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Topic 3.6 The prepositional phrase (PP) Lengua Inglesa II Tom Morton.

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1 Topic 3.6 The prepositional phrase (PP) Lengua Inglesa II Tom Morton

2 The prepositional phrase (PP) A preposition expresses a relationship between two entities (e.g. the man with the red beard).


4 The structure of the Prepositional Phrase (PP) A PP consists of a preposition (h) followed by a prepositional complement (c). Prepositional complements (also called completives) are most frequently realised by a NP, but they can also be realised by other groups and clauses…

5 Task: Look at the following examples and say what types of groups or clauses realise the complement of the PP: 1.I waited at the bus stop 2.I was surprised by what he said 3.I was pleased about Pat getting her PhD 4.I’m leaving for good 5.She lived there until quite recently 6.You can do it anywhere you like except in here 7.Have you decided about where to have dinner?

6 completely only straight right just quite along by into near out of at this road concentrating hard the policeman’s arms here control that moment

7 Prepositional Phrase mprep c right into the policeman’s arms completelyout ofcontrol straightalongthis road justatthat moment quitenear here onlybyconcentrating hard

8 Forms of prepositions: Simple prepositions: about across after as at by for from in like near of off Complex prepositions (two-word & three-word prepositions): as foras well as apart fromin spite of because ofon top of insead ofin charge of according towith regard to due toin view of along withby way of

9 Exercise 19: Fill in the gaps with a preposition. The numbers in brackets indicate whether the preposition has 1, 2 or 3 words. a)There were huge advances in aviation technology _______________ World War Two. (1) b) I will get _______________ him as soon as I get home. (3) c) That bottle of champagne _______________ those chocolates will make a nice present. (2) d) _______________ the company as a whole, I would like to thank you for all your work (3) e) The train was delayed _______________ the weather. (2) f) Our house is the first _______________ the left (1)

10 Dependent prepositions: Prepositions are sometimes required by certain verbs, adjectives and nouns. I’ve applied ___ a job he did it ___ purpose she’s capable ____ doing it

11 Syntactic Function of the PP: Circumstantial adjunct: The people were singing on the bus. Stance adjunct: To my surprise, the doctor phoned. Connective adjunct: On the other hand, he made no attempt to help the victim or apprehend her attacker. Complement of a verb: We depend on you. Complementation of an adjective: I am sorry for his parents.

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