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September 2013 Mukesh K. Jain MD FAHA Ellery Sedgwick Jr. Chair & Distinguished Scientist Professor of Medicine Director, Case Cardiovascular Institute.

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1 September 2013 Mukesh K. Jain MD FAHA Ellery Sedgwick Jr. Chair & Distinguished Scientist Professor of Medicine Director, Case Cardiovascular Institute (CVRI) CWRU School of Medicine Scientific Director Harrington Discovery Institute Chief Research Officer Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute University Hospitals Case Medical Center Physician-Scientists President-elect ASCI

2 September 2013 Established in 1908 to represent scientific elite in medicine Goals: Support physician-scientists Encourage scientific engagement by medical trainees (MD-PhD) Oversees the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) Members – 3,147 (117 outside USA) 19 Nobel Laureates 31 Lasker Awardees 537 Elected in the National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI)

3 September 2013 Physician-Scientist Transforms fundamental knowledge into therapies Establish new standards for the practice of medicine Able to move from bench to bedside and back Implements standards of care into the community Physician-Practitioner

4 September 2013 1971 Sutherland (hormone signaling) 1982 Bergstrom, Samuelsson & Vane (prostaglandins) 1985 Brown & Goldstein (cholesterol) 1989 Varmus & Bishop (oncogenes) 1994 Gilman & Rodbell (G-proteins) 1997 Pruisner (prions) 1998 Murad (nitric oxide) 2003 Agre & McKinnon (channels) 2005 Marshall & Warren (PUD/H. Pylori) 2010 Edwards (IVF) 2011 Beutler (Toll-receptors) 2012 Yamanaka & Gurdon (stem cell) 2012 Lefkowitz & Kobilka (GPCR) Physician-Scientist Impact

5 September 2013 Impact of MD-PhD Program Differentiating factor for academic medical centers and medical schools Attract premier students and faculty Attract patients who seek cutting edge, advanced or experimental therapies Enhanced research productivity, publication output and access to research funding Increase National/International Academic Recognition

6 September 2013 First M.D./Ph.D. program (1956) in the U.S. Integrated program of biomedical research and clinical training 92 current students and 276 alumni 2 Nobel laureates (Gilman, G proteins; Murad, nitric oxide) Former U.S. Surgeon General and Director of the Center for Disease Control (D. Satcher) Current leadership: Cliff Harding MD PhD- Director Geroge Dubyak PhD – co-Director Case Western Reserve University

7 September 2013 MD/PhD Program Not NIH Supported, U.S. and non U.S. Citizens Medical Scientist Training Program NIH Funded and Audited, U.S. Citizens/permanent residents Medical school (4 years): supported by NIH grant Research (4 years) - student tuition plus stipend ($15,000-$20,000/year) paid by advisor through independent NIH funding ~12 students accepted per year at CWRU MSTP Case Western Reserve University

8 85% of our alumni remain in biomedical research/academic medicine –71% are faculty in medical schools (not including clinical adjunct faculty) –2% at NIH or other research foundation –12% in biotech, pharma, industry Research recognition at national and international meetings Graduate with average of 2.8 first-authored & 5.3 total papers ~80% match into their 1st-choice residency (past 15 years) Student Accomplishments

9 September 2013 4 years

10 September 2013 Biochemistry Biomedical Engineering Cancer Biology Cell Biology Epidemiology Genetics Pathology Molecular Biology CWRU Programs for MSTP students Molecular Virology Neurosciences Nutrition Pathology Pharmacology Physiology and Biophysics Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

11 September 2013 University Program MD curriculum –Starts in July –Graduate school credit (IBIS courses) –Flexible afternoons –Problem based learning (Case Inquiry- “IQ groups”) + other small group instruction, lectures Integration of graduate school components –Graduate school courses (flexible afternoons) –Laboratory rotations (3 required) in summers or during fall or spring semesters Accelerated entry into Ph.D. phase –M2 curriculum ends late Feb/early March of year 2 –Spring yr 2: grad course, M2 curric transitions to PhD lab, USMLE part I MSTP Curriculum: First 2 years

12 September 2013 MSTP Curriculum: Ph.D. phase Graduate Program requirements: –Additional coursework (minimized by credit for MD curriculum plus grad courses in years 1&2) –Qualifying exam and/or thesis proposal –Original research –Publications (average 5-6 total & 2-3 first author; 1 first-authored paper required) –Thesis defense –Duration: Goal: 3-4 years (average 4 years) –Total program time 8.0 yrs Integration of clinical training: MSTP Clinical Tutorial (longitudinal, 1 year required, 2 encouraged)

13 September 2013 Enhance clinical skills during Ph.D. phase to prepare for Med year 3 –MSTP Clinical Tutorial –MSTP Clinical Refresher (optional) –Clinical electives prior to clinical core block Start Med year 3 at beginning of July, August (elective), September, October, November –Other start dates possible but are not advantageous in schedule Can start non-core clinical electives at other flexible times. MSTP Curriculum: years 3-4

14 September 2013 MD-PhD : Medical doctor + PhD DMD-PhD: Dental doctor + PhD DNP-PhD: Nursing + PhD Beyond MSTP: Clinical and Translational Scientist Training Program (CTSTP)

15 September 2013 (1)CWRU provides technical expertise and oversight (full MD/PhD curriculum abroad) (2) Hybrid Model (“Sandwich Program”) – MD or PhD component at CWRU (3) Establish full MD-PhD program at CWRU MSTP/MD-PhD International Partnership Models

16 September 2013 Muito obrigado!

17 September 2013 CWRU ranked 13 th among private institutions in federal expenditures for science and engineering research and development (2012) A World-Class Institution

18 September 2013 A World-Class Institution Graduate/Professional Rankings: #14 in Biomedical Engineering #5 in Health Law #14 in Pediatrics #16 in AIDS #12 in Family Medicine #15 in Nursing #9 in Social Work #3 in Organizational Behavior (Financial Times) #13 in International Law U.S. News & World Report (2012)

19 September 2013 Partnerships with Ohio based world-class corporate and cultural institutions Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland Orchestra Dollar Bank Eaton Corporation Forest City Corporation Medical Mutual NASA Glenn Research Center Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Sherwin Williams Swagelok Company Time Warner Cable Business Class Timken Company University Hospitals of Cleveland

20 September 2013 Partnerships with International Corporations China National Off-Shore Oil Company (China) Arcelor Mittal (Luxembourg) AstraZeneca (United Kingdom) BP (United Kingdom) Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (Germany) Kyocera Corporation (Japan) Luxottica Group, S.P.A. (Italy) Petrobras (Brazil) Philips Electronics (Netherlands) Rolls Royce Fuel Cell Systems (U.K.) Siemens AG (Germany)

21 September 2013 A World-Class Institution Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Diversity MD 46% women 12% underrepresented groups Graduate (MS and PhD) 55% women 20% international 11% underrepresented groups Recruitment Efforts Summer Medical Dental Education Program (SMDEP) Summer Undergrad Research Internships with SOM Faculty Postbac Research Education (PREP) Program

22 September 2013 A medical practitioner that engages in research to change standard of care. Several models Dr. Jain – 10% clinical; 80% basic research Dr. Costa – 50% clinical; 40% translational research Dr. Ponsky – 50% clinical; 20% clinical research Definitions of Physician-Scientists

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