IJCNN, WINE 71 Top-cited papers by CSA authors have accumulated more than 16538 citations (google scholar)

8 Sponsors and Collaborators (2006-2010) Govt. of India: UGC (CAS), UGC (Infrastructure), DST-FIST, DST SERC (12 Projects), DBT, DRDO, DIT Universities: MIT, Technion, Harvard, UCB, UCD, UCSC, IITB, Max Planck, SUNY, MSU, Alberta, EURANDOM, Grenoble, Zurich, Leipzig, CWI, INRIA, TIFR, CMU IBM, Infosys, TRDDC, Motorola, GM, SUN, NetApp, AOL, Xerox, TI, Microsoft Research India, Philips, Intel, Yahoo!, Google, Bell Labs, SAP ONR, Lawrence Livermore, AOARD, Swiss Bilateral, Indo-German, UKERI

9 9 CSA IN 2010 New Faculty Appointments Shirish Shevade (AcP) Indrajit Bhattacharya Shivani Agarwal Sanjit Chatterjee Uday Kumar Reddy Fellowships JC Bose Fellow: 1 (YN) FNA: 1 (YN) FASc: 1 (JH) IISc Research Award: 1 (CEVM) Master’s Students M.Sc. (Engg) Admitted: 9 M.Sc. (Engg) Completed: 10 M.Sc. To PhD: 4 M.E. to PhD: 5 Excellent placements Collaborative Projects Infosys: 6 NetApp, Nokia, LSILOGIC, EMC, Intel, Mindtree, Xerox, IBM PUBLICATIONS Journals: 33 Conferences: 58 Books: 3; Patents: 4 71 papers have 16538 citations MNM’s paper has crossed 5000 STUDENTS (250) Ph.D. : 82 (71 + 11 (ERP)) M.Sc. (Engg.): 36 M.E. (CSE): 51 + 54 M.E. (SSA): 15 + 12 Ph.D. Students Number Admitted: 21 Graduated/Submitted: 10 Fellowships: 5 Best Paper/Poster: 3 Placed in academia and res. labs Young Scientist Awards INSA Young Scientist (VN) IASc Young Associate (VN) MSRI Young Faculty (SC) Faculty Awards MSRI Faculty Award (KG) MSRI Faculty Award (AK) Yahoo! Faculty Award (CB) New Initiatives Machine Learning Cyber-Physical Systems Social Networks Computational Biology Second Floor Courses Offered Total Number: 51 New Courses: 9 Visitors Number: 44 Seminars: 72

10 DREAM CSA Logic, Automata, Algebra, Algorithms, Optimization, Stochastics, Statistics, Game Theory, Number Theory, Algorithms and Complexity Strong Foundations and Solid Research Vision STUDENTS Master’s : 150 Doctoral: 150 30 Ph.D’s per year VISIBLE IN THE ECOSYSTEM Strong Presence in Emerging Areas High Quality Publications (Citations, Best Paper Awards, Books), Deep Technical Advice to IT Majors High Impact Projects and Collaborations Product Oriented Student Start-ups (Incubations) FACULTY : 40 POST-DOCS: 10 Visitors Adjunct Faculty, Collaborators, Alumni participation

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