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Firefighters Support Foundation Rapid Response and Treatment Model (R2TM) -------- Top Ten Active Shooter Questions v1.0.

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1 Firefighters Support Foundation Rapid Response and Treatment Model (R2TM) -------- Top Ten Active Shooter Questions v1.0

2 About FSF The Firefighters Support Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose primary mission is to develop, produce and distribute training programs to firefighters and first responders. All of our programs are distributed free of charge. Active Shooter Response FAQs2

3 Permission Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this material so long as the Firefighters Support Foundation is credited as the source Active Shooter Response FAQs3

4 Accompanying Video This PowerPoint presentation accompanies the video presentation of the same title. This program should be viewed in conjunction with our other two programs on active shooter response: Active Shooter Response: The Rapid Treatment Model, and Rapid Response and Treatment Model (R2TM) for Active Shooter Incidents: Operational Detail Active Shooter Response FAQs4

5 Presenters Jeff Gurske is an Engineer and Acting Lieutenant in the Portland metro area. Jeff is a training contractor/consultant, contributing author and adjunct college instructor. Craig Allen is serves as Training Sergeant in the Portland metro area. Craig holds numerous instructor certifications in firearms, defensive tactics, less lethal weapons and other tactical subjects. Active Shooter Response FAQs5

6 #1: Does Law Enforcement Triage Patients? Only conduct a “hasty” field triage Follow TECC Direct Threat guidelines Hemorrhagic care vs. LE advanced medical training – How does this affect resource utilization? – Need to understand our basic strategy first; then we can customize. Active Shooter Response FAQs6

7 #2: Tell us more about the CCP You can have multiple; but do it out of NEED The CCP should be place strategically It’s a marriage!: LE enforces CCP security and EMS controls CCP activities A FOB can transition into a CCP Umbilical for medical resources Active Shooter Response FAQs7

8 #3: Where Does R2TM Fit into ICS? Follow standardized ICS structure – NIMS is the national format – Resist the need for complexity Make functional groups/branches under a Unified Command Non-functioning UCs are common and regrettable after action critiques Active Shooter Response FAQs8

9 #4: What Additional Resources Does R2TM Require? Equipment – Use caution when it comes to variables Training – Use a foundational response and build upon it to create simplicity – Minimal additional training; lifetime positive impact when inclusive and methodical Make it sustainability! Active Shooter Response FAQs9

10 #5: How Much Medical Training Should We Give LE? Sustainability of practice vs. frequency of use Balance between time spent in zone vs. definitive medical care Recognize the need to adopt TECC principles for both LE and fire/EMS – Use sound practical judgment LE should train with tourniquets and officer down regularly Active Shooter Response FAQs10

11 #5: How Much Medical Care Should We Give LE? Treat the problem; not the symptom – Quick fixes may not be “real world” practical – Keep TEMS in context to what it was designed for Active Shooter Response FAQs11

12 #6: How should we begin training? Include variables – “Tactical Decision Making Under Stress” Have a basic philosophical understanding of integration strategy before drilling – Stay close to normal SOPs Segmented Training – Crawl, walk, run – Intellectual understanding, dry drills working the components, stress transition points, full scale Active Shooter Response FAQs12

13 #7: Small Agencies vs. Big Agencies? Need to be a scalable resource Manage right away vs. late in the incident Both ends of the spectrum can be problematic – Few Resources: Be creative and flexible Understand the Economy of Force and Mass principles – Many Resources: Pre-identify job tasks Threat mitigation, interior stabilization, exterior stabilization, fire security Active Shooter Response FAQs13

14 #8: Does One Active Shooter Response Model Fit All Needs? No All agencies need to have a customizable integration model based on: – Agency culture – Capabilities (training, time and financial) – Sustainability – Current practices Can your neighbors plug in? Active Shooter Response FAQs14

15 #9: Should LE Transport Victims? Avoid blind transportation – You may shift the MCI and cause further damage Can be a last resort contingency If LE is ready and EMS cannot commit, coordinate with EMS – LE transport to medical stage? Active Shooter Response FAQs15

16 #10: Why Have LE Transfer Victims vs. Imbedded Teams? Priority of Life is #1 Need to stop the progression of killing and dying – Competing interest vs. a component of the overall objective Resource driven, instinctual and foundational Continual sweeping does not aid the currently wounded (if threat indicators are not present) – Time becomes the enemy Active Shooter Response FAQs16

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